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Jersey Shore’s Snooki Gets Her Name Patented And Writing A Book

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Jersey Shore’s Snooki gets her name patented and writing a book. According to TMZ, Nicole Polizzi aka Snooki from MTV’s new, hit reality show, “Jersey Shore” is currently in the process of getting her famous nickname patented or trademarked because she’s getting ready to write a book. They say she has filed an application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to gain the sole right to use her famous nickname.

Snooki wants to use the trademark for printed matter,or books. They also say that Mike Sorrentino aka “The Situation” is trying to trademark his nickname as well. However he wants to put his name on underwear. Pauly D who is also a DJ is in the process of trying to get his name, “DJ Pauly D” trademarked too. Read more »

Jersey Shore’s Ronnie Spits Gay Slurs In New, Unseen Footage

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Jersey Shore’s Ronnie spits gay slurs in new, unseen footage. According to TMZ , Ronnie Margo who is one of the stars from MTV’s new hit reality show, “Jersey Shore,” spat out a couple of gay slurs at the guy he fought in his first fight on the show in some new,unseen footage . They say Ronnie spewed out homophobic slurs during his violent altercation on the boardwalk. It went down minutes before Ronnie’s first fight on the show when he was arguing with the other guy from the bar.

Then they eventually started fighting on the shore in front of their girlfriends. However, this new footage shows Ronnie calling the guy a “f**king f**got” and a “f**king queer.” This video footage never aired on MTV. Read more »

Jersey Shore’s Mike ‘The Situation’ Showed His Abs Again In Las Vegas

Jersey Shore’s Mike ‘The Situation’ showed his abs again in Las Vegas. According to TMZ , Mike Sorrentino aka “The Situation” and one of the stars of MTV’s new breakout,reality show, “Jersey Shore,” took his ab road show to Las Vegas this past “Valentine’s Day” weekend. They say he was spotted at some unknown event in Las Vegas doing what he does best, showing off his overexposed hairless abs. We don’t know what he was there for,but it looks like he was having a good time as usual. Read more »

Jersey Shore’s Pauly D Gets New DJ Gig At The Largest Club In Boston

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Jersey Shore’s Pauly D gets new DJ gig at the largest club in Boston. According to TMZ, Pauly D who is apart of MTV’s hot, new, reality show, “Jersey Shore,” has landed a new,hot DJ gig in apparently the largest club in Boston. They say Pauly D just got a new dj gig,spinning at a club in Beantown called “Royale.” The club is set to open next month in the space that used to be the Roxy and is said to be the biggest club in all of Boston.

Pauly D is from nearby Rhode Island and hopes to start up his new gig in May. He also hopes that it turns into a more permanent,lucrative gig. Other famous DJs like: Paul Oakenfeld and David Guetta are expected to get a gig there as well. Read more »

Jersey Shore’s Jenni ‘J-WOWW’ Becomes Part Of A Police Investigation

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Jersey Shore’s Jenni ‘J-WOWW’ becomes part of a police investigation. According to TMZ, Jenni “JWOWW” Farley who is one of the stars of the popular MTV “Jersey Shore” reality show, has now become a part of an internal police investigation. They say Jenni is at the center of an internal police investigation in New York. The Nassau County Police Department is looking into a tip they received regarding access to Jenni J-WOWW’s personal information.

Right now, it’s unclear who or what investigators are looking for,but the cops did confirm that the investigation began after someone filed a complaint on Jenni J-WOWW’s behalf. Read more »

‘Jersey Shore’ Snooki’s Nude Photo Shows Up Online

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‘Jersey Shore’ Snooki’s nude photo shows up online. Radaronline has just reported earlier today,that they have obtained the first nude photo of Snooki (real name Nicole Polizzi) from MTV’s hit reality, show, “Jersey Shore.” They say she denied any existance of a nude photo,but radaronline says that they have seen several photos and they appear to be genuine. The background of the photos matches the background of photos that Snooki has released on Twitter,and the background is her bedroom. Read more »

Jersey Shore’s Vinny Says He’ll Party With Yale U If They Raise $4,000

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Jersey Shore’s Vinny says he’ll party with Yale U if they raise $4,000. According to TMZ , Vinny Guadagnino from MTV’s new,hit show, “Jersey Shore” recently stated that he would come out and party with Yale University if they can raise about $4,000 for a charity. Actually, TMZ says that he was supposed to try and make it out there for a charity event that Yale University was holding,but due to a huge Northeast blizzard, he was not able to make it out there. However, Vinny has promised that he will come out and party with the Ivy Leaguers if they raise at least $,4000.

He was supposed to host a ” “Kiss Away Cancer Date Auction” today,but he got grounded in Los Angeles due to major snowstorms in the Northeast. Read more »

Jersey Shore’s Vinny Showed Off His New, Heavy Sicilian Tattoo

Jersey Shore’s Vinny showed off his new, heavy Sicilian tattoo. According to TMZ , Vinny Guadagnino from MTV’s new hit reality show, “Jersey Shore” showed off his new, Sicilian tattoo that he just got last week. They say that they just obtained the photos of the new tattoo that Vinny got branded on himself last,and that it took Vinny and his tatto artist about 10 hours to come up with it. Read more »

Jersey Shore’s Snooki Gets Spotted Smooching Her New Boy Toy

Jersey Shore’s Snooki gets spotted smooching her new boy toy. According to TMZ , Snooki (real name Nicole Polizzi) who is one of the stars of MTV’s new,hit,reality show, “Jersey Shore,” was spotted smoochin it up with her new muscle-bound boy toy last night. They say Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi landed at JFK last night,and then showed some good PDA (public display of affection) to her new man. Read more »

ABC Books MTV’s Jersey Shore Crew To Appear on ‘The View’

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ABC books MTV’s Jersey Shore crew to appear on ‘The View.’ According to Access Hollywood, ABC is getting in on the popular “Jersey Shore” action by booking the cast of the new,hit MTV reality show to appear on “The View” with Barbara Walters, Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, and Sherri Shepherd. They say that ABC confirmed that the MTV “Jersey Shore” crew will be guests on “The View” on February 23.

All the castmembers are scheduled to appear, which include: Snooki (Nicole Polizzi) , JWoww (Jenni Farley), Jolie (Angelina Pivarnick) , Vinny Guadagnino, Ronnie Magro, Sammi ‘Sweetheart’ Giancola, Pauly D and, “The Situation” (Mike Sorrentino). Read more »