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Big Brother 11 6th POV Comp To Be Held Live, Thursday Night

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As you all know Chima got removed from the Big Brother game the other day,due to her whack attitude. It screwed up the way this week was going to work out. CBS had originally planned for a double eviction this Thursday night,but since Chima’s gone,they had to end Michele’s HOH reign early.

Then Jordan won HOH,and nominated Natalie and Lydia. Now, CBS has announced that they are going to do the POV competition on Thursday’s LIVE eviction show.

So here’s the breakdown of how it will go down. They will do the live Power of Veto competition,the live POV ceremony,the live eviction,and then last,but certainly not least Read more »

Natalie & Lydia Put Up For Eviction ‘Big Brother’ 11 Week 6

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The second, week 6 HOH eviction nominations are over, and Jordan who won the new HOH title has put up Natalie and Lydia for eviction this week.Natalie, apparently is no stranger to the hot seat this week, since she was put up for eviction originally by Michele who’s HOH reign was cut short this week when Chima quit and left the game due to some crazy mental issues she must have been having.

Now, there are reports that Jeff and Jordan are talking about backdooring Russell because they’re second guessing whether they can trust him or not due to Kevin and Natalie’s convincing arguments.

They are thinking that maybe they should get rid of him now because it will be more to difficult to do later on, in the game. Read more »

Chima Comments On Her ‘Big Brother’ 11 Departure

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Chima from Big Brother 11 has recently emailed a letter to Tommy Sarda over at the Big Brother Examiner stating that she was not actually kicked out of the house,but that she did, in fact quit the show. Here is the email that she wrote :

Hi Thomas. Yes, I did in fact quit the show, although there are reports on EW from CBS to the contrary. Big Brother would like everyone to believe I was kicked off for not following the rules, but I went to the producers repeatedly over the past couple of days wanting to leave….wanting out of that house!
Read more »

Michele’s Big Brother 11 HOH Canceled Jordan Is New HOH

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In another critical “Big Brother” 11 update, Jordan has become the new HOH for week 6 after winning the HOH competition. Wow, a lot can happen in less than 24 hours. This is crazy.

Ok, so apparently since Chima got kicked out of the house last night due to breaking the rules, Michele’s HOH was canceled out,and they decided to do another HOH competition, which Jordan won,surprisingly. This has been an eventful day,I’ve gotta tell you.

Geeez, I leave for six hours,and all hell breaks loose. Now, Natalie,Michele,and Lydia have been going back and forth all day long arguing,and arguing. Apparently, Michele was on Russell,Jeff,and Jordan’s side the whole time,and she was just playing Chima,Natalie,and Lydia. So now they are really pissed. Read more »

Chima Gets Kicked Off ‘Big Brother’ 11

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In a very critical “Big Brother” 11 update, Chima has indeed been kicked out of the “Big Brother” house. I was actually going to post that Chima and Natalie had been put up for eviction. Now, all I know is that Natalie was up for eviction. Last night, the POV competition was set up for practice.

Kevin went to wake Chima to come out and give it a try since she was on the block. Big Brother told Chima to put on her mic. She refused. Kevin went and got it for her,and she threw it in the hot tub. Natalie went and got it out of the hot tub. Big Brother told Chima to replace her mic. She refused.

Kevin,again went and got it for her. Chima then,tells production to suck a d@@ck.

Then Allison Grodner got everyone together to have a meeting Read more »

Jessie Says He Was Dealt A Bad Hand in ‘Big Brother’ 11

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The most recent “Big Brother” 11 evictee gave a second interview to EW (video below). This time he reinstates that he was dealt a bad hand by America amongst other things.

Also, I have to say, he seems a little defensive in these interviews. I wish he could relax a little more or something. He does answer the questions intelligently,though. When interviewed, he talked about how he was edited in his previous season, “Big Brother” 10.

He said he hated himself in that season. He talked about the t-shirt he wore on the night of his eviction this year. It said, “The Man, the myth,the legend.” Read more »

Jessie Blames America For His ‘Big Brother’ 11 Eviction

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Ross Mathews from the “Inside Dish” interviewed Jessie (video below) from “Big Brother” 11 right after he got evicted Thursday night. They kicked the show off by showing how Jessie got replaced by Jeff with the special Coup D’etat power.

He replaced Chima’s nominations which were Russell and Lydia,and put Natalie and Jessie on the block. Jessie, of course ended up getting evicted.

On “Inside Dish”, they talked about him getting the boot. Read more »

Jessie Surprisingly Gets Ousted From ‘Big Brother’ 11 Week 5

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The 5th Big Brother 11 elimination show started out by going over the usual build up to tonight’s show. They showed the house guests speculating over who has the special power. They showed the many fights that Chima and Russell have been having. They basically did a recap over this past week’s events.

After that, Julie Chen came on reiterated that the power is really up to Jeff since he holds the special power of the Coup D’etat. Then they went back to show what happened after Kevin didn’t use the POV on Lydia the other day. Lydia said it was bogus in her diary room session. Read more »

Big Brother 11’s Lydia & Russell Stay On The Chopping Block

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The POV ceremony ended earlier today,and Kevin who won this week’s “Power of Veto”, pretty much did what was expected and left Chima’s nominations the same. So that leaves Lydia and Russell up on the eviction chopping block this week.

The question now is, will we see a huge twist from Jeff who holds the special Coup D’etat power which enables him to pull whoever he wants off the block,and override Chima’s noms. This would be his final week that he gets to use it.

Last night Russell was hanging tight with Jeff and Jordan since no one else from his old team off Jessie,and Natalie wants to him anymore. Read more »

Leonard & Penny Will Hook Up In Big Bang Theory’s 3rd Season

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According to EW Leonard (Johnny Galecki) and Penny (Kaley Cuoco) will be set to finally start a relationship in the upcoming 3rd season of CBS’ “Big Bang Theory.”

However, things don’t start off smoothly,according to the producer Bill Prady. He says, “After two years of foreplay, they finally have sex and it doesn’t go so great.There was so much anticipation that when they finally make it all the way, they have trouble finding their groove.”

Sheldon played by Jim Parsons, will also get off to a rough start with this new relationship that Leonard and Penny have started. Read more »