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New ‘Once Upon A Time’ Season 2,Episode 12 Official Spoilers,Plotline Revealed

New ‘Once Upon A Time’ season 2,episode 12 official spoilers,plotline revealed. Recently,ABC revealed the new,official,synopsis/spoilers for their upcoming “Once Upon A Time” episode 12 of season 2,and it sounds pretty intriguing as Regina will finally get a visit form her evil mother Cora,and more. The episode is titled, “In the Name of the Brother.”

In the new,12th episode, Dr. Whale is going to get tasked with mending Hook’s wounds and performing surgery on the stranger whose car crashed upon entering Storybrooke. However, some of the townspeople will fear that the stranger may have seen magic, which could expose their true identities to the world, and think that leaving him to die would be the best solution. Read more »

Kim Kardashian Confirmed She’s Having A Baby With Kanye West

Kim Kardashian confirmed she’s having a baby with Kanye West. According to a new report from the Los Angeles Times, big time reality star Kim Kardashain ,confirmed that she is indeed pregnant with mega star Kanye West’s baby! Also Kanye confirmed it on stage in Atlantic City,NJ by stating, “Can we make some noise for my baby mama right now?”

Then Kim wrote on her official website this morning, “It’s true!! Kanye and I are expecting a baby. We feel so blessed and lucky and wish that in addition to both of our families, his mom and my dad could be here to celebrate this special time with us. Looking forward to great new beginnings in 2013 and to starting a family.” Read more »

Vampire Diaries Season 4 Professor Shane To Introduce Mythical Silas Character & More

Vampire Diaries season 4 professor Shane to introduce mythical Silas character & more. As previously reported, Vampire Diaries executive producer Julie Plec recently spilled new spoiler beans for season 4 with TV Line. This one,involves what shady Professor Shane has in store when they comeback from their winter break. It turns out that Shane has got some crazy stuff in the works,including digging up some mythical character named Silas,and more.

Julie explained to them,when asked about Shane’s future, “Shane is the captain of the crazy train in the next chapter, which is really all about revealing more about his agenda, learning more about this mythical character of Silas that he keeps mentioning, getting closer and closer to the location and the means to dig up both the cure and Silas,and then the fallout of that choice and what that all means.” Read more »

Jennifer Aniston Spotted Getting Her Butt Grabbed By Her Man Justin In Cabo Other Day

Jennifer Aniston spotted getting her butt grabbed by her man Justin in Cabo other day. As previously reported, big time movie starlet Jennifer Aniston is currently down in Cabo San Lucas,New Mexico,flaunting off her sexy bikini bod with her main man Justin Theroux,and the pap cams caught Justin giving into the temptation to straight up grab Jen’s butt this past Thursday,December 27th.

According to sources, Jen sported a black bikini top and pink sari while Justin sported black shorts. The two love birds ended up holding each other on the balcony after getting in some sun tan action. They were also seen, lounging on their deck chairs, reading paperbacks ,and enjoying a snack of some fruit. Read more »

New Star Trek 2,Into Darkness Promo Pic Shows Intense Kirk Pistol & Explosion Action

New Star Trek 2,Into Darkness promo pic shows intense Kirk pistol & explosion action. Recently, this new promo pic for the upcoming action/sci-fi flick “Star Trek 2: Into Darkness,” hit the net,and it looks wickedly cool,featuring main man Captain James T. Kirk, looking quite intense with gun in hand,and tons of explosion debris in the background. Judging from the recent trailers,Kirk is going to have to use that gun quite a bit as they get attacked like nobody’s business.

The movie stars: John Cho, Bruce Greenwood, Simon Pegg, Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, Karl Urban, Anton Yelchin, Benedict Cumberbatch, Alice Eve,and Peter Weller. In the new flick, the crew of the Enterprise is called back home, and find that an unstoppable force of terror from within their own organization, has detonated the fleet and everything it stands for, leaving our world in a state of crisis. Read more »

Once Upon A Time Season 2 Regina,Blue Fairy To Engage In Big Magic War,New Spoiler

Once Upon A Time season 2 Regina,Blue Fairy to engage in big magic war,new spoiler. As previously reported, ABC’s “Once Upon A Time” show,recently dropped a very cool-looking,2nd,sneak peek/spoiler clip (below) for their upcoming episode 10 of season 2 that’s just exploding with new spoiler details of what’s to come. One thing I really noticed is that Regina and the Blue Fairy are seen,engaging in one hell of a magical battle.

