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TLC Kate Gosselin Plus 8 Show Finally Got Canceled

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TLC Kate Gosselin Plus 8 show finally got canceled

According to Hollywood Life, TLC finally decided to cancel the Kate Plus 8 show madness with Kate Gosselin,so it looks like she’s temporarily out of a job. I hope she saved up all her cash.

They say that the final show is scheduled to air on September 12th. The show had apparently taped well over 100 episodes in six seasons. TLC hopes to check in with Kate and the family periodically with specials in the future. Read more »

Kate Gosselin Lands New Reality Show Called ‘Twist Of Kate’

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Kate Gosselin lands new reality show called ‘Twist Of Kate.’ According to celebrity-gossip.net, TLC reality show star Kate Gosselin has landed a new reality show entitled, “Twist of Kate,” which is quickly due to hit the airwaves this summer on TLC. They say Kate will be starring solo in the new reality series. What she’ll be doing, is responding to letters from women enduring their own challenges and give insight into their lives.

Kate recently told the press that she doesn’t consider herself an expert on anything,but wants to help wherever she can,stating, “I look at it as a loose concept. I want to be out there learning from others, helping to provide insight whenever I can, though I don’t consider myself an expert on anything.” Read more »

Jon & Kate Gosselin Spoke Their Minds On ‘Jon And Kate Plus 8’ Finale

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Jon & Kate Gosselin spoke their minds on ‘Jon and Kate Plus 8’ finale show. TLC’s “Jon and Kate Plus 8” show finally rapped up last night. It had been on for nearly three years. Jon and Kate Gosselin have recently had a highly public and ugly split. They gave their comments about it on the one hour show last night. They talked about their past,present,and future as a family.

Kate said the ending of the show was bittersweet and totally avoidable. She also talked about the kids not knowing about Jon’s girlfriends. She stated, “The kids don’t know about the girlfriends at all. That’s just too warped for them, too unhealthy for them to know. Read more »

The Judge Said Jon Gosselin Has To Return $180,000 To Account

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Today, a judge ruled that Jon Gosselin of the “Jon & Kate plus 8” reality TV show, will have to return $180,000 of the money that he recently removed from him and Kate Gosselin’s joint bank account,according to popeater.com.

They report that TMZ said Jon was ordered to return the funds because they were in violation of the arbitrator’s order.

According to reports, Jon recently took $230,000 out of the joint account,leaving Kate with only $1,000,and unable to pay her bills. Kate reportedly made a statement following the ruling today, saying, “As difficult as this has been for me, I am pleased that the Court has ruled fairly on behalf of myself and my children. Now that this matter has been ruled on, I look forward to returning to private arbitration, as we have agreed to do, to resolve any remaining issues.” Read more »

Kate Gosselin Says Jon Took Their Money,& She Can’t Pay The Bills

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According to Access Hollywood, Jon Gosselin has emptied out him and Kate’s mutual bank account of $200,000,leaving her with only a mere $1,000. They say that Kate appeared on NBC’s “Today” show this morning, to talk about it. She revealed to them that she now, can’t sleep at night because she can’t pay the bills.

She stated, “I need that money to provide for them. We were in the position after our sextuplets were born that we could not pay our bills. We did the show to provide a better life for them. Never did I think I’d be back in the same position… I can’t sleep at night. I can’t pay my bills.”

They report that Kate has responded with legal action,and has gotten a lawyer to send him a letter demanding that he return the funds. Read more »

ABC’s ‘The View’ Gets Kate Gosselin To Guest Co-Host

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According to Access Hollywood, Kate Gosselin of “Jon & Kate Plus 8″ fame, is set to be a guest co-host on ABC’s ” The View” in September. They report that the talk show announced it to day on their website.

They say she will mix it up with the ladies of “The View” on September 14 and 15. Kate is going to be sitting in for Elisaeth Hasselbeck who is going to be away on maternity leave after giving birth to her third child on August 9.

Other guest host that will be appearing while Elisabeth is gone,are Meghan McCain,E.D. Hill,and La Toya Jackson. Also Victoria Beckham Read more »

Kate Gosselin Said Her Marriage Would’ve Failed Either Way

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Kate Gosselin of the TLC show “Jon & Kate Plus 8” show made an appearance on NBC’s “Today Show” this morning. With tears in her eyes,she discussed her separation from her husband Jon Gosselin.

She reportedly said that her marriage to Jon would have failed whether it was on TV or not. She stated, “I feel like it would have happened anyway — cameras on or cameras off.”

They have currently continued on with the show despite their separation. It documents the challenges of raising twins and sixtuplets.

Kate said, “In everybody’s life, you make sacrifices. Read more »