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Megan Fox Spotted Showin Off Her Huge Baby Bump In Hawaii Other Day

Megan Fox spotted showin off her huge baby bump in Hawaii other day. Recently Celebrity-Gossip acquired exclusive photos of mega sexy movie star Megan Fox, spotted out with her man Brian Austin Green in Kona,Hawaii in a bikini with a huge baby bump, confirming that she is, indeed, knocked up and expecting. You can see the photos by Clicking Here.

It’s a sad day for straight men all over the world. Yep, Brian was the one to ruin this chick’s perfect body. What was he thinking? Anyways, I’m sure she’ll get right back in shape after she squeezes it out. According to sources,Brian was photographed caressing Megan’s huge stomach and giving it kisses. Read more »

Megan Fox & Hubby Getting Sued For Beating Up A Paprazzi Dude In Hawaii

Megan Fox & Hubby getting sued for beating up a paparazzi dude in Hawaii. According to a new report from TMZ, former Transformers,sexy,movie starlet Megan Fox is getting sued,along with her former Beverly Hills 90210 hubby Brian Austin Green for allegedly beating on some random paparazzi guy in December.

They say,pap guy Delbert Shaw is currently claiming in a lawsuit with L.A. County Superior Court that he was taking pics of Megan and Brian last December on the beach in front of the Four Seasons Resort in Hualalai, Hawaii. Then Brian and Megan allegedly made verbal threats against Delbert. Read more »

Megan Fox Spotted Bikini Sexy In Hawaii Again The Other Day

    megan fox in bikini on february 19th image

Megan Fox spotted bikini sexy in Hawaii again the other day. Recently,super hot movie starlet Megan Fox was spotted back over in Kona,Hawaii with her former 90210 hubby Brian Austin Greene,having a good ole time in the sun and water. But forget all that. What we’re interested in,is her hot smokin bikini bod. Yep,she showed it off again,and we’re ever so grateful.

According to sources, Megan and Brian hit up the beautiful Hawaii beach this past Sunday,February 19th,and pranced around quite a bit. They danced in the water,and then held each other at one point,while smiling like they were in total bliss. Megan’s bikini was a sexy black and white ensemble,which she’s sported in the past. Read more »

Megan Fox Spotted Skin Tight Jeans Super Sexy For Hollywood Strolling Other Day

    megan fox in skin tght jeans image

Megan Fox spotted skin tight jeans super sexy for Hollywood strolling other day. Former Transformers movie starlet Megan Fox was recently spotted out and about in Hollywood,looking hot as hell in super skin tight clothing. She really got quite sexy just to run some errands. She appeared to be pretty chill as paparazzi snapped good photos of her as she headed to do her Hollywood chores.

According to sources, Megan was seen running errands in Hollywood on Wednesday,November 2nd,and is about to make her debut in a “24 Hours Play” gig on November 14th. In the new gig, Megan will join other celebrities like: Sarah Silverman, Jack McBrayer, Tracy MOrgan, Jesse Eisenberg, and Gabourey Sidibe. Read more »

Megan Fox Spotted Casual,Sexy For Lunch Date In Cali Yesterday

    megan fox casual sexy in cali image

Megan Fox spotted casual,sexy for lunch date in Cali yesterday. One of the hottest movie stars on the planet Megan Fox was recently spotted out in sunny Los Angeles,California yesterday to get some food. And,my,my,my. She even looks hot when she’s dressed down a bit. She sported a cute baseball cap,along with some tights that displayed her perfect 10 figure.

According to sources, Megan hit up popular local restaurant Dom’s Deli with her 90210 Hubby Brian Austin Green to get a bite to eat during the midday. In related news, Megan was recently featured in another Armani ad,which features her doing some very glamorous poses. It’s a new ad campaign they rolled out for the upcoming,holiday season. Read more »

Megan Fox Spotted Dark Dress Sexy In Toronto,Canada Other Day

    megan fox with hubby in canada

Megan Fox spotted dark dress sexy in Toronto,Canada other day. Sexy movie starlet Megan Fox was recently spotted out in Toronto,Canada two days ago with hubby former Beverly Hills 90210 star Brian Austin Greene. Megan looked hot as usual,sporting a sexy,dark dress as they walked through the Canada airport.

According to sources, Megan and Brian were photographed,arriving in Toronto two days ago,September 8th,and made their way through the Toronto Pearson International Airport to jump in their chauffeured car. There were no details given as to why the couple decided to go to Canada. I’m guessing,maybe it’s just a vacation run for them. Read more »

Megan Fox Spotted Salon Sexy In Beverly Hills,CA Other Day

    megan fox heading to beverly hills salon image

Megan Fox spotted salon sexy in Beverly Hills,CA other day. Hot movie starlet Megan Fox was recently spotted out again in Beverly Hills,California two days ago,heading to the salon to get all prettied up. She looked sexy even when she tried to tone it down with this casual look that consisted of black tights,a tank top,and cute baseball cap.

According to sources, Megan was headed to the Anastasia Beverly Hills salon to get a little eyebrow work done two days ago,September 7th. As previously reported, Megan recently dropped her vegan diet because she was losing too much weight. Read more »

Megan Fox Spotted Red Dress Sexy In Cali Yesterday

    megan fox in sey red dress

Megan Fox spotted red dress sexy in Cali yesterday

The very hot,former Transformers movie starlet Megan Fox was recently spotted out and about in Santa Monica,California yesterday with her hubby former 90210 star Brian Austin Greene and his son Kassius. Megan appeared to be having a great time,and looked sexy as usual in a figure flattering,smoking hot,red dress ensemble.

According to sources, Megan was spotted out for a family dinner with the guys in Santa Monica,CA. Megan eventually waved to the paps as they headed to the BOA Steakhouse to chow down. In related news, Megan recently made the cover of Italian magazine Amica. She also interviewed with them,and said she removed her naval ring when she was 20 because she thought it was tacky. She apparently got it at 16 years old to imitate Britney Spears. Read more »

Megan Fox Spotted Tight Dress Sexy On New ‘This Is Forty’ Movie Set Other Day

    megan fox in tight dress for new movie

Megan Fox spotted tight dress sexy on new ‘This Is Forty’ movie set other day

Sexy movie starlet Megan Fox is currently filming a new movie called “This Is Forty” out in Los Angeles,California,and she was spotted out on the movie set two days ago,August 22nd,sporting a super tight dress,and looking sexy as hell. She looked very focused as she strutted around the set.

According to sources, Megan was photographed,making her way through the trailer area to start filming new scenes for the day. This new film will feature an original story with characters created by Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann in “Knocked Up.” Read more »

Megan Fox Spotted Sexy Swimming With Male Co-Stars On New Movie Set Other Day

    megan fox swimming on this is forty movie set image

Megan Fox spotted sexy swimming with male co-stars on new movie set other day

Movie star hottie Megan Fox was recent spotted out this past weekend on the set of her new “This is Forty” movie,having some swimming fun with her co-stars Jason Segel and Chris O’Dowd during a filming break. Megan appeared to be having a great time in the water as she made sexy, kissing lips at the camera.

According to sources,the new photo showed up on Megan’s Facebook page with a caption that said, “On set of THIS IS 40 with Jason and Chris. Two very handsome, very tall, VERY funny men.” Read more »