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Lady Gaga Announces Her ‘Monster Ball’ North American Tour Dates

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Lady Gaga announces her ‘Monster Ball’ North American tour dates. Chart topping singer, Lady Gaga has recently announced the tour dates for her new “Monster Ball” North American tour. This tour is highly anticipated as her European leg of the tour was sold out. the North American leg of the tour is presented by Virgin Mobile,and will begin on June 28 at the Montreal’s Bell Centre.

She will visit 31 top arenas and a couple of new cities in the United States and Canada Read more »

Adam Lambert Spotted Rocking On Stage In Japan At Club Eleven

Adam Lambert spotted rocking on stage in Japan at Club Eleven. According to, “American Idol” season 8 runner-up was spotted rocking it out on stage in Tokyo, Japan at a place called “Club Eleven.” They say that Adam Lambert looked to be having a great time at one of his electrifying concerts. They also say that Adam Lambert once became so obsessed with Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” song, that he actually dressed up as a zombie. Adam is currently doing a world tour to promote his new “For Your Entertainment” album. Read more »

Chris Brown Begs Fans To Get Him Back On The Radio In Recorded Message

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Chris Brown begs fans to get him back on the radio in recorded message. According to TMZ , R&B star Chris Brown has recently recorded a message to his fans where he begs and pleads them to help him get back on the radio. You can listen to the recorded message by Clicking Here. They say Chris Brown is literally begging his fans to help keep him relevant on the radio,and used a recorded audio message to make his plea to his fans.

His message was made through a website called They allow celebrities to record messages for their fans. In the message, Chris Brown makes a plea,stating, “I need all of my fan’s help. I need all of the fans that I have. A lot of radio stations aren’t playing my records. Read more »

Adam Lambert Seen Performing Wild, Dazzling Show In Australia

Adam Lambert seen performing wild, dazzling show in Australia. According to, “American Idol” season 8 runner-up, Adam Lambert recently got spotted performing a wild dazzling show in the land down under, Sydney, Australia yesterday. They say he took to the stage to perform in Australia,and put on a steamy performance last night. He joined his dazzling dancers to take part in the 2010 Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras party festivities. They also report that top performer, Kelly Rowland joined Adam in the event. She rose to fame with the former popular girl group, “Destiny’s Child” alongside Beyonce Knowles. Read more »

Kelly Clarkson Bails Mid-Song At Her Concert To Avoid Peeing On Herself

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Kelly Clarkson bails mid-song at her concert to avoid peeing on herself. According to TMZ, past “American Idol” champ and Grammy Award winning popstar, Kelly Clarkson had to bail on her concert in mid-song to take a piss. They say that Kelly Clarkson was performing in Germany two nights ago,but then mysteriously disappeared from the stage during a song. The band covered for her for a little while, until she was able to make it back to the stage. Then she finished the song and admitted that she had to pee and couldn’t hold it.

In the video (below), you can see the band is just there all alone playing the song. Then, all of a sudden, we see a speedy Kelly Clarkson running back onto the stage to finish her song. Read more »

Eminem & Lil Wayne To Release Their New ‘Drop The World’ Clip In March

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Eminem & Lil Wayne to release their new ‘Drop The World’ music video clip in March. According to MTV news , mega rap stars, Lil Wayne and Eminem will release their new collaboration music video next month entitled, “Drop The World.” They say it will premiere on March 11,and that Lil Wayne filmed a series of music videos a couple of weeks before his sentencing date earlier this month. He recorded about nine videos in one weekend. However, most of them were in front of a green screen so his image could be added to them later on.

He definitely made it to the set for the “Drop The World ” music video with rap superstar, Eminem. It was recorded the night before the two of them performed a sample of the song at the 2010 Grammy Awards show. Read more »

Selena Gomez Says Her 2nd Album Will Have A Reggae Sound To It

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Selena Gomez says her 2nd album will have a reggae sound to it. According to MTV news, popstar singer/actress, Selena Gomez is currently working on her 2nd album,and she said it’s gonna have a reggae sound to it. They say she’s currently working on a slightly harder follow-up to her first album entitled, “Kiss & Tell.” The first album was released with her band called “The Scene,” and it was a pop record. However, she told MTV that she wants to go in a little bit of a different route for her 2nd album.

She stated, “We were gonna do a deluxe edition of my album, but we started on some songs, so we figured, ‘Why not? Let’s just go for a second one. It’s kind of different — older — and it’s kind of got, like, a reggae sound.” Read more »

Lady Antebellum Performed ‘I Need You Now’ At 2010 Grammy Awards

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Lady Antebellum performed ‘I Need You Now’ at the 2010 Grammy Awards. Grammy Award winning country group, Lady Antebellum jammed “I Need You Now” at the 2010 Grammy Awards last night. Charles Kelly and Hillary Scott performed a very passionate duet up on the stage. The Jonas Brothers came out to introduce them. Then Hillary Scott started singing the first verse,and Charles Kelly joined in to deliver the first chorus run.

Then Charles sang his verse. At this point, the performance started to pick up and got more passionate as they both started singing with a lot of emotion. Read more »

Dave Matthews Band Performed ‘You And Me’ At 2010 Grammy Awards

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Dave Matthews Band performed ‘You And Me’ at 2010 Grammy Awards. Popular jam band, Dave Matthews Band came onto the 2010 Grammy Awards stage earlier tonight to perform their song, “You and Me.” They also had a little help from some people who joined in later on in the performance.

Comedian and actor, Adam Sandler came out to introduce them. Then Dave Matthews began to sing the first verse from “You and Me.” As he sung, it was pretty suttle,yet passionate. Read more »

Adam Lambert Debuted New ‘Whataya Want From Me’ Clip Today

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Adam Lambert debuted new ‘Whataya Want From Me’ music video clip today. “American Idol” season 8 runner-up, Adam Lambert debuted his new music video (below) for his latest single, ‘Whataya Want From Me” today. It’s the second single off his first studio album entitled, “For Your Entertainment.”

“Whataya Want From Me” was written by Pink,Max Martin,and Shellback. It was originally recorded for Pink’s 5th studio album, “Funhouse,” but it never made it to the final cut. It was produced by Max Martin and Shellback who have collaborated with Pink, NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, Katy Perry, and fellow Idols Daughtry, Kelly Clarkson, Allison Iraheta and Carrie Underwood. Read more »