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‘Big Brother’ 11 13th Mystery Guest To Be Revealed

big brother 11 logo image

According to reports over at the special mystery 13th house guest is going to be announced on the premier of Big Brother 11 Thursday night July 9,2009 at 7pm.

They also report rumors that three former Big Brother House Guests are missing,and maybe currently sequestered, and that the 13th house guest could change from week to week.

Also along with the show being themed a high school clique show, it will be divided into what is called a “haves” and “have-nots” type of show. Read more »

Big Brother 11 Contestants Promise Best Season Ever

laura big brother 11 image

Why? Because they’re gonna be on it. At least that’s what they claim in their latest video released on the official Big Brother 11 site. All the contestants which include : Braden,Casey,Chima,Jeff,Jordan,Kevin,Laura,Lydia,Michele,Natalie,Ronnie,and Russell. Think that it’s because of them that Big Brother 11 will be so great, they jokingly say.

In the video, they actually share some interesting characteristics about themselves that will make their season particularly interesting. Read more »

A Big Brother 11 Contestant Took A Pie in The Face

jen johnson image

Well, a Big Brother 11 Media Day contestant did, anyways. Back on June 19,2009, CBS put on a Big Brother 11 Media Day where people from the media got to test out the house,and go through a full season of “Big Brother” in like 12 hours, lol !!! One of them was Jen Johnson from Big Brother 8. She was kinda nuts,but she did have a nice bod.

In the video (below), they participated in a POV (Power Of Veto) game which consisted of pies. They had to deliver pies across these mini clouds,and the team who finished delivering all the pies first,had to throw a pie in their teammate’s face. Jen Johnson was that lucky teammate,and she won the POV contest because of it. Read more »

‘Big Brother’ 11 House Guests To Relive The Nightmare

laura big brother11 image

The high school nightmare, that is. The new CBS Big Brother 11 twenty second promo (below) reveals and confirms all the news that’s been going around about the new high school clique theme that Big Brother 11 has going on this year.

They are apparently going to be forced to form cliques which I think they would already do anyways,but somehow this is going to be new since it has a high school theme around it. The house guests are supposedly unaware of this fact until they are instructed to do so once the show begins.

So this promo is just different outtakes of them saying stuff,and then clustered together to go with the theme of the show,and you’ll notice that they have house guests from season 9 in the commercial. Read more »

Ross Talks With The Women House Guests of Big Brother 11

ross matthews laura image

Ross Matthews of the insider’s “Inside Dish” show talked with the women contestants of the CBS Big Brother 11 show before they went into the house. He talked with : Shima, Jordan who just got new boobs,Michele, Natalie the Tae Kwon-Do expert, Laura the 21 year old bikini model hottie, and Lydia who has all the tattoos.

They all shared a little something about themselves,and their planned strategy for when they go into the Big Brother house. Then Ross gave them his own personal advice for how he thinks they should play the game,and what strategy they should use. Read more »

‘Big Brother’ 11 Male House Guests Talk Strategy With Ross

ross matthews russel image

Ross Matthews from The Insider’s “Inside Dish” show spoke with all the Big Brother 11 male house guests before they entered the house in this exclusive video (below).

He spoke with : Ronnie, Casey,Braden,Jeff,Kevin,and Russel. They told Ross a little about themselves and their strategy for playing Big Brother 11. Then Ross gave them Big Brother 11 strategy advice,which he calls a nugget.

He concludes, stating that he’ll be talking with the women next, so stay tuned as we’ll post that video when it becomes available. Read more »

Big Brother 11 To Have High School Cliques & Mystery Guest

big brother 11 logo image

CBS has confirmed that there will be a high school clique theme for Big Brother 11 in a press release. It states that the house guests will be surprised to learn that they’ll be playing the game in one of four familiar high school cliques : popular,athletes,braniacs,and off beats.

They will compete for the usual food,saftey from eviction,and luxury prizes,but as part of their unique cliques.

They also revealed the other big news, that there will be a mystery 13th House guest coming into the Big Brother 11 house to join the game and give an advantage to one of the cliques. Read more »

The ‘Big Brother’ 11 House Guests Introduce Themselves

julie chen image

All the Big Brother 11 house guests introduce themselves in this exclusive video (below) released by CBS earlier today. It features all the 12 of the house guests which include : Braden,Casey,Chima,Jeff,Jordan,Kevin,Laura,Lydia,Michele,Natalie,Ronnie,and Russell.

Some of them have a little attitude,and one of them knows Tae Kwon-Do, Lookout ! They give brief interviews of themselves,and is hosted by none other than Julie Chen. Read more »

CBS Reveals The ‘Big Brother’ 11 Houseguests

    big brother 11 houseguests image

    big brother 11 houseguests image

Today Wednesday July 1,2009 on the CBS “Early Show”, Julie Chen revealed all 12 of the Big Brother 11 contestants,and they also gave brief interviews. CBS has also displayed them on their “Big Brother” website.

Their names are from left to right (Top) : Braden,Casey,Chima,Jeff,Jordan,Kevin (Bottom) : Laura,Lydia,Michele,Natalie,Ronnie,Russell,and as you can see from the photo,it looks like they’re going to have a mystery guest. Read more »

Ross Matthews Takes a Tour of The CBS ‘Big Brother’ 11 House

    ross matthews allison grodner image

The has released a video (below) of their news correspondent, Ross Matthews,who is going to be covering the post eviction every Friday with the evicted houseguests on his show “Inside Dish”.

In this video, he talks about how he loves “Big Brother”,and that it’s his favorite show of all time. Then he gets to meet up with the “Big Brother” executive producer Allison Grodner, and take a personal tour of the Big Brother 11 house. Read more »