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Fortnite Is About To Deliver A New, Very Dangerous “Poison Trap” Soon

Hey, Fortnite fans. We’ve got some interesting, new intel for you guys in this report. It turns out that a new trap is about to be released into the game, and it’s called “The Poison Trap!” That’s right, guys! You better watch your step from now on because you just might land in “The Poison Trap!”

According to the folks over at, this new poison trap may be added to Fortnite as soon as tomorrow,March 26, 2019. Read more »

Fortnite Added A New, Crazy Chiller Grenade Weapon

Hey, Fortnite fans. According to the folks over at, Fortnite game developer Epic Games has indeed added a new weapon to the game. It’s called the Chiller Grenade. The Fortnite Battle Royale in-game news feed reveals that the chiller grenade gives players the ability to give their enemies cold feet with a winter blast. Read more »

Fortnite Reportedly About To Introduce A New, Major Ice Storm Event

Happy Wednesday, “Fortnite” fans. We’ve got what could be a major update to report to you guys in this article. The folks over at are reporting that a Major Battle Royale leak has revealed that a new Fortnite Ice Storm event might be getting ready to release!

The new Ice Storm event is scheduled launch with a couple of challenges and rewards. It’s believed that the Ice King will be featured in the event. Read more »

Fortnite Is Reportedly Getting Sued Again For ‘Orange Justice’ Dance

Happy Monday, Fortnite fans. We’ve got some bad news for you guys today. According to the folks over at, it looks like there’s another person who’s looking to cash in on Fortnite’s success via a lawsuit!

They say the mother of the young boy affectionately known as Orange Shirt Kid, has filed a lawsuit against Fortnite game maker Epic Games for the use of his dance titled, “Orange Justice” or “The Random.” Read more »

Fortnite Has Brought Back The ’14 Days Of Fortnite’ Event

Happy Sunday,”Fortnite” fans. We’ve got big news for you guys today. It turns out that Epic Games, the creator behind the very popular Fortnite video game, are indeed bringing back the 14 Days Of Fortnite event after the crazy mix-up that happened with the event’s end date.

According to, the original 14 Days Of Fortnite event ended a couple of days earlier than it was supposed to. Read more »

Fortnite Is Adding Cool, New Holiday Surprises To The Game

Hey, Fortnite fans. We’ve got some pretty exciting news for you guys today. It turns out that Fortnite is serving up a very special holiday surprise, starting today, December 19, 2018! According the folks over at , this new surprise is called, “14 days Of Fortnite” which is a play on the popular “14 days of Christmas” holiday song.

This will indeed just be a limited time event that will feature new modes, challenges, and more! The event actually started earlier this morning at around 9am eastern standard time. Read more »

Fortnite Is Reportedly Getting Sued Again By Two More Celebrities

Happy Wednesday, “Fortnite” fans. Unfortunately, we’ve got some more bad, legal news for your favorite video game today. It turns out that another two celebrities have step up to the plate with a lawsuit against Fortnite for selling their dance moves on their platform! We previously told you guys that rapper 2 Milly filed his lawsuit for Fortnite selling his “Milly Rock” dance aka “Swipe It” without his consent. Read more »

Fortnite Season 7 Quickly Removed The New Super Power Infinity Blade From The Game Today

Happy Friday, “Fortnite” fans. We’ve got some very important news to share with you guys in this report. It turns out that the developers for Fornite Epic Games confessed to making a huge mistake with the Infinity Blade earlier today, December 14,2018. In light of that, they quickly removed the sword from the game!

As previously reported, a lot of players were making a huge uproar about how unfair the Infinity Blade is. It gave anyone who wielded it almost infinite powers! Read more »

Fortnite Season 7’s New Infinity Blade Super Weapon Is Upsetting A Lot Of Players

Hey, Fortnite fans. We’ve got some serious drama news to share with you guys today. As we previously reported, Fortnite introduced it’s new Infinity Blade sword weapon into the game yesterday, December 11, 2018, and it hasn’t taken long for it to make a lot of players hate the living crap out of it!

The Infinity Blade is reportedly giving just too much of an advantage to players that wield it. We told you guys that the sword not only increases attack power, it increases speed, health, shields and regeneration on kills. Read more »

New Fortnite Season 7 Major Super Powers Weapon Officially Released. Plus, It’s Location

Hey, Fortnite fans. We are back at you again with another amazing reveal for the current 7th season of Fortnite. Yesterday, we told you guys that Fortnite was about to unleash a new sword weapon into the mix. However,at that time, we were unaware of exactly when Epic Games would introduce it. Well now, we can wonder no more!

According to the folks over at , the new sword weapon is now very active in the game, and it gives anyone holding it some major super powers! Read more »