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True Blood Season 5 Spoilers: New,Frightening Creature Coming To Bon Temps & More

New,frightening creature coming to Bon Temps & more in this new set of True Blood season 5 spoilers. True Blood,Luna starlet Janina Gavankar recently chatted it up with Wet Paint at a Paley Center event ,and revealed some interesting creature spoilers for the new season 5,and it’s quite frightening,and more.

First, she said that the shapshifters are going to come into their own a lot more,and the wolves are going to be pissed off at them. After that,she mentioned this new creature that will make an arrival in the new season,and stated, “It’s most definitely frightening!”

In related news, Tara is reportedly coming back,despite getting her brains blown out at the end of last season. Read more »

Video: Janina Talks True Blood Season 5 Bloody Spoiler Teasers & More

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Janina talks True Blood season 5 bloody spoiler teasers & more in this new video (below). Popsugar recently caught up to the very sexy True Blood, Luna shapeshifter star Janina Gavankar,and she revealed a nice little bloody,season 5 spoiler teaser,and more.

In the clip, Janina revealed, True Blood is going to get bloodier and sexier in season 5. Then she said Sam Merlotte is a beautiful man to be in love with right now when asked about her ideal hookup. Read more »

Sexy Janina Revealed New True Blood Season 4 Spoiler Teases With HBO


Sexy Janina revealed new True Blood season 4 spoiler teases with HBO. HBO, True Blood’s sexy,new,shapeshifter star Janina Gavankar recently chatted with HBO’s “Inside True Blood” to tease about what’s coming up in season 4. She revealed that she’s playing a character named Luna who grew up in the Navajo Nation. She’s a schoolteacher. After that, she refused to say anymore. However, she did reveal that things will get a little crazy for her in Bon Temps.

Finally, she revealed what it’s been like working with the cast,and indirectly revealed another little spoiler tease by saying that she’s really only worked with Sam so far. From that, we know that her character will be glued at the hip with Sam at least for a little while. Read more »

New Hottie Revealed New True Blood Season 4 Shapeshifter Spoilers

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New hottie revealed new True Blood season 4 shapeshifter spoilers. Janina Gavankar who is the new,smokin hot,female shapeshifter coming to True Blood season 4,recently chatted with accidentalsexiness website. She gave a few new spoilers about what we can expect to see on the shapeshifter side of things this summer.

First, she revealed that we are going to learn a lot about shapeshifters this season. Luna and Sam will like each other,and that’s all she could give aways as far as that goes. She also revealed that we’re going to learn the full range of shapeshifter’s abilities in season 4. Read more »

New,Sexy True Blood Star Reveals More Season 4 Details

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New,sexy True Blood star reveals more season 4 details. Janina Gavankar recently interviewed with Sapna Magazine. Janina is a new,sexy starlet who has recently been hired to appear in the upcoming 4th season of HBO’s hit show “True Blood.”

In her interview,she spilled a couple of small season 4 spoiler teases,but not much,so don’t get too excited. Janina will be playing a sexy public school teacher who is also a shapeshifter in secret. I think the best news she gave,is that she’ll be getting naked to balance out all the naked dudes that appear on the show,lol!!

When asked what her wardrobe would be like. She said, “Well, there’s not much to it at all. Shifters remove their clothes before they shift. Needless to say, I’ll be in the gym over the holidays.” She also revealed that she’s going to be working with Sam Trammell’s character Sam Merlotte quite a bit. Read more »

New True Blood Star Reveals Season 4 Is Going To Be Crazier & More

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New True Blood star reveals season 4 is going to be crazier & more. Desihits recently reports that new True Blood star Janina Gavankar recently gave a press release,revealing some interesting things coming up in the highly anticipated season 4.

Janina was recently cast to play character Luna on HBO’s True Blood. Luna is a hot public school teacher who is also a shapeshifter that is first seen attending an informational gathering with others like her. This past summer Janina played vampire character Leigh Turner on another vampire show called “The Gates” on ABC,so she has experience in the whole vampire arena. Read more »