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New Dracula Season 2 Petition Currently Going On To Keep The Show Alive

New Dracula season 2 petition currently going on to keep the show alive. Hey “Dracula” peeps. As previously reported, the fate of the show is currently in limbo as we await a decision from NBC to bring it back for a season 2. Now, we’ve learned of a new online petition that’s going to send a letter to NBC, demanding they renew the show. Currently, 7,059 people have signed up. You guys can sign the petition too by Clicking Here.

The petition was started by Catherine Flynn of Portsmouth, VA. Apparently, she’s a very avid fan,and has written up a very compelling letter to NBC to save the show. She posted the link to her letter/petition on the Dracula TV show’s official Facebook page, which is how we found out about it. Read more »

New Dracula Season 2 Still Questionable,NBC Is Currently Undecided

New Dracula season 2 still questionable,NBC is currently undecided. Hey “Dracula” peeps. Unfortunately, at this time, we can’t tell you for sure if a season 2 will happen or not, because apparently, NBC is still trying to make up their minds about it. It’s been reported that the show definitely looked like it was going to get canceled earlier this month as rating were very low. However, in these last two weeks, they’ve picked up viewership numbers. So, this is most likely, leaving NBC stumped as to what to do.

At the moment, it’ll just be a waiting game. The ratings for the show , were extremely low back in December. However, the ratings rose two tenths this month. In the meantime, the show that precedes it in the line up on Friday nights, Grimm, is speculated to easily be renewed for a season 4 as its ratings are doing very good, and it also picked up more viewership this month to boot. Read more »