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Celebrity Apprentice 2012 Eliminated George Takei In Episode 3 Tonight

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Celebrity Apprentice 2012 eliminated George Takei in episode 3 tonight. Tonight’s episode kicked off with Trump,telling the celebs,they had to create two living window displays,and Ivanka Trump would be judging it with her partner Scott since it was her collection. They were judged on creativity,brand messaging,and overall presentation. Model Dayana Mendoza was made project manager for the ladies. George Takei was made project manager for the guys.

At one point,George seemed to have trouble,laying out what the guys would be doing. Ivanka visited both the teams to tell them what she was looking for in her display. The guys decided to go with a Day and Knight theme. Meanwhile, Dee Snider had to go see the doctor about his broken finger.

The ladies decided to go with a timeless theme. Next, they showed the two teams building their set. The women ran into issues with their initial ideas being to big to fit in their window,so they had to redo some things. Arsenio Hall was in charge of the fashion. Eric Trump visited the guys,and immediately noticed that George wasn’t being much of a leader after talking with Clay. Read more »

Celebrity Apprentice 2012 Ep 3 Spoilers: Ivanka Trump Judges Main Task & More

Ivanka Trump judges main task & more in NBC’s “Celebrity Apprentice 2012” episode 3. We’ve got spoilers for the show,along with a promo clip after the jump. The episode is entitled, “How Much Is That Celebrity in the Window,” because the celebrities are going to have a to do a little window display designing for Ivanka’s collection,and more.

In the “How Much Is That Celebrity in the Window” episode,The celebrity contestants are going to be given the task of designing themed living window displays for the Ivanka Trump Collection. Also Ivanka,herself, will be judging the competition,which makes the men really nervous,because it seems like the women’s team might be better at this type of stuff. Read more »

Celebrity Apprentice 2012 Eliminated Victoria Gotti In Episode 2 Tonight

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Celebrity Apprentice 2012 eliminated Victoria Gotti in episode 2 tonight. Tonight’s episode kicked off,revealing that Victoria Gotti was pissed off at the other women,because they suggested she be considered for getting fired in the last episode. She said,it was every lady for themselves,now.

Then Donald Trump Jr. told the teams what their task was in this round. They had to do a 12 to 15 minute show for medieval times. The women picked Lisa Lampanelli to be the project manager for the ladies ‘s Forte team,while Penn Jillette was named project manager for the guys’ “Unanimous” team. It was also revealed that Adam Carolla was not competing in this round because he previously agreed to host a wedding at his house.

The girls decided to do an “Unreal Housewives Of Camelot” theme. Lisa, who was usually pretty quiet,started getting real mean and bossy with the rest of the ladies,and they didn’t like it one bit. Victoria got pissed off about not being assigned an acting role for the task. Lisa tried to convince her that stage manager was very important job,but she didn’t go for it. Read more »

Celebrity Apprentice 2012 Eliminated Cheryl Tiegs Tonight In Episode 1

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Celebrity Apprentice 2012 eliminated Cheryl Tiegs tonight in episode 1. Tonight’s premiere episode kicked with an intro of the entire cast. Donald talked with the cast for a bit,and decided to split the teams into women verses men again. Next,they picked their team names. The men went with “Unanimous.” The women went with “Forte.” Patricia Velasquez was named project manager for the women. Paul Teutul, Sr. was named project manager for the guys.

After that,Donald gave the teams their first assignments in the boardroom. They had to make celebrity sandwiches,and sell as many as they could. The team that raised the most money,won. Singer,Aubrey O’Day got pissed because the other ladies underestimated her celebrity status,and even said,in a private interview,that she had the most Twitter followers,lol!!

Paul told Ivanka,they could bring in $500,000 when she stopped by to visit team unanimous. Read more »

Celebrity Apprentice 2012 Cast Finally Revealed

Celebrity Apprentice 2012 cast finally revealed. Ok. It’s that time of the year again,where we’re edging closer to another season of the crazy Celebrity Apprentice show,and,yesterday,all the new contestants were revealed. There’s interesting faces that we’ll be seeing. There’s some really interesting ones that were mega hot back in the past. So, with no further ado, here is your cast for the new 2012 season of Celebrity Apprentice.

