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New ‘Eclipse’ Pic: Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner Pose For Gil B

    kristen stewart,taylor lautner image

“Twilight Saga” movie star, Gil Birmingham recently posted a new picture of himself with Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner, the main stars of the Twilight,New Moon,and Eclipse movies. This photo (above) is reported by him, to be on the set of “Eclipse” over in Vancouver, Canada.

Kristen’s wig looks considerably better in this pic. Gil Birmingham plays character Billy Black in Twilight,New Moon,and Eclipse. Billy Black is the father of Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner). Read more »

New Photo: Jackson Rathbone,Injured On Twilight ‘Eclipse’ Set

    jackson rathbone image

Twilight,New Moon,and Eclipse movie star, Jackson Rathbone who plays Jasper Hale in the “Twilight Saga” series, reportedly injured his hand the other day on the “Twilight Saga: Eclipse” movie set. reports that he returned to the set yesterday.

In the photo (above),he has a pretty big grin on his face,so I’m guessing he’s on the road to recovery. Jackson has been over in Vancouver,filming “Eclipse” for over a month with his other castmates. Read more »

Taylor Lautner Flexed His Muscles In Latest ‘New Moon’ Photo

    taylor lautner image

LA Times’ David Strick was able to visit the “New Moon” movie set when they were filming it a couple of months ago,and he was able to take some great snapshots of the main three cast members, Robert Pattinson,Taylor Lautner,and Kristen Stewart.

The photos were taken at a very chilly Capilano Park Forest in Vancouver Canada. The photo (above) shows the very muscular Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black. Read more »

Sherlock Holmes 2 Is Already Being Developed, Brad Pitt In Talks

sherlock holmes movie poster image

According to Cinemablend, a sequel to Guy Ritchie’s version of “Sherlock Holmes” movie which stars Robert Downey Jr., is currently being developed. While the original still has three months before it is to be released in theaters. Wow, these studios are acting fast, these days.

They report that Robert Downey Jr. will most likely reprise his role as Sherlock Holmes,and Jude Law will return as Dr. Watson.

They also report that Brad Pitt is in discussions to play Moriarty in the sequel. It’s also been speculated that he may make a cameo appearance in the original one that comes out this December.

They say that Guy Richie has confirmed that Moriarty is supposed to make a cameo appearance in it. We’re just not sure if it will actually be Brad Pitt, at this time. Read more »

Robert Pattinson Photographed Behind The Scenes of ‘New Moon’

    robert pattinson,kristen stewart image

David Strick of the LA Times was on the set of the “Twilight Saga: New Moon” movie when they were filming, a couple of months ago. He was able to capture a whole slew of great photos of when they shot scenes late at night in the very chilly Capilano Park Forest until about 4 a.m.

He was able to get a shots of Taylor Lautner,Robert Pattison,and Kristen Stewart. In the photo (above), Robert Pattinson is seen screwing a round with Kristen Stewart in a bedroom scene. Read more »

New Photo: Peter Facinelli In Full Character, Twilight ‘Eclipse’ Set

    peter facinelli image

Peter Facinelli who plays Dr. Carlisle Cullen in the Twilight,New Moon, and Eclipse movies was photographed the other day on the “Twilight Saga:Eclipse” movie set. He was wearing his full, pale, vampire facial makeup along with a blue shirt,jacket,scarf,and black pants.

Wow, he really looks older when they get him in all that Dr. Carlisle Cullen makeup. He’s currently been over in Vancouver,Canada for the past month and a half with his other “Twilight Saga: Eclipse” co-stars. Read more »

‘Transformers 3′ Movie Is Already In Development Stages

transformers logo image

According to Cinemablend and Michael Bay’s official website, Michael Bay is currently in the process of meeting with producer, Steven Spielberg and Transformers 2 screenwriter, Ehren Kruger to brainstorm ideas for Transformers 3.

They are confident that they’ll be able to gather all the ideas they need pretty quickly,and that we can expect to see a “Transformers 3″ movie, to pop into theaters by the summer of 2011 or 2012.

The only question that comes up now,is will Megan Fox come back to be in it. She hasn’t really been talking positive about Mr.Bay as of late,and at one point,she called his directing, Hitler like,and that he almost killed her and Shia Labeouf on the set by having them do a crazy stunt.

Michael Bay also replied by calling her, retarded and needs to grow up. So I wonder if he’ll even ask her to come back. Read more »

New Photo: BooBoo aka Seth Clearwater Gets Hair Cut For ‘Eclipse’

    booboo stewart image booboo stewart image

Booboo Stewart who plays the youngest member of the “Twilight Saga: Eclipse” wolfpack, Seth Clearwater, recently got his hair cut for the role. The photo (above) shows him getting his long locks shaved off.

He just recently arrived in Vancouver this past week along with his fellow co-star Julia Jones, to start work on the “Twilight Saga: Eclipse” movie. Julia Jones will be playing his onscreen sister, Leah Clearwater in the film. Read more »

New Pic: Robert Pattinson Enters Car, In Full Make Up, ‘Eclipse’ Set

    robert pattinson image

According to,Robert Pattinson, the star of the Twilight,New Moon,and Eclipse movies was spotted,filming on the set of “Twilight Saga: Eclipse” yesterday. As you can see in the photo (above), he was in full Edward Cullen facial makeup.

He appears to be getting into a car. I’m not sure if that’s for a scene,or if he’s really leaving. It’s probably for a scene since he’s still in makeup. Read more »

Harrison Ford Says ‘Indiana Jones’ 5 Movie Is In Development

indiana jones movie poster image

According to Cinemablend, Indiana Jones 5 is currently in development. They report that the star who plays Indiana Jones, Harrison Ford recently talked with Le Figaro magazine,and said that they are close to closing a script for the movie.

He stated, “The story for the new Indiana Jones is in the process of taking form. Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and myself are agreed on what the fifth adventure will concern, and George is actively at work. If the script is good, I’ll be very happy to put the costume on again.”

The last installment was entitled, “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.” It came out on May of last year.

I actually look forward to seeing another Indiana Jones film. They always have a lot of action and adventure in them. Read more »