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Jake Pavelka Said He’ll Always Stay Friends With Vienna Girardi & More

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Jake Pavelka said he’ll always stay friends with Vienna Girardi & more. TMZ recently caught up to Jake Pavelka at the airport when he arrived back in Los Angeles,California earlier today. They asked him about the recent breakup. He confirmed that it was true. He looked pretty upset about the whole thing. They tried to ask him what went wrong,and who broke up with who.

Jake stated, that it doesn’t really matter who broke up with who,and that sometimes, love just isn’t enough in a relationship. They tried to ask him about the allegations of him just being in it for the fame. He said that he wouldn’t even comment on that. He was very cool about the situation,especially considering the fact that he must have been very upset. Read more »

Vienna Girardi Spotted Lookin Very Happy After Jake Pavelka Breakup

Vienna Girardi spotted lookin very happy after Jake Pavelka breakup. According to TMZ and their beauty salon spies, Vienna was recently spotted out at a beauty salon,getting her hair done with a great big smile on her face shortly after she broke up with “The Bachelor” Jake Pavelka.

They say that Vienna managed to pull herself together to go on an “attention whore” photo shoot at a fancy hair salon in Hollywood,California right after her and Jake broke up! Read more »

Vienna Girardi Claims Jake Pavelka Constantly Neglected Her For Fame

Vienna Girardi claims Jake Pavelka constantly neglected her for fame. According to TMZ, more news has come from the Vienna Girardi camp. She apparently thought that Jake was constantly neglecting her to go out and do photos shoots and things of that nature,and that he was a bit of a fame whore,so to speak.

They say that Vienna actually wanted out of the relationship because she realized that the guy she met on national TV was a “fame whore.” Their sources say that Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi’s relationship ended last night at around 6pm,and the final conversation actually took place over the phone. Read more »

Jake Pavelka Dumped Vienna Girardi For Reportedly Cheating On Him

Jake Pavelka dumped Vienna Girardi for reportedly cheating on him. According to TMZ, more details have emerged on the recent breakup between “The Bachelor” Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi. Apparently, she was reportedly cheating on him,and Jake went ahead and called it quits over serious suspicions.

They say that Jake believed Vienna was dating actor Gregory Michael who is an actor on ABC’s “Greek” TV show. The story had been out that the 2 were flirting at a recent event,but Jake took it to heart. It’s unclear whether Vienna was actually dating Gregory Michael,but Jake was convinced enough to end the relationship in the last 24 to 48 hours. Read more »

Vienna Girardi Confessed To Breaking Up With ‘Bachelor’ Jake Pavelka

Vienna Girardi confessed to breaking up with ‘Bachelor’ Jake Pavelka. According to OK magazine, Vienna Girardi who is the woman that Jake Pavelka ended up choosing on ABC’s “The Bachelor” in the recent season 14, recently confessed that she and Jake have broken up. They say that a rep confirmed to them that, “Jake and Vienna have split and appreciate respect for their privacy at this time.”

The news first broke on Saturday at the Children’s Hospital of Orange County Oncology Prom near Los Angeles. Vienna confessed to Greek actor Gregory Michael that her engagement was over. Gregory revealed just what happened that night. He stated, “We hit it off and hung out and danced the night away. She made it very clear that it was over with Jake.” Read more »

Jake & Chelsie Got Eliminated From ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Tonight

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Jake Pavelka & Chelsie Hightower got eliminated from “Dancing With The Stars” 10 in week 6 tonight. Tonight’s show kicked off by revealing the first couple that was safe this week. Then judge Len Goodman did a recap of last night’s performances. Next, Chad Ochocinco and Cheryl Burke did an encore performance of their routine from last night to lead into the first break. After the first break, Melissa Etheridge performed her song entitled, “Fearless Love.” Next, they recapped the scores that each couple received from the judges last night.Then they revealed another couple that was safe to lead into the 2nd break. Read more »

A Website Claims The Bachelor 14’s Rozlyn Papa Made A Sex Tape

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A Website claims the Bachelor 14’s Rozlyn Papa made a sex tape. According to TMZ , a website is out there claiming that Rozlyn Papa actually made a sex tape. Can you believe it? They say a new celebrity sex tape is being shopped around the porn community,and the person who’s peddling the tape says the star is Rozlyn Papa from ABC’s “The Bachelor” 14 reality TV show.

The tape is being shopped around to a variety of XXX companies all over Los Angeles, California,including a website called LiveJasmin.com. Kevin Blatt who is a representative of the LiveJasmin website says he saw the tape and ” it’s definitely Rozlyn.” Read more »

The Bachelor’s Jake Said The Other Women Exposed Rozlyn’s Sexual Affair

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The Bachelor’s Jake said the other women exposed Rozlyn’s sexual affair. According to Access Hollywood, “The Bachelor” 14’s Jake Pavelka says that the other women of the house exposed Rozlyn’s sexual relationship with one of the show’s producers,and that he believes that it probably did happen.

They report that Jake said, “I have reason to believe it was sexual. Some of the things that were said when she was gone… by the women… The women exposed it.” However, Rozlyn Papa has told “Entertainment Tonight” that it’s all a lie and very hurtful.

Rozlyn has also said that she thinks the network wanted her to leave because she wasn’t supposed to tell Jake about her son. Jake responded to that by saying, “I don’t’ think that’s true at all. Read more »