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CW ‘Smallville’ Season 9 Promo: Clark Gets Radical

smallville image

The CW has released another 30 second promo (below) for the 9th season of “Smallville”. It starts off with some pretty radical, special effects surrounding Clark (Tom Welling) accompanied by a voice,saying, “His abilities are not of this world. He watches over everyone,but has never been seen. And if you’re lucky enough,a bright symbol of truth and justice will light up your darkest moment.”

It also shows more cool footage that’s coming up this year,and also has another clip of Lois (Erica Durance) in it,saying, “I know where you are.” Hmm, I’m totally ready to see what that’s about. Read more »

‘One Tree Hill’ Season 7 Spoiler: Millicent Runs Clothes Over Bros

lisa goldstein image

The CW interviewed “One Tree Hill” star, Lisa Goldstein. She plays Millicent Huxtable on the show. She talked about what her character will be doing in season 7. She said Millicent takes over the New York branch for “Clothes over Bros.”

Her character will be similar to Brooke’s character ,in the fact that she will now have an assistant to boss around and things of that nature. She said she was similar to her onscreen character in that she was the biggest mess when she first started on “One Tree Hill,” and now that she’s been on a TV set for a while, she knows more about what’s going on. Read more »

Gossip Girl’s Chace Crawford Promises More Scandals In Season 3

chase crawford image

The CW interviewed “Gossip Girl” star, Chace Crawford who plays Nate Archibald on the show ,and he shared some more season 3 spoilers. He said since they’re in college now, it’s a little more fresh and opens up a wider range of possibilities for the show.

He says to start off season 3, Nate and Vanessa went on a tour during the summer as friends. However, he says they may have hooked up a couple of times. Then he says he returns with a new girlfriend named Bree Buckley. She plays a southern girl type.

Then he says, Nate’s family will start to come back into play this year. Read more »

Gossip Girl Season 3: Penn Says Dan & Serena Become Siblings

penn badgley image

Gossip Girl star, Jessica Szohr interviewed Penn Badgley for the CW,and they chatted about “Gossip Girl” season 3 spoilers for a little bit. Penn Badgley plays Dan Humphrey on the show,and Jessica plays Vanessa Abrams. They started off by talking about what he looked forward to the most in season 3.

He said aside from working with Vanessa again, he looked forward to shooting in downtown New York since they’re in college now. He likes the whole progression from high school to college thing. He said the Humphreys spent the summer in the Hamptons . Read more »

‘Vampire Diaries’ Premiere Was intriguing,Emotional,& Dangerous

cw vampire diaries image

Episode 1,season 1 of CW’s “Vampire Diaries” aired last night. It was the pilot episode,and it started off pretty intense,with a scary vampire attack scene on a couple driving down the street.

After that, the show focused on Elena and her friends meeting Stefan for the first time after he enrolls in Elena’s school,thinking that he must meet her. Elena and Stefan get along quite well,but another girl named Caroline Forbes really likes him too.

Meanwhile, there’s killings going on in the town of Mystic Falls, which to the outside world,look like animal attacks. Stefan is blamed by his friend,Jeremy Gilbert for the attacks,as he knows he’s really a vampire.

Stefan and Elena continue to get along very well Read more »

Supernatural ‘Sympothy For The Devil’ Premiere Awakened Lucifer

cw supernatural image

Episode 1,season 5 of CW’s “Supernatural” aired tonight. It was entitled, “Sympathy for the Devil.” Overall it was an appropriate beginning to the season. It picked up right were it left off. Dean and Sam were standing right there at the broken seal as it started to open up.

Then all of a sudden, they were on a airplane, all dazed and confused. The next thing, the airplane was headed south as the light from the broken seal appeared to hit the plane.

I’m not to sure what happened after that, but apparently Dean and Sam were ok. They paid a visit to Chuck who is the prophet writer guy. He said he saw a vision of Sam’s eyes turning black when he killed Lilleth. Then the not so good Angels paid Dean and Sam a visit. Read more »

Gossip Girl’s Leighton Meester Reveals Blair & Chuck Spoilers

leighton meester,jessica szohr image

The CW had a little fun,and got “Gossip Girl” star, Jessica Szohr to interview another “Gossip Girl” star, Leighton Meester to give away some juicy season 3 spoilers for you guys. Jessica plays Vanessa Abrams on the show and Leighton plays Blair Waldorf.

Leighton said that we’re going to get to see what she did over the summer,and find out what a real life relationship between Chuck and Blair would be like. She said the fighting and love/hate relationship will be over for a little bit. Also Blair will be attending NYU College. Read more »

90210’s Matt Lanter Says There’s Still Hope For Liam & Naomi

matt lanter image

Korbi Ghosh over at Zap2it recently interviewed Matt Lanter of CW’s “90210”. He talked a little bit about what happened last season from Liam’s perspective,and a gave a little spoiler info on Liam and Naomi’s relationship for season 2.

He said when his character, Liam cheated on Naomi,he was over the relationship at that point.She had broken his trust by blabbing a secret he told her,and they were on a break. Also when he slept with Jen,he didn’t know she was Naomi’s sister.

Then he said that he definitely thinks there’s hope for Liam and Naomi in the future. Read more »

Sydney Doesn’t Last Long In ‘Melrose Place’ Nightingale Premiere

katie cassidy image

Episode 1 season 1 of CW’s “Melrose” aired . The show was entitled, “Nightingale.” The premiere started off pretty suttle overall,but it did have some immediate drama. To start things off, David Breck gets into a heated argument with Sydney (Laura Leighton) after she calls him to her apartment.

The next morning she’s found dead in the pool by Violet Foster (Ashlee Simpson-Wentz). Some people are in a frenzy,some people aren’t. Meanwhile Jonah Miller is all upset because Riley Richmond who is his girlfriend didn’t immediately say yes to his marriage proposal.

Then, My favorite character so far, Ella Simms (Katie Cassidy) comes to David’s rescue by creating a false alibi for him because the police don’t believe his story that he didn’t kill Sydney.

Jonah tries to get a film deal with a big actor client named Jasper Read more »

Annie Buries Herself A Deeper Hole In ‘90210’ Season 2 Premiere

jessica lowndes image

Tonight,Episode 1 of season 2 CW’s “90210” began . The show was entitled “New Beginnings.” Let me just say some of the beginnings were good,and some were not so good,particularly in Annie’s case.

The “New Beginnings” episode showed that Naomi, Silver,and Adrianna are now the very best of friends,all of a sudden,while Annie is the total outcast.

Adrianna is baby free now, and Navid wants some bed action with her. Naomi has apparently been dating a much older guy,but eventually finds out he’s married with kids.

He tries to sell her some bull that it means nothing,but she didn’t bite. Naomi also has a crush on the new tennis guy,Teddy,but lets it fizzle out once she finds out that Adrianna used to date him. Read more »