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Ashley Greene Revealed New Twilight Breaking Dawn Stunt Details

Ashley Greene revealed new Twilight Breaking Dawn stunt details. Twilight Saga,Alice Cullen starlet Ashley Greene recently chatted it up with Next Movie,and she revealed some interesting things about the stunts that went on for the Breaking Dawn flick,and more,while promoting her new “Skateland” flick.

She revealed that a lot of the castmembers are pretty athletic,and really wanted to do their own stunt work for the film. They all worked really hard to do as many of their stunts that they were allowed to do insurance-wise.

She capped it off by saying, “A lot of what you see will actually be us doing it.” Read more »

Sheen Reveals Twilight Breaking Dawn Will Show More Aro & More

Sheen reveals Twilight Breaking Dawn will show more Aro & more. MTV news recently chatted with Twilight Saga,Aro star Michael Sheen,and revealed a little bit more about how Aro will be seen more in the Breaking Dawn films,and more (video below).

In the clip, Sheen said that Aro will be much more of a presence in the Breaking Dawn films than he was in New Moon. He went on to say that Aro is a wonderful character,and he hopes that he brought more of a mixture of things to Aro than just being a bad guy. Check it out,below. Read more »

Bower Revealed Twilight Breaking Dawn Twisted Volturi Details & More

Bower revealed Twilight Breaking Dawn twisted Volturi details & more. Twilight Saga,Caius star Jamie Campbell-Bower recently chatted it up with Glamour UK,and revealed some more twisted details of what we can expect to see from the Volturi in he upcoming Breaking Dawn flick,and more

When asked, he said, we’re going to see just how evil and twisted the Volturi really are,and that they will do some pretty awful things. He didn’t go into detail about what awful things they do,but it still sounds pretty interesting. Next, he revealed that he likes playing the bad guy because you get to bring out the evil side which we all intrinsically have but suppress. Read more »

Video: Sheen Revealed New Twilight Breaking Dawn Surprises & More

Sheen revealed new Twilight Breaking Dawn surprises & more in this new video (below). Michael Sheen who plays Volturi vampires leader Aro in the popular Twilight Saga flicks, recently chatted with MTV news,and revealed that there will be a few surprises in the new Breaking Dawn film,and more.

In the clip, Sheen said that there’s going to be surprises in the film,even for people who know the books very well,and it will draw gasps from people. To sum it up,he basically explains, there’s going to be a lot of moments that people expect to see,but also a few surprise moments that people won’t be expecting,so look out for that. Read more »

Video: New Actor Shows Funny Twilight Breaking Dawn Backstage Stuff

justin chon in breaking dawn skit  image
New actor shows funny Twilight Breaking Dawn backstage stuff in this new video (below). Justin Chon who plays character Eric Yorkie in the new Breaking Dawn film,recently put this funny video together,which shows him acting out funny scenes with other Twilight Saga actors when they were filming the flick in Squamish,BC,Canada.

In the clip, Justin pops up on the scene to reveal he’s shooting scenes for the big Breaking Dawn movie. Then it shows him acting out some funny scenes that pretty much singles him out of everything,including fan attention. Read more »

Sheen Revealed New Twilight Breaking Dawn Battle Scene Details

michael sheen with mtv news image
Sheen revealed new Twilight Breaking Dawn battle scene details. MTV news recently chatted with Twilight Saga,Aro star Michael Sheen who is head of the Volturi vampire clan,and he briefly revealed some interesting,new details about the big battle scene that will be shown in the new Breaking Dawn movie (video below).

In the clip, Sheen reveals that a battle scene they shot for Breaking Dawn is very amped up,and that they shot it for about 4 to 5 weeks. It takes up a big chunk of the movie. He went on to say that it has extraordinary things going on in it,and it certainly won’t be anti-climactic. Check it out,below. Read more »

New Twilight Breaking Dawn Photo Features The Volturi & A Hot Chick

    twilight breaking dawn,volturi vampires image

New Twilight Breaking Dawn photo features the Volturi & a hot chick. Another new photo from the upcoming Breaking Dawn flick has popped up online,and features a couple of the Volturi vampires and really hot chick in a red dress. Hmm, I wonder who she is. Anyways, the photo shows Volturi leader Aro played by Michael Sheen and Caius played by Jamie Campbell Bower.

The cast and crew just wrapped up filming the huge flick last month after filming part 1 and 2 for six months straight in Louisiana and Canada. It’s reported that we should see the first video footage from the highly anticipated film at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards on June 5th,so that should draw in a lot of viewers. Read more »

Kristen Stewart Looks Pretty Emotional In New Twilight Breaking Dawn Photo

    kristen stewart hugs robert pattinson,breaking dawn image

Kristen Stewart looks pretty emotional in new Twilight Breaking Dawn photo. A new Breaking Dawn movie photo (above) has recently appeared online,and it,once again,features main stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson caught up in another intense embrace. Kristen’s character Bella looks pretty emotional as she stares away from Edward as if something might be wrong,or maybe it’s just a moment.

Whatever the case,it appears that the two love birds will showing a lot of passion for one another in Breaking Dawn,and from what I’ve read about the script details,it gets pretty wild,especially when Bella turns into a vampire. Read more »

Ashley Greene Talked New Twilight Breaking Dawn & More At MET Gala

ashley greene with access hollywood  at met gala image
Ashley Greene talked new Twilight Breaking Dawn & more at MET Gala. Twilight Saga,Alice Cullen cutie Ashley Greene recently chatted it up with Access Hollywood at the recent MET Gala event last weekend in NYC,and talked about doing stunt work for Breaking Dawn,the promo work that’s ahead for the film,and more (video below).

In the clip, Ashley talked about her gorgeous dress she wore to the event. She said it was a Donna Karan dress. After rambling on about the fashion stuff for a while,they jumped right into the Breaking Dawn talk. Ashley revealed that the last day of filming was fun because they did stunt work. Read more »

Peter Facinelli Talks New Twilight Breaking Dawn,Grabbing Breasts & More

peter facinelli on better tv image
Peter Facinelli talks new Twilight Breaking Dawn,grabbing breasts & more. Twilight Saga, Carlisle Cullen star Peter Facinelli recently interviewed with Better TV,and talked about working on the Breaking Dawn set,grabbing women’s breasts on Nurse Jackie,and more. It was pretty funny (video below).

In the clip, Peter revealed that he hadn’t quite wrapped up Breaking Dawn filming just yet because he had more stunt work to do. He revealed that they ran on treadmills and stuff for the vampire running scenes,and it definitely gets your adrenaline up. He also said they shot Breaking Dawn for 18 hour days back to back,which is pretty wild. Read more »