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MTV Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evans Pleaded Guilty For Drug Paraphernalia

MTV Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evans pleaded guilty for drug paraphernalia. According to, MTV Teen Mom 2 starlet Jenelle Evans pleaded guilty to a drug paraphernalia charge yesterday morning. They say she went to court to face a drug paraphernalia charge,and she entered a guilty plea.

However, she was given a chance to clear her record by performing 24 hours of community service. As previously reported, Jenelle was arrested back in October with her boyfriend Kieffer Delp for allegedly breaking into an abandoned home in Oak Island,North Carolina so they could smoke marijuana. Read more »

MTV Teen Mom 2: Jenelle’s Peeps Bash Her Saying She Neglects Baby & More

Jenelle’s peeps bash her saying she neglects baby & more. MTV Teen Mom 2 star Janelle Evans got some major bashing from a couple of people who know her. According to Hollywood Life, Taylor Fowler who is Jenelle’s former roommate,claims that Jenelle craves the fame of being on MTV’s hit reality show,and would even go as far as having another baby to have it continue.

Another former friend Lauren Casey also stated that Jenelle would get pregnant again for the fame. Taylor also went on to reveal that Jenelle neglects her baby Jace,and only spends time with him when the cameras are on her. Read more »

MTV Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evans Allegedly Got Setup In Recent Fight

jenelle evans in fight

MTV Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evans allegedly got setup in recent fight. According to TMZ, the lawyer of MTV’s Teen Mom 2 reality starlet Jenelle Evans, is claiming that Jenelle was setup in the recent fight from last week,and that money is the motivating factor for all of it.

Dustin Sullivan who is Jenelle’s lawyer,claims that he has a serious problem with Brittany Maggard who is the chick that pushed Jenelle, and the other people who were involved in the altercation because they were apparently paid for pictures and videos of the fight. Read more »

Cops Arrested Two Other Girls In MTV Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evans Fight

britney truett,brittany maggard  mugshot image

Cops arrested two other girls in MTV Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evans fight. According to TMZ, The cops went out and arrested two other girls who were involved in the violent MTV’s Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evans fight that occurred last week.

They say that the cops have arrested Britney Truett who was the girl that got beat up by Jenelle and Brittany Maggard who was the girl who pushed Jenelle into Truett. They were released on a $500 bond. Read more »

MTV Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evans Arrested Over Violent Fight

jenelle evans mugshot image

MTV Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evans arrested over violent fight. According to TMZ, Jenelle Evans of MTV’s Teen Mom 2 reality show, got arrested last night over the violent fight she was involved in last week. They say Jenelle was booked into the Brunswick County Jail,and was released shortly after she posted bail.

A warrant was issued for Jenelle’s arrest after the police saw the video of Jenelle fighting the other girl. The other girl’s name is Britany Truett,and she originally said she wasn’t going to press charges on Jenelle,but evidently, she changed her mind over the weekend. Jenelle got charged with assault and “affray for fighting.” She has to head back to court on April 26th. Read more »

MTV Covers Live Apple ‘Truth On The Tablet’ Announcement

apple corp logo image

MTV covers Live Apple ‘Truth On The Tablet’ announcement. MTV’s Multiplayer blog is covering the much anticipated live Apple announcement entitled “Truth on the Tablet.” Apple is kicking off their press conference that will most likely reveal the secrets behind the much rumored and anticipated Apple Tablet device. They will reveal the name, the price and all of the fancy apps it’ll run.

They also might even talk about a new age for iTunes with the rumored iCloud that will enable people to access their iTunes music from any computer via the internet. Read more »

MTV Gets Omarion To Replace Shane Sparks On America’s Best Dance Crew

omarion image

MTV gets Omarion to replace Shane Sparks on “America’s Best Dance Crew.” According to Zap2it, MTV has gotten R&B superstar Omarion to replace choreographer, Shane Sparks on its hit dance reality show, “America’s Best Dance Crew.” This change has occurred in light of Shane Spark’s recent legal troubles over allegations of molestation charges.

They say MTV was searching for a new third judge,and recently picked Omarion. He will join the show for its upcoming 5th season,along with Lil Mama and JC Chasez who have been on the show since the first season. Shane Sparks was arrested last month on eight counts of child molestation charges. Read more »

Roxy Olin, Set To Join Whitney Port On MTV’s ‘The City’

roxy olin image

According to recent reports, Roxy Olin is set to join Whitney Port on the new season of MTV’s “The City.” She will be moving in with Whitney Port, Tuesday on the season premiere.

Olin recently gave an interview with People magazine,and discussed her new venture of being on “The City.” She said, “Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve liked to perform. I like the attention; I’ll be honest. Whitney is so used to it that I had to jump in really quickly to get as comfortable as she is.”

She also commented on how her and Whitney are really good friends. She stated, “They’re only showing one part of who I am. They make me out to be a little b—-, but I’m not really at all. Read more »

MTV Thinks Drake Is The best They Ever Had

rapper drake image

For 2009,anyways. The Canadian born actor turned rapper Drake who has just signed with Lil Wayne’s label, has been honored by MTV’s Mixtape Daily as the 2009 best mixtape of the year . His mix tape “So Far Gone” which contains his hit “Best I Ever Had” has garnered praise from fans and peers like : Jay-Z and Kanye West.

Drake recently made a statement about the MTV Mixtape Award, saying, “I’m honored by the accolade given to me by Mixtape Daily and just by all the stuff that’s going on. I feel like I just spent a lot of years so in tune with music that I really love. Whether it be R&B, whether it be jazz, whether it be rap, whatever. Read more »

A New Jessica Simpson Reality Show Is In The Works

jessica simpson image

MTV Networks has rehired superstar actress and singer Jessica Simpson to return and do a whole new reality show for them entitled “The Price of Beauty”. In the show, Jessica will travel all over the world to meet every day women as well as some local pop culture icons. She will also study local fashions,dietary fads and beauty regimes. She will also participate in some of the extreme practices she discovers.

She stated, “I have always believed that beauty comes from within and confidence will always make a woman beautiful, but I know how much pressure some women put on themselves to look perfect.” “The Price of Beauty” is set to be released sometime in 2010,and is set to begin filming in mid July 2009. It will air on VH1. Read more »