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Gossip Girl Episode 4 Spoilers: Hilary Duff Makes Her Debut & More

    hilary image

The CW has released photos of “Gossip Girl” from the upcoming episode 4 of season 3 that’s scheduled to air on October 5. The photo (above) shows Dan Humphrey walking with Hilary Duff as she plays her character on the show.

According to E! online,Hilary will come on the show to start something up with Dan Humphrey. The episode will be entitled, “Dan de Fleurette.” Read more »

Supernatural Episode 3 Spoilers: Dead Jessica Visits Sam,& More

supernatural image

Supernatural’s 3rd episode of Season 5 is on it’s way,and it’ll be entitled, “Free to be you and me.” We’ve got a few spoilers and the promo for it after the jump.In “Free to be you and me,” Sam’s not sure he can trust his ownself anymore,so he has decided to give up hunting,but he gets a late night visitor (Jessica) that won’t let him give up hunting so easily.

Meanwhile Dean is determined to stop the Apocalypse. He continues to hunt alone,and eventually teams up with Castiel to find the Archangel, Raphael. Castiel believes that Raphael knows where God is,and can lead them to his location. Read more »

‘90210’ Episode 3 Spoilers: Annie Seeks To Expose Naomi & More

Shenae Grimes image

CW 90210’s 3rd episode for season 2 is airing next week. It will be entitled, “Sit Down, You’re Rocking The Boat,” and we’ve got a few spoilers for the show along with a promo trailer after the jump. In this episode, Annie has been humiliated because the entire school got to see her naked photo via a text message that Naomi sent out.

Now, she’s on a mission to prove that Naomi sent it. Harry and Debbie start to develop more friction in their relationship when trying to talk about Annie’s situation. This will lead Harry to open up to Kelly (Jennie Garth) about their family problems. Read more »

‘One Tree Hill’ Episode 2 Spoilers: Nathan Sex Scandal & More

one tree hill image

Episode 2,Season 7 of One Tree Hill will be entitled, “What Are You Willing To Lose.” In this episode Haley will battle to protect Red Bedroom Records,and Kate Voegele returns to the show as Mia, to help Haley out.

Brooke will cast the new face of her clothing line,and Clay who is Nathan’s agent will defend him against the sex scandal that he’s being accused of. Julian and Brooke will decide to move in together. Meanwhile Dan Scott (Paul Johansson) will have a new bride to introduce. Read more »

Gossip Girl Episode 2 Spoilers: Georgina Returns To Mess With Blair

gossip girl image

The 2nd episode of Gossip Girl will be entitled “The Freshman,” and we have the revealing little promo ,right here,after the jump along with a few spoilers. The promo shows an exited Blair Waldorf who tells Chuck that she just can’t wait for college orientation. Blair tells Dan,Vanessa,and another guy that she wants to act like she doesn’t know them on campus.

Then,she gets a big surprise from Georgina Sparks (Michelle Trachtenberg). Blair doesn’t look half as excited as Georgina,though. Probably because Georgina will attempt to make Blair a social outcast. Next, they show a clip of a frustrated looking Blair stating that she ruled in high school and that she’ll also eventually rule in college. Read more »

Vampire Diaries Spoiler: Damon Starts To Move In On Elena

vampire diaries image

The CW released a promo for “Vampire Diaries” 2nd episode entitled “Night Of The Comet.” It’s about a minute and 47 seconds long. This promo (below) gives a first look at the interaction between Elena and Damon. Damon tells Elena about Stefan’s ex girlfriend,and how he never thought he’d ever get over her because it nearly destroyed him.

He suggest to Elena, that Stefan might be on the rebound with her. Then Stefan shows up,and is obviously not to happy to see Damon chatting it up with Elena. He stares at Damon with piercing eyes, that clearly say, it’s time for you to leave. Read more »

One Tree Hill Season 7 Promo: Peyton’s Record Label In Jeopardy

india de beaufort image

The CW released another “behind the scenes” promo for the 7th season of “One Tree Hill.” This one goes behind the scenes to explore the Red Bedroom Record label that Peyton left behind. They introduce one of the new lady cast members, India de Beaufort who plays the character of Miranda Stone.

She is an executive that has been sent from the corporate label to see if the label can continue operations since it is very small, with only two artists, Mia and Haley. Miranda will be the emotionless type who makes strict business decisions,but Haley has a lot of emotion for the label considering its history. Read more »

Vampire Diaries’ Nina Dobrev Explains Her Character, In Depth

nina dobrev image

The CW recently interviewed Nina Dobrev who plays Elena Gilbert on their new hit vampire show, “The Vampire Diaries,” which is originally based on a popular book series that holds the same title. She started off by describing a little bit about her character on the show. She goes on to explain the premise of the show in great detail.

She said Elena was involved in a car crash with her parents. They died,but she survived,so now she’s struggling to get over that. Then she meets these two guys, Stefan and Damon that fight over her. They both grew up in the same town that she’s in,and now they have returned.

She said right now, her character doesn’t now that the guy she’s dating,Stefan is a vampire Read more »

Gossip Girl Season 3: Jessica Szohr Says Dan Gets More Interesting

jessica szohr image

The very,very, cute Jessica Szohr who plays Vanessa Abrams on CW’s “Gossip Girl” gave an interview,and gave away some season 3 spoilers for her character on the show. She started off by saying, that it was great to be back in the city and working again.

She said there’s a bunch of new storylines and arcs,and that they’ve all graduated from high school.

They’re all starting a new chapter in their lives. Next she dropped the Vanessa spoilers. She said she goes to NYU,and meets new friends,starts a whole new chapter,and that she’s really excited for her character.

She says her favorite character on the show is Chuck Bass because he’s such a badboy, that you’re kind of wondering what’s going on in his head. Read more »

Gossip Girl’s Ed Westwick Says Blair & Chuck Get Hot and Heavy

ed westwick,jessica szohr image

Jessica Szohr who plays Vanessa Abrams on CW’s “Gossip Girl” interviewed Ed Westwick who plays Chuck Bass on the show. In that British accent of his,he gave away some season 3 spoilers for his character, Chuck Bass,and talked about what he’s most looking forward to in season 3.

He said he’s most looking forward to the next chapter in the adventure of “Gossip Girl.” He said it was really nice to get the two month break this summer, from the show because last season was really intense,especially with his character. Next he starts in with the spoilers for Chuck Bass. Read more »