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Lydia Said She Hopes Kevin Or Natalie Win ‘Big Brother’ 11

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Ross Matthews from Inside Dish talked with Lydia last night(video below), after being evicted from the big Brother 11 house in week six. She was sitting in the studio with the red unitard on and all. Geez, they should have at least let the poor girl change.

Lydia said she knew it was going to happen because she acted flippin crazy. She said she did it because she got ticked off when Jordan took the HOH key from her in the end of the HOH game,as if she was ever going to get to keep it. She’s so nuts. Anyone who won it would’ve taken that key from her. Read more »

Crazy Lydia Gets Voted Out Of ‘Big Brother’ 11 Week 6

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The Big Brother 11 6th eviction show started off with the usual buildup,showing scenes that happened leading up to tonight. They recapped Chima’s crazy last moments in the house.

Then Julie Chen came on,and spoke about how Chima’s actions changed everything this week. They showed when Jordan nominated Natalie and Lydia for eviction. They showed Lydia and Natalie’s Diary room sessions. Natalie said Michele needs to watch out.

It showed Jordan telling Natalie she was just a pawn this week. Lydia started getting down on herself. Kevin said a smarter move, would be to use the POV on Natalie if he won it since, she’s more of a fighter. Read more »