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‘Knowing’ (2009) Movie Review

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In “Knowing” A new elementary school in 1959 celebrates it’s opening by creating a time capsule, and having all the students make predictions of what they think the future would be like 50 years in the future. One mysterious girl, Lucinda Embry (Lara Robinson) puts a list of random numbers into the time capsule, which we learn later on predicts every major, future tragedy for the next 50 years with the exact date,gps location,and number of deaths that occur.

Now, 50 years later in present time,2009. All the kids at that same elementary school get to open that time capsule,and see what the kids wrote.One kid, Caleb Koestler (Chandler Canterbury) randomly gets Lucinda’s envelope with all the mysterious numbers inside. Read more »

‘Knowing’ (2009) Movie Trailer & Synopsis

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Nicholas Cage is back in a new action/thriller called,”Knowing” which also stars : Rose Byrne, Chandler Canterbury. The trailer looks damn good,and I’ve liked all of Nicholas Cage’s recent movies especially “National Treasure” and “Next”. Those are great movies so I look forward to checking this one out. And let’s give a hand to “Summit Entertainment”.They’re all over the place these days with the “Twilight” film,”Knowing”,”Push”,and a couple of others. Those folks aren’t playin around. They’re trying to make some cash money.

The Plot : Back in 1958 a group of students put together a time capsule Read more »