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Survivor 27,Blood Vs Water Eliminated Brad Culpepper In Episode 4 Tonight

Survivor 27,Blood Vs Water eliminated Brad Culpepper in episode 4 tonight. Tonight’s show,kicked off with more conversation footage. Candice was definitely not happy to see her husband ,John, join her at Redemption Island. Meanwhile, Brad rambled on and on about why he blindsided John . Next, they showed Redemption Island, dual challenge, footage with Candice,Marissa, and John.

Before they started, Candice expressed her hate for Brad for getting John voted off. Next, they battled it out in their challenge, which involved putting a puzzle together. The first 2 to finish, got to stick around. John got off to a great start and finished ,first,followed by Candice for 2nd. So, Marissa got permanently ousted from the competition. For finishing first, John got to give a hidden immunity idol clue to someone. Read more »