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Demi Lovato Hopes To Solve Her Bully Victim Issues In Rehab

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Demi Lovato hopes to solve her bully victim issues in rehab. According to TMZ, Disney Starlet Demi Lovato who has recently quit her international concert tour with the Jonas Brothers to go to rehab, hopes to deal with her issues of being bullied when she was younger,claiming that is the root of her problems.

They say Demi is hoping to tackle her painful history of being bullied at the treatment center. Their sources say Demi’s issues with bullies go all the way back to middle school where she felt her acting career made her a target. Demi subsequently engaged in self-destructive behavior,which is a manifestation of being bullied. Read more »

Disney’s Demi Lovato Checked Into Rehab For Eating Disorders & Cutting

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Disney’s Demi Lovato checked into rehab for eating disorders & cutting. According to People Magazine, Disney starlet Demi Lovato checked into rehab yesterday for some eating disorders and cutting. I must say, I’m pretty shocked. She always seems so happy.

Their source said, “She fought through eating disorders and has struggled with cutting. She is taking control by getting help.” Their source also said that a fight with one of the dancers on tour was the catalyst for Demi’s decision to seek treatment. Read more »

Demi Lovato Spotted With Jonas Brothers In Costa Rica Yesterday

Demi Lovato spotted with Jonas Brothers in Costa Rica yesterday. Disney starlet Demi Lovato was recently spotted out in the San Hose,Costa Rica area yesterday afternoon with the famous “Jonas Brothers Band” Kevin,Nick,and Joe. They were all together to do some more “Camp Rock 2” movie promotions.

Demi appeared to be in good spirits as she posed for paparazzi snap shots in her cute outfit. The Jonas Brothers looked happy as well. According to sources, they were all spotted at a hotel media session,and they are scheduled to perform a show later on tonight. Read more »

Demi Lovato Spotted Looking Casual,Stylish For Business Lunch In Cali

Demi Lovato spotted looking casual,stylish for business lunch in Cali. Disney Starlet Demi Lovato was recently spotted out in Beverly Hills, California yesterday afternoon for a business meeting. Demi appeared to be doing well,and looked cute as usual,sporting a casual yet stylish ensemble with knee-high boots as the paparazzi snapped photos.

According to sources, Demi was spotted getting out of her car after having a lunch meeting at the Four Seasons Hotel. Read more »

Demi Lovato Released New ‘Work Of Art’ Clip Online

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Demi Lovato released new ‘Work Of Art’ music video clip online. The Disney Channel recently released the new music video (below) for Demi Lovato’s new song entitled, “Work Of Art.” It’s from the original series “Sonny With A Chance” So Random Halloween Special,which is set to premiere on Sunday, October 17th at 7pm central time. The show will also feature All Star Weekend, Shaquille O’Neal,and,of course, Sonny Monroe.

In the video, NBA star Shaquille O’Neal comes out,dressed in a Dracula Halloween costume,and introduces Demi Lovato to the stage as Sonny Monroe to sing her new “Work Of Art” song,which is also a music video. She really came out,rocking the stage with her powerful voice and good stage presence. She’s a really good performer. Read more »

Demi Lovato Spotted Looking Elegant At Hollywood Autumn Party

Demi Lovato spotted looking elegant at Hollywood Autumn party. Cute,Disney,starlet Demi Lovato was recently spotted,glamming it up in West Hollywood,California last night at the Arcade Boutique’s The Autumn Party. Demi looked cute as usual,sporting an elegant,yet figure-flattering black ensemble as she posed for the awaiting paparazzi cameras.

According to sources, the event was held at The London Hotel,and Demi mingled with other fellow party goers. Then she grabbed her prime seat next to Jenna Dewan and hotel princess Paris Hilton. Read more »

Demi Lovato Spotted Lookin Very Stylish & Cute In Cali Yesterday

Demi Lovato spotted lookin very stylish & cute in Cali Yesterday. Disney starlet Demi Lovato was recently spotted out yesterday in Los Angeles,California all dressed up in her cute,very stylish,black ensemble. She appeared to be all business as the paparazzi snapped her photos while she was walking down the street in her cool sun glasses.

According to sources, Demi was spotted putting some money in a parking meter. Then she headed to Urban Outfitters,sporting a black fedora,gray scarf,black top and pants. Read more »

Demi Lovato Spotted Out With Jonas Brothers For New Disney Event

Demi Lovato spotted out with Jonas Brothers for new Disney event. Cute Disney starlet Demi Lovato was recently spotted out with the famous Jonas Brothers Nick,Kevin,and Joe again to help participate in a new Disney “Friends for Change” event yesterday afternoon. They looked to be having a great time as the paparazzi snapped some good photos of the stars.

According to sources, Demi and the Jonas Brothers participated in the Project Green Gulf Coast clean up in St. Petersburg,Florida. Read more »

Demi Lovato Spotted Cute In Canada Streets Among Her Fans

Demi Lovato spotted cute in Canada streets among her fans. Disney Starlet Demi Lovato was recently spotted looking very cute on the streets of Canada yesterday afternoon. Demi appeared to be having a great time as she walked down the street. She sported a lacey dress and cardigan as the awaiting paparazzi snapped their winning photos.

According to sources, Demi was spotted in the midst of a mob of fans outside her hotel in Toronto,Canada. At one point, she also stopped and posed with a few lucky fans before heading to where ever she was going. Read more »

Demi Lovato & Jonas Brothers Seen Rockin The Stage At US Open Tennis

Demi Lovato & Jonas Brothers seen rockin the stage at US Open Tennis. Disney Starlet Demi Lovato and the famous Jonas Brothers Band were spotted rockin the stage yesterday at the annual Arthur Ashe Kids’ Day at the US Open tennis tournament. They looked to be all smiles and had lots of energy as they entertained the audience while onstage.

According to sources, Demi Lovato and The Jonas Brothers closed out the day for the Kids’ Day fest at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in New York City yesterday afternoon. Read more »