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Batman 3 Producer Revealed New Bane’s Agenda,Violent Scene Details & More

Batman 3 producer revealed new Bane’s agenda,violent scene details & more. According to Collider, Dark Knight Rises producer Emma Thomas, recently dished out some new details about Bane’s character, gave new details about that crazy football scene,and more.

First, she talked about the crazy football scene, stating, ” we’ve got the Gotham Rogues playing the Rapid City Monuments. It’s really fun for us, shooting in Pittsburgh, because we had the Pittsburgh Steelers here this morning; they’re playing some of the Gotham Rogues.”

She went on to reveal that Bane comes in “and subverts it and, takes this moment to tell Gotham what his plan are. There’s also going to be quite a lot of explosions during the game. Read more »

Batman 3 Producer Revealed New Bane,Batman & Catwoman Intense,Movie Details

Batman 3 producer revealed new Bane,Batman & Catwoman intense,movie details. Recently, Dark Knight Rises producer Emma Thomas chatted it up with Total Film,and revealed some more interesting,new,details about Tom Hardy as Bane, Anne Hathaway as Catwoman,and Christian Bale as Batman.

First,she revealed that Tom Hardy made a “massive physical transformation for the role. It really is an intense performance. He finally feels like a match for Batman, both physically and mentally.” Next,she said that Christian and Tom were both fiercely committed to their roles,and “pitching them as adversaries worked incredibly well. They have such a great chemistry on camera.” Read more »