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Evan Revealed Shocking True Blood Season 4 Sophie Anne Spoiler Tease

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Evan revealed shocking True Blood season 4 Sophie Anne spoiler tease. True Blood,Queen Sophie Anne star Evan Rachel Wood recently chatted with MTV’s Seven show,and revealed what she’s been up to,her new movie,and most importantly,what things will be like for Sophie Anne in the upcoming True Blood season 4 (video below).

In the clip,she talked about how she used to catch crawfish in the south,while growing up. She also revealed that she loves frog legs and octopus meat,and that they taste just like chicken. Next, she revealed that she has 8 different tattoos all over her body. She talked about some other film projects she’s got going on,along with revealing she has Bieber fever,lol!! She said she liked his recent reality movie,and he has a lot of confidence. Read more »

True Blood’s Evan Rachel Wood Said She’s Bisexual & Dominant

True Blood’s Evan Rachel Wood said she’s bisexual & dominant. According to Popeater, the very cute, True Blood, Queen Sophie Anne star Evan Rachel Wood recently revealed to Esquire Magazine that she is indeed bisexual just like her castmate Anna Paquin. She also revealed that she’s usually dominant when it comes to the ladies.

She said that she grew up being in love with David Bowie,so she was always into very androgynous things. “Guys, girls. I’m into androgyny in general.” After that, she went on to say that she’s more like the guy when it comes to girls,and that she’s the dominant one. She opens the doors,buys dinner,and she’s romantic. Read more »

True Blood Season 4 Spoiler: Queen Sophie Battles Big With Bill Compton

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Queen Sophie battles big with Bill Compton in this new HBO “True Blood” season 4 spoiler. Access Hollywood recently chatted with Evan Rachel Wood who plays character Queen Sophie Anne Of Louisiana on the popular show. She revealed a very interesting fight scene spoiler that’s supposed to go down between her and Stephen Moyer’s character Bill Compton in season 4.

She said the fight scene is going to be epic,and that there,will of course, be a resolution. The fight will contain lots of blood. She also revealed that Queen Sophie Anne will have a reversal of fortunes,and thinks she’ll get what she deserves. Read more »

Evan Rachel Wood To Make Blood Sucking ‘True Blood’ Debut

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EW reports that Evan Rachel Wood will be making her debut August 30 on HBO’s “True Blood” as Louisiana’s blood sucker boss lady Queen Sophia-Ann. Alan Ball the creator of the series says, “Nobody’s ever entirely happy to see her character, Louisiana’s blood-sucker boss lady, Queen Sophie-Ann. She’s very powerful, capricious and most likely insane.”

She will also have a couple of agendas to fulfill, according to the creator. Alan stated, “She has more than one secret agenda, which we will slowly become aware of over season 3.

Evan Rachel Wood has also been seen in “CSI :Crime Scene Investigation” where she played Nora Easton. Read more »