Teresa Giudice, Victoria Gotti,supermodel Cheryl Tiegs, Miss Universe Dayana Mendoza,Clay Aiken,Debbie Gibson,former Incredible Hulk Lou Ferrigno, singer Aubrey O’Day,singer Tia Carrere, model Patricia Velasquez, comedians Lisa Lampanelli, Arsenio Hall and Adam Carolla, George Takei, magician Penn Jillette, Paul Teutul Sr., racecar driver Michael Andretti,and rocker Dee Snider. Read more »

Howard Stern Officially Judging ‘America’s Got Talent’ TV Show Next Summer

howard stern
Howard Stern officially judging ‘America’s Got Talent’ TV show next summer. OMG! This is awesome news. According to MTV, the great Howard Stern officially announced on his popular radio show this morning,December 15th that he is,indeed,replacing former judge Pierce Morgan on NBC’s summer hit,talent show “America’s Go Talent.”

He made a statement,claiming, “I’m going to be Piers Morgan on steroids. It’s going to be a no-nonsense judge. I’m going to go there as a serious judge. It’s gonna be something else . I am very excited.” Hell yeah,and so am I. Howard is really going to rock on this show,especially since he promises to not let those bullshit acts through. Read more »

Robert Pattinson Spotted Happy With Fans At ‘Today Show’ This Morning In New York

 robert pattinson at today show november 10th,2011 image

Robert Pattinson spotted happy with fans at ‘Today Show’ this morning in New York. Twilight Saga main star Robert Pattinson was recently spotted out early this morning,hitting up NBC’s “Today” show in the big apple New York City for more Breaking Dawn promotion fun. He appeared to have a great time as he greeted more of his adoring fans that showed up to the spot. He also sported some nice casual gear for the appearance.

According to sources, Rob showed up to the Rockefeller Center to pose for pictures and sign autographs with his Twi-Hard fans. Then he chatted with Ann Curry for an interview. He talked a little about Breaking Dawn,and said he felt more like a prop in the big wedding scene as it was all about Bella. Read more »

Landau Eugene Murphy Jr Won ‘America’s Got Talent 2011’ Last Night

landau eugene murphy jr
Landau Eugene Murphy Jr won America’s Got Talent 2011 last night. The finale of “America’s Got Talent” finally too place last night,and jazz singer Landau Eugene Murphy,Jr. pulled out the victory over glow-in-the-dark dancers Team iLuminate, very large dance group Silhouettes, and underdog music group Poplyfe.

I’m happy for Landau because he’s gone from washing cars and living on the streets to winning this huge talent show to put a cool $1 million dollars in his hands. When Landau was announced the winner, he put his hands over his face,and was rushed by members of Silhouettes to congratulate him. Read more »

Javier Colon Won NBC’s ‘The Voice’ Season 1 Tonight

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Javier Colon won NBC’s ‘The Voice’ season 1 tonight. Tonight’s finale show kicked off with an introduction of the finalists Javier Colon,Vicci Martinez,Beverly McClellan,and Dia Frampton. Then they showed recap footage from their performances they gave last night.

After that, they showed footage of the finalists on the Jay Leno show. They ended up performing together on there. After the break, Vicci performed a song called “Drops Of Jupiter” with Pat Monahan from the group “Train.” Then hostess Alison Haislip talked backstage with Javier,Beverly,and Dia to lead into another break. Read more »

‘The Voice’ Eliminated Frenchie,Nikia,Xenia & Casey In Semifinals Tonight

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‘The Voice’ eliminated Frenchie,Nikia,Xenia & Casey in semifinals tonight. In tonight’s special elimination show, the 8 semi-finalist kicked everything off with a group performance. Then they showed a recap from last night’s performances and results show. After that, it was revealed that the audience vote,coupled with the judges vote,would determine which person from each team would move onto the finals.

After the break, they took a brief recap look at Cee Lo Green’s Nikia and Vicci Martinez’s performances. Then Carson Daly revealed that Cee Lo gave Nikia a score of 51 and Vicci a score of 49. After that, they revealed that America’s vote pushed Vicci Martinez through to the finals very convincingly. Read more »