I don’t know about you guys,but I find that to be extremely interesting. I can’t wait to see who wins that powerful,magical,showdown. It’s also revealed that Emma gets involved in some magical action as she’s seen,holding some sort of magical object while Snow and Charming look on. Read more »

Vampire Diaries Season 4 Klaus To Continue His Destructive Ways & More,New Spoiler

Vampire Diaries season 4 Klaus to continue his destructive ways & more,new spoiler. Recently, Vampire Diaries producer Julie Plec, dropped some interesting insight into crazy Klaus’ psyche with TV Line,and also revealed a new season 4 spoiler tease for him. It turns out that he will continue his destructive ways,but could find redemption somewhere down the road.

Julie explained that Klaus’ “Horrible misdeeds are all born out of a place of a complete lack of trust and faith as a result of being repeatedly betrayed and rejected in his life. I’m not saying I excuse his horrific behavior, but it’s born from a very human place. Once someone’s got a strong core of humanity, there’s hope for them. Read more »

Vampire Diaries Season 4 Spoiler: Tyler Gets Majorly Upset,Struggles Hardcore & More

Tyler gets majorly upset,struggles hardcore & more in this new Vampire Diaries season 4 spoiler tease. As previously reported, Vampire Diaries executive producer,chatted it up with TV Line,and dropped a couple new,season 4 spoiler teases we can expect to see after the winter break. In this one,it turns out that Tyler will majorly struggle and get highly upset over the hybrids and his mother’s slaying,which is totally understandable. However, the question will be,how long will it last?

Julie told them that Tyler will have ” a setback in that his confidence came from this feeling that he had a place and he had people that were looking to him. As his mom said, ‘You’re a leader of people like your father was.’ He was really growing into that, and to feel like they all paid the price for that confidence will definitely set him back a bit. The question is, how will he rebound from that?” Read more »

Kristen Stewart Beat By Vampire Diaries Nina Dobrev For Hottest Vampire Chick 2012

Kristen Stewart beat by Vampire Diaries Nina Dobrev for Hottest Vampire Chick 2012. Well,it’s official, guys. Vampire Diaries main hottie Nina Dobrev has taken over Twilight Saga hottie Kristen Stewart’s spot as the sexiest vampire chick. Hollywood Life recently threw a new contest called “Hottest Female Vampires Of 2012.”

It also included other sexy vamp characters: Pam De Beaufort from True Blood,Caroline Forbes of Vampire Diaries, Alice Cullen of Twilight Saga, Jessica Hamby of True Blood, Rosalie Hale of Twilight Saga, Tara Thornton of True Blood, Rebekah Mikaelson of Vampire Diaries, Nora Gainesborough of True Blood,and Salome Agrippa of True Blood.

But through it all, Nina Dobrev’s Elena and Katherine characters Read more »

Robert Pattinson Beat Vampire Diaries Ian Somerhalder For Hottest Vampire Of 2012

Robert Pattinson beat Vampire Diaries Ian Somerhalder for hottest Vampire Of 2012. As previously reported, Hollywood Life ran a new contest called the “Hottest Vampire of 2012,” and it involved major stars like Twilight Saga main man Robert Pattinson and Vampire Diaries front man Ian Somerhalder against a slew of other strong competitors.

They included: Stephen Moyer of True Blood, Paul Wesley of Vampire Diaries,Kellan Lutz of Twilight Saga,Alexander Skarsgard of True Blood, Joseph Morgan of Vampire Diaries,Jackson Rathbone of Twilight Saga, Daniel Gillies of Vampire Diaries,and Matthew Davis of Vampire Diaries.

However,through it all, Robert Pattinson’s Edward Cullen character emerged Read more »