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Megan Fox & Hubby Getting Sued For Beating Up A Paprazzi Dude In Hawaii

Megan Fox & Hubby getting sued for beating up a paparazzi dude in Hawaii. According to a new report from TMZ, former Transformers,sexy,movie starlet Megan Fox is getting sued,along with her former Beverly Hills 90210 hubby Brian Austin Green for allegedly beating on some random paparazzi guy in December.

They say,pap guy Delbert Shaw is currently claiming in a lawsuit with L.A. County Superior Court that he was taking pics of Megan and Brian last December on the beach in front of the Four Seasons Resort in Hualalai, Hawaii. Then Brian and Megan allegedly made verbal threats against Delbert. Read more »

Megan Fox Spotted Super Bikini Sexy On Hawaii Beach The Other Day

    megan fox with brian austin green

Megan Fox spotted super bikini sexy on Hawaii beach the other day. The very hot,former Transformers movie star hottie Megan Fox was recently spotted out two days ago,June 18th with her Beverly Hills 90210 alum hubby Brian Austin Green in Kona,Hawaii. They appeared to be enjoying themselves as they walked around on the beach,and took a dip in the water at one point.

According to sources, Brian’s son Kassius made the trip with them. Megan played in the ocean for a little bit with Brian. Then they walked the beach for a little bit,which was located right in front of their fancy resort. Megan also recently won the Iris award at the Maui Film Festival over their this past Wednesday. Read more »

Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green Got Married Quickly In Hawaii

Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green got married quickly in Hawaii. According to TMZ’s Toofab site, one of the hottest ladies in the movie business Megan Fox is officially off the market. After previously making statements that marriage would be somewhere down the road in the future,she apparently meant a couple of weeks in the future as she an Brian Austin Green recently got married in Hawaii last week.

They say that the two acting love birds tied the knot last week with a small ceremony in Hawaii. They both started dating back in 2004 after meeting on the set of “Hope & Faith” TV show. They had actually gotten engaged once before,but then broke it off. Then they eventually got back together. Read more »

Megan Fox Spotted In Skimpy Bikini With A Brian Tattoo & Smokin Bod

Megan Fox spotted in skimpy bikini with a Brian tattoo & smokin bod. According to TMZ , The movie star hottie which is Megan Fox was at it again for day 2 out in Maui,Hawaii this past weekend with her Beverly Hills 90210 alum,boyfriend Brian Austin Green. This time, she revealed just how dedicated she is to her beau.

Looking sexy as ever,she sported a skimpy bikini,along with a tattoo that spells Brian’s name on her pelvic bone area. I don’t know if that was such a great idea,but whatever, it’s her body. Read more »

Megan Fox Reportedly Gets Re-Engaged To Brian Austin Green

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Megan Fox reportedly gets re-engaged to Brian Austin Green. According to Superstar movie hottie, Megan Fox has reportedly gotten re-engaged to her long time boyfriend and actor, Brian Austin Green. They say that it appears as though he confirmed the news yesterday on his “Twitter” page by writing, “engaged and has a son from his previous relationship.” He was answering a question from a fan. However, he’s apparently deleted his “Twitter” page since then,so I’m not really sure what’s going on with that. Maybe he was worried that the gossip would spread. Now, when you try to visit his “Twitter” page, it says the page no longer exists. Read more »

Brian Austin Green To Return As Metallo In ‘Smallville’ Upcoming Episode

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Brian Austin Green to return as Metallo in ‘Smallville’ upcoming episode. Michael Ausiello over at EW has recently dropped an interesting CW “Smallville” spoiler. Former Beverly Hills star, Brian Austin Green will be reprising his role as the big bad Metallo.

He recently appeared in the first two episodes of this season,buy scrapped himself by accidentally ripping out his Kryptonite powered heart. Well, apparently that won’t be stopping Metallo,as he will be resurrected to return in the 18th episode,which airs this spring.

It looks like Brian Austin Green was a hit,so now they are giving him another shot. My guess, is Tess definitely will have something to do with his miraculous resurrection. Read more »

Brian Austin Green Reportedly Skipped ‘Tree Hill’ For ‘Smallville’

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As we reported earlier, Brian Austin Green turned down a role offered to him by the “One Tree Hill” people where he would’ve played Nathan Scott’s basketball agent. He has since been replaced by LipStick Jungle’s Robert Buckley. But,now it has come to our attention via a Q & A session on that Brian Austin Green reportedly traded that role for a two-episode arc on CW’s “Smallville” as DC Comics baddie Metallo.

Apparently there are also rumors abound that “Smallville” is in its last season, (which I hope it isn’t) and that they are considering producing a possible spinoff in order to extend the franchise. Maybe Brian Austin Green is trying to work this angle. Who knows? Only time will tell. Read more »

Brian Austin Green Reportedly Turns Down ‘One Tree Hill’ Role

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Ok, so there were reports going around that Brian Austin Green the former star of the original “Beverly Hills 90210” series was currently in talks to join the cast of “One Tree Hill” as a sports agent and friend to Nathan Scott.

Well, since then, I’ve heard from the people over at that a source who works close with production of the show, has stated that Brian was offered $75,000 an episode which was the same amount that Chad Michael Murray was making. However, Brian decided that “One Tree Hill” wasn’t for him,and turned down the part.

I for one, certainly hope that the news isn’t true. If it is true, I hope he changes his mind because I really wanted to see him on “One Tree Hill”. Oh, well I’ll let you “One Tree Hill” fans know if anything else develops with this story.

Brian Austin Green Is In Talks To Join ‘One Tree Hill’

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I just heard from my sources today, that Former 90’s version “Beverly Hills 90210” star Brian Austin Green is currently in talks to join CW’s hit tv show, “One Tree Hill” . If he gets casted which I’m sure he will , he would play a sports agent who would end up representing Nathan Scott’s basketball career,and also become a close friend,ally,business partner,and advisor to him. He would also be a wealthy single guy on the show. This news comes on the heels of two major cast members, Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton leaving the show do to conflicts with contract negotiations.

I think this is great news because Brian Austin Green was one of my favorite actors back in the 90’s when he was on “Beverly Hills 90210”. Read more »