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Chris Brown Rocked 2010 Bet Awards With Michael Jackson Performance

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Chris Brown rocked 2010 Bet Awards with Michael Jackson performance. R&B star Chris Brown took to the 2010 BET Awards stage earlier tonight,and totally rocked the stage with a Michael Jackson tribute performance like no other (video below). I always wondered would it would be like to see him do Michael Jackson moves,and it was way better than I imagined. He nailed every move to perfection.

In the clip (below), Chris started out singing “The Way You Make Me Feel.” Then he went into “Remember The Time,” which is one of my favorite songs. The crowd went wild when he started nailing the Michael Jackson dance moves from that song. Next, the lights went out, and he performed “Smooth Criminal.” The crowd went wild again. Read more »

Chris Brown Begs Fans To Get Him Back On The Radio In Recorded Message

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Chris Brown begs fans to get him back on the radio in recorded message. According to TMZ , R&B star Chris Brown has recently recorded a message to his fans where he begs and pleads them to help him get back on the radio. You can listen to the recorded message by Clicking Here. They say Chris Brown is literally begging his fans to help keep him relevant on the radio,and used a recorded audio message to make his plea to his fans.

His message was made through a website called They allow celebrities to record messages for their fans. In the message, Chris Brown makes a plea,stating, “I need all of my fan’s help. I need all of the fans that I have. A lot of radio stations aren’t playing my records. Read more »

Justin Bieber Seen Meeting Chris Brown And Didn’t Seem Too Excited

Justin Bieber seen meeting Chris Brown and didn’t seem too excited. According to TMZ, New popstar sensation, Justin Bieber was spotted out last night in Miami,Florida meeting Chris Brown,but apparently didn’t he didn’t seem as excited as Chris Brown was. They say that Justin Bieber was backstage at a benefit concert for Haiti in Miami last night, and Chris Brown looked really excited to pose with Justin for a photo. However, as you can see from the look on Justin’s face (above), he doesn’t seem quite as excited as Chris is. Justin’s short smile looks pretty forced. Read more »

Chris Brown Seen Hosting A ‘Play’ Club Party In South Beach For New Years

Chris Brown seen hosting a ‘Play’ club party in South Beach for New Years. R&B star, Chris Brown hit the town with other big stars when he hosted the 400 club party at “Play” in South Beach, Florida yesterday on New Years.He reportedly mingled with ladies in attendance while doing his best to get the crowd in dancing mode,and making announcements on his hosting mic.

Chris was in the midst of other big name stars at the New Years Day bash like: Lil Wayne, Bow Wow, Flo Rida Young Jeezy, Elric “E-Class” Prince, and DJ Clue. Read more »

Chris Brown Gets Angry At WalMart And Deletes His ‘Twitter’ Account

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Chris Brown gets angry at WalMart and deletes his ‘Twitter’ account. According to Access Hollywood, Chris brown recently shutdown his “Twitter” account after tweeting another hissy fit about Wal-Mart not carrying his Graffiti album.

They say his account has a “No Longer Exists” page where it used to be,and before he canceled it, he said a couple of things about Wal-Mart. He wrote, “JUST WAS AT WALMART IN wallingford CT,844 north colony.. the didnt even have my album in the back… not on shelves, saw for myself.”

He also wrote that he spoke to managers of the store,but they didn’t know anything. He tweeted, “we talked to the managers and the didnt even know anything. wow!!! but they had alicia keys album ready for release for this tuesday comin. Read more »

Chris Brown Blows Up At The Music Industry On His ‘Twitter’ Account

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Chris Brown blows up at the music industry on his ‘Twitter’ account. According to a couple of news sources and Chris Brown’s “Twitter” account, he blew up at the music industry and retailers for the way they’ve handled his new “Graffiti” album.

He made claims of being blackballed by stores that have decided not to carry or display his album. It appears that he was referencing certain outlets that have been slow to accept his return to the music business in light of his violent assault against popstar Rihanna earlier this year.

He wrote on “Twitter” the following, “I’m tired of this shit. Major stores are blackballing my cd. Not stockin the shelves and lying to costumers. Read more »

Chris Brown’s Scheduled GMA Appearance Angers Adam Lambert Supporters

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Chris Brown’s scheduled GMA appearance angers Adam Lambert supporters. According to the New York Post, ABC booked Chris Brown (who beat up Rihanna), for an interview and a performance on “Good Morning America” after they canceled Adam Lambert’s appearance. He is supposed to do a taped “tell all” interview with Robin Roberts,along with a performance of songs from his new album.

However,they report that outraged feminists and gay activists are now wondering why they would bring a girlfriend beater onto the show,and cancel Adam Lambert who has broken no laws,and is only guilty of giving an “over the top” performance at the 2009 American Music Awards. Read more »

Chris Brown Makes A Public Apology To Rihanna In Latest Clip

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Chris Brown has recently made a video statement (below) apologizing to Rihanna and his fans for what he did to her back in February. He apparently beat her pretty badly,and has since been sentenced to probation for it.

In the video (below), Chris said he wanted to finally publicly speak out,and express his regrets for what happened between him and Rihanna. He goes on to state that he wished that he could live those few moments again,but unfortunately,he cannot.

He said his actions were inexcusable,and that his parents and spiritual teachers have taught him better than that. He said he realizes that he has been truly blessed with talent,and has spent time trying to figure out what happened and why. Read more »

Chris Brown & Lil Wayne Upset Over Michael Jackson, Passing

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MTV reported that Lil Wayne said he personally can’t believe that Michael Jackson died. “It’s more unfortunate for the world of music”,and that his heart goes out to his family. He said it’s a sad day in history,not just music.

Chris Brown said in a statement to MTV, “Michael Jackson is the reason why I do music and why I am an entertainer. I am devastated by this great loss, and I will continue to be humbled and inspired by his legacy. My prayers are with his family. Michael will be deeply missed, but never forgotten. He’s the greatest … the best ever. No one will ever be better.”

Chris Brown has paid homage to Michael in the past Read more »

Chris Brown Has Pleaded Guilty To Assulting Rihanna

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According to Hollywood Reporter , R&B star Chris Brown pleaded guilty to one count of felony assault on pop star Rihanna. He entered his plea before a preliminary hearing was supposed to start in Los Angeles on Monday June 22,2009. Rihanna was reported to be on standby to testify. Chris Brown is going to be sentenced on August 5,2009. However, he has agreed to a plea deal which would just give him five years of formal probation and 6 months of community labor.

They said that Chris will be able to complete his probation in his hometown of Virginia. He will have to do either graffiti removal or roadside cleanup for his service. Chris will also be required to attend domestic violence classes. Read more »