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Rutina & James Talk ‘True Blood’ Season 3 Tara Spoilers In New Clip

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Rutina & James talk ‘True Blood’ season 3 Tara spoilers in new clip. HBO recently released a new clip (below) featuring Rutina Wesley and James Frain on their hit show “True Blood.” Rutina plays human Tara Thornton and James plays new vampire character Franklin Mott on the show. In the clip (below), they reveal some good spoiler information for their characters in season 3.

They start off talking about the dynamics of Tara and Franklin’s relationship. Franklin really cares for Tara,but Tara doesn’t quite know how to handle his feelings for her. They have a roller coaster love affair. Franklin brings out a lot of vulnerability in Tara. Also, James Frain is really funny in the clip after Rutina explains her character. He said, “Wow, you’re really good at this. Shit! That sounds fantastic.” Read more »

James Frain Talks ‘True Blood’ Season 3 Tara Vamp,Sex,Spoilers & More

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James Frain talks ‘True Blood’ season 3 Tara vamp,sex,spoilers & more. E! online recently caught up to James Frain who plays the new shady vampire Franklin who’s been coming on to Tara (Rutina Wesley) in the 3rd season of HBO’s hit vampire show “True Blood” (video below). He gave away a few steamy spoilers about his character, which involves sex with Tara,and more. He also talked about waht it was like working with Rutina Wesley and the rest of the “True Blood” crew.

In the clip (below), they got right down to business and revealed some spoilers. James stated, “I’m sent on a mission,and I can tell you that I got a little thing for Tara,and I can tell you that me and Tara take it somewhere a little hot.” Read more »