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T.I. ft. Justin Timberlake ‘Dead and Gone’ Music Video & Info

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Music video for T.I.’s “Dead and Gone” song. “Dead and Gone”, is the fourth single released on T.I.’s sixth studio album entitled, “Paper Trail”. It was reeased on January 4, 2009, and charted on the Billboard Hot 100 charts before it was even released. It features popular pop singer, Justin Timberlake who he’s collaborated with one other time on Justin’s album, “Future Sex Love Sounds” for the song called, “My Love”.They also performed “Dead and Gone” at the 51st Grammy Awards.

The “Dead and Gone”music video was directed by Chris Robinson and was shot the first week of February in Los Angeles, CA. The video started showing up on the internet a few hours before it’s official release date on February 17,2009. Read more »