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Lady Gaga Got Very Sick & Canceled Purdue University Concert Last Night

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Lady Gaga got very sick & canceled Purdue University concert last night. According to TMZ, singing sensation, Lady Gaga got very sick last night,and was forced to cancel her Purdue University concert last night at the last minute,and the sickness is unknown. They say Lady Gaga was forced to cancel her concert at Purdue University due to a mystery illness. Purdue EMTs went to the Elliott Hall of Music in order to attend Lady Gaga’s concert,but her people turned them away. Lady Gaga boarded her tour bus and left the campus

Also, both of her opening acts did a performance before the audience was told that Lady Gaga would not be performing. However, the concert has been rescheduled for January 26. In other Lady Gaga news, she was spotted topless and just hangin out on a rooftop in South Beach, Florida on New Year’s eve. Read more »

Popstar, Justin Bieber To Perform In New York Next Month

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Popstar, Justin Bieber to perform in New York next month. Access Hollywood reports that new pop sensation, Justin Bieber is set to perform at a lucky New York middle school sometime next month. They report that the students won the Justin Bieber concert by performing a successful canned food drive.

Officials at the Long Beach Middle School in Lido Beach say that Justin will perform at the school sometime in February. Also the Long Island school will be locked down for the student only concert. The school won out over 149 other New York metropolitan area schools in a November food drive by collecting more than 27,000 pounds of food.

Police reportedly had to shut down another event that featured Justin Bieber signing copies of his debut album entitled, “My World” at a Long Island mall. A crowd,which consisted of 3,000 young girls and adults began pushing and shoving each other. Read more »

Eminem Rocked The Stage With 50 Cent At 2009 American Music Awards

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Eminem rocked the stage with 50 Cent at 2009 American Music Awards. Super rapstar,Eminem took to the 2009 “American Music Awards” stage earlier tonight to give an awesome performance. He performed his kickass song, “Crack a Bottle,” (video below) and brought on 50 cent to perform his verse in the song.

50 cent said we might see a surprise performance from him,in the pre-show. I loved it,it was great. The crowd was rockin along with him.

To cap it off, Eminem performed another song called “Forever,” dropping his signature mad lyrics. Read more »

Lil Wayne 2009 Summer Concert Tour Tickets Are Still Available

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Hip Hop rapstar Lil Wayne has been ripping up stages this summer throughout the nation along with his protege, rapper Drake,Soulja Boy Tell’em,and Young Jeezy. Unfortunately Drake re-injured his knee last week. But Lil Wayne is still out there with Young Jeezy and SouljaBoy,and there are still more concerts out there to catch on his tour. You can get tickets at Ticketmaster by Clicking Here. Also the word is, that Drake,despite his injured knee,is still trying to perform so you can still probably catch him on tour as well. I know he is still do for surgery so that’s a tentative statement at this point.

The tour kicked off in Las Vegas back in July with R&B star Ciara opening for some of the tour dates. There are still some concert dates lined up all the way through September 4,2009. Read more »

‘Black Eyed Peas’ Stay at # 1 on Billboard’s Hot 100

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Reuters reports that superstar rap band “The Black Eyed Peas” have held on to the number 1 and 2 spots with their own two singles for a second straight week.

Their single “I Gotta Feeling” is at # 1 and “Boom Boom Pow” is at # 2. “Boom Boom Pow” was at # 1 for 12 straight weeks already, and then “I Gotta Feeling” came up and surpassed it, but I’m sure they don’t mind that, since both songs belong to them,lol!!

Both of the songs are on their latest album “The E.N.D.” which is currently at # 5 on the Billboard 200 after being # 1 for three straight weeks.

Drake’s song “Best I Ever Had”, which I totally love holds on to its # 3 spot Read more »

Lil Wayne,Hitting The Road With Soulja Boy,Jeezy, & Drake

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Rap superstar, Lil Wayne is reported to be going on tour this summer with three other superstars of rap, Soulja Boy,Young Jeezy, and his current popular,up and coming protege, Drake. Some of Lil Wayne’s people have confirmed that the tour is definitely going to happen.

Drake has also stated that if everyone’s schedules works out, he’s planning on going on a similar tour that would include : Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, and Young Jeezy. Also Soulja Boy tweeted about the upcoming “Lil Wayne”,Young Jeezy”,and “Drake” tour on his “Twitter” account, and told everybody to go ahead get their tickets, asap. The tour dates are still being worked out. Read more »

Chris Brown Posts New ‘YouTube’ Update Video

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Yesterday (May 26,2009) Chris Brown posted a New “YouTube” video under his channel called ExclusivelyChris. In the video he talks about his new album he has coming out,and promotes a new song called “Graffitti” that he’s working on.

He says that he’s about to release the new single this summer,and that he’s not goin anywhere. He went on to state that all the haters out there, have always been haters,and that he loves his real fans. He ends the video saying, “I ain’t a monster”. Read more »

AL B. Sure Returns With New ‘Honey I’m Home’ Album

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The old school very popular late 80’s and early 90’s R&B star, Al B. Sure is making a return to the recording side of the music industry with his new album entitled “Honey I’m Home” with Hidden Beach Records. The album is set to be released in stores on June 23,2009. The first single off the album is, “I Love It (Papi Aye,Aye,Aye), and it sounds pretty damn good in my opinion.

Al B. Sure exploded onto the R&B scene back in 1988 with his first hit single entitled “Night And Day” followed by “Off on Your Own Girl” which I totally have on my mp3 player. They are great songs. He continued to pump out the hits in the early 90’s with “Misunderstanding”,”Right Now”,and “Rescue Me”.

His new “Honey I’m Home ” album will be his fourth studio album. Read more »

Kanye West Faces Possible Jail Time Charges

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Chris Brown isn’t the only musical celebrity facing some jail time for violence. Apparently, Kanye West is facing about 2 1/2 years in jail if convicted of the charges he committed back in September. He was at the Los Angeles International Airport a couple of days after the MTV Video Music Awards, and broke the flash of a TMZ photographer’s video camera who was on the scene. Also Kanye’s manager broke the camera itself, and accosted the videographer. He faces up to five years in jail if convicted of his charges.

The charges were filed by City Attorney , Rocky Delgadillo who has persued a number of celebrities on legal charges including : Britney Spears,David Beckham,and Woody Harrelson. Kanye has always had an edgy attitude ,but this was the first time it ever got physical. Oh, well nothing will probably ever happen with this since he has all the money in the world to pay good attorneys to get him off,but I’m sure it certainly is a wake up call. Chillout Brotha. Kanye is being charged with misdemeanor battery, grand theft and vandalism.

Danity Kane’s Aubrey O’Day May Get Her Own Solo Album

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Reports are out that Former “Danity Kane”music,pop, girl group member, Aubrey O’Day who also just recently posed for “Playboy” is close to signing her own solo record deal with Steve Rifkind at SRC / Universal. MTV and their sources also say that she might be recording some tracks with R&B star, Akon on her possible album. According to MTV she has to finish her obligations with Danity Kane,Sean “P Ditty” Combs, and the “Making the Band” stuff. After she takes car of that , she’ll start working with a new label and release her own music.

She was also working on her own music when she was with Danity Kane as well. She said that a lot of her music has a rock edge to it, and she loves it.Another big name she said she would like to work with is rap icon, “Snoop Dogg”. She said, “I’ve always said this, even when I was with Danity Kane: I would love to get Snoop on a track,” . “I’m so in love with Snoop, and we are both West Coast people.”