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Michele Said She Trusted Jeff Too Much In ‘Big Brother’ 11

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Ross Matthews of “Inside Dish” interviewed the latest evicted house guest, Michele after she got evicted on a special Tuesday “Big Brother” 11 Live eviction show last night. She was still wearing her devil horns which was kind of funny. They watched a video that she recorded before she entered into the Big Brother house.

She said she trusted Jeff to much,and he set up a chain of events that eventually got him evicted,and then got her evicted. She said to get to the final two,you really have to have someone solid that really has your back. She commented about her crying a little bit.

She confirmed that she did indeed backstab a lot of people. Read more »

Kevin Wins First Round Of Final HOH Comp In ‘Big Brother’ 11

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The first stage of the 3 part final HOH competition has ended,and Kevin won it. Jordan,of course , was the first one to fall at about 3 and a half hours into it. Then Kevin and Natalie had a long conversation about trust.

Natalie claimed that she could easily beat him in the endurance contest,and that if she let him win it,he better take her to the final 2 if she can’t win HOH,herself. With his win,tonight, Kevin automatically moves to the 3rd and final round. While Jordan and Natalie will battle it out in the 2nd round.

The winner of the 2nd round will go against Kevin in the final round for the Last HOH who will decide who goes to the final 2. Read more »

Michele Gets Evicted From ‘Big Brother’ 11 Week 9

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The special 9th eviction show of “Big Brother” 11 aired tonight,and it started off with the regular recap of the events that led up tonight. Then Julie Chen came on,and did her brief recap of the week as well,stating that the next person is going to be evicted tonight.

They showed what happened after the nomination ceremony after Natalie gave her ridiculous speech. Natalie stated that her real target is Michelle in her diary room session. Kevin stated that he’s been looking for an opportunity to get Natalie out,but it was apparently a mind game.

They showed some Natalie and Jordan conversations that happened before the veto competition took place. Then they showed some Jordan and Michele conversations. Read more »

Kevin Wins The Final POV For ‘Big Brother’ 11 Week 9

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The final “Power of Veto” competition was held,and Kevin won it. Kevin will definitely take himself off the block at the veto ceremony tomorrow or Monday,and when he does, Jordan will go up in his place next to Michele.

The current plan between Kevin and Natalie, is to evict Michele out of the house. Natalie was relieved that Kevin won POV, especially since she took herself out of being able to help him play for the POV because she opened Pandora’s box.

She claimed that her boyfriend showed up as her prize,and proposed to her,but as a consequence, she was unable to play for the veto. So now, on the live feeds they are celebrating for being able to make it to the final three. Read more »

Kevin & Michelle Go Up For Eviction In ‘Big Brother’ 11 Week 9

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The Big Brother 11 nomination ceremony for week 9 is over,and Natalie who is the reigning HOH has decided to put Kevin and Natalie up for eviction this week.According to what we’ve seen on the live feeds, Natalie and Kevin are trying to put on a show to fool Jordan and Michele.

Natalie put up Kevin,and all day she was rehearsing her nomination speech with Kevin so that she could make it seem as real as possible as to why she was putting him up. Oh,and she also included a long drawn out mean speech for Michele. One part of the speech actually called her Satan.

I can’t stand Natalie’s self righteous attitude, at this point. Unfortunately she has all the power right now,and could go all the way Read more »

Interview : Jeff Said ‘Big Brother’ 11 House Guests Were Spiteful

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Ross Matthews from “Inside Dish” spoke with the latest evicted “Big Brother” 11 house guest, Jeff right after his eviction on Thursday night. Ross started out by joking about his accent,a little bit. Then they watched a video that Jeff made before he entered into the Big Brother house.

It was amazingly accurate to how things played out for him. He said that him and Jordan or just really good friends when Ross tried to ask him about their relationship.

He said Jordan helped him a lot in the game from an emotional standpoint,but as far as the competitions and things of that nature,not so much. Read more »

Jeff Gets Knocked Out Of ‘Big Brother’ 11 Week 8

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The 8th LIVE eviction show for “Big Brother” 11 started off as usual,by showing the events that lead up tonight’s predicament. Then Julie Chen came on with a short recap of this week’s events.

They showed scenes of what happened in the Big Brother house after the veto ceremony when Jordan replaced Michele on the nomination block. They showed that Kevin’s plan all along,was to get rid of Jeff. They showed secret conversations between Kevin and Natalie,laughing about being able to send Jeff home this week.

They showed and encouraging conversation which involved Jeff encouraging Jordan to win, when he leaves this week. They showed Jeff trying to get Natalie to turn on Kevin,but the deal wasn’t good enough, she said. Read more »

Jordan Joins Jeff For Possible Elimination ‘Big Brother’ 11 Week 8

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The “Power Of Veto” ceremony for “Big Brother” 11 week 8 was held today,and Michele who the POV wisely took herself off the eviction block, which forced Kevin who is the reigning HOH to replace her with Jordan.

So now, Jordan, the southern bell joins her longtime partner throughout the game,Jeff on the chopping block this week. There were discussions leading up to the ceremony about getting Jeff to sweet talk Michele into giving him the veto. Natalie came up with a plan which she ran by Jeff with Jordan’s help.

The plan was to try and use the little crush that Michele has on Jeff to weaken her into giving him the veto,and make her believe that they would put Jordan up next to her,and then vote Jordan out,but in actuality, they would vote out Michele out of the house. Read more »

Michele Wins The POV For ‘Big Brother’ 11 Week 8

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The POV competition took place today,and the winner was Michele,which for Jeff was the worse case scenario since the replacement nominee will be Jordan unless something crazy and out of the ordinary goes down before the POV ceremony, this week.

Michele has been playing well the last couple of weeks,and could very darn well win this game,which I really don’t want,but facts or facts.

What Natalie and Kevin are discussing on the live feeds right now, is that even if he never put up Jeff, the same situation would have occurred,since Michele won the POV this week,and Kevin’s not going to put up Natalie because they’re working together. Read more »

Jeff & Michele Go Up For Eviction On ‘Big Brother’ 11 Week 8

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Kevin is the new HOH for week 8,and he made his eviction nominations today. He has put Jeff and Michele up for eviction this week.He really wants Jeff out,but he told Jeff that he’s just a pawn,and wants to get rid of Michele.

Natalie has said that she wants to get rid of Michele, but I believe she is changing her plans for now because she thinks Jeff is too strong of a player. Anyhow, I think Jeff has a very good shot at winning POV,since he’s been winning a lot as of late.

Also he has a very slim chance, in Jordan if she can win another POV challenge. The worse case scenario for Jeff and Jordan would be if Michele won,and pulled herself off the block. Read more »