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Robert Pattinson Reportedly Nude Most Of The Time In New Bel Ami Movie

Robert Pattinson reportedly nude most of the time in new Bel Ami movie. The Daily Mirror recently chatted it up with one of Rob’s super sexy,co-stars Christina Ricci about the new Bel Ami flick,and she revealed some very interesting,new details about Rob,showing some skin in the flick.

Christina plays character Clotilde de Marelle,who judging from the trailers,gets a lot of bedtime action with the Twilight star. She told them, “You get to see a lot of Rob in the movie. Twi-hards? Is that what they’re called? Yeah they will be happy; he’s naked most of the time.” So,wow. I’d heard that he does get nude in the flick,but that whole “most of the time” deal is definitely something new to me. Read more »

Robert Pattinson Gets Dressed By A Woman In New Bel Ami Movie Pic

Robert Pattinson gets dressed by a woman in new Bel Ami movie pic. The studio dropped another new photo from their new “Bel Ami” super drama flick,featuring mega Twilight Saga star Robert Pattinson,getting all dressed up by a woman as character Georges Deroy.

This particular scene,shows him with character Virginie Walters,played by actress Kristin Scott Thomas,and it looks like this may have taken place after they got their freak on. The movie stars: Robert Pattinson, Uma Thurman, Kristin Scott Thomas,and Christina Ricci. Read more »

Celebrity Apprentice 2012 Eliminated Cheryl Tiegs Tonight In Episode 1

cheryl tiegs image

Celebrity Apprentice 2012 eliminated Cheryl Tiegs tonight in episode 1. Tonight’s premiere episode kicked with an intro of the entire cast. Donald talked with the cast for a bit,and decided to split the teams into women verses men again. Next,they picked their team names. The men went with “Unanimous.” The women went with “Forte.” Patricia Velasquez was named project manager for the women. Paul Teutul, Sr. was named project manager for the guys.

After that,Donald gave the teams their first assignments in the boardroom. They had to make celebrity sandwiches,and sell as many as they could. The team that raised the most money,won. Singer,Aubrey O’Day got pissed because the other ladies underestimated her celebrity status,and even said,in a private interview,that she had the most Twitter followers,lol!!

Paul told Ivanka,they could bring in $500,000 when she stopped by to visit team unanimous. Read more »

Amazing Race 20 Eliminated Misa & Maiya Tanaka In Episode 1 Tonight

misa tanaka and maiya tanaka in amazing race 20
Amazing Race 20 eliminated Misa & Maiya Tanaka in episode 1 tonight. Tonight’s premiere episode kicked off with an intro to the new cast,and it was revealed that Rachel and Brendon from Big Brother 12 and 13,were contestants. Then the teams had to try and find their clue in a pack of a ton of miniature hot-air balloons. Once they got them,they had to fly to Santa Barbara,Argentina,by way of LAX,to get their next clue.

Once they arrived in Santa Barbara,Argentina, the teams had to make their way to an airport. Once there,they ran into a Road Block. In the road block, one team member had to find their other team member after they jumped out of a plane, to get their next clue.

Next,they had to drive to another location in the area,and search the grounds for their next clue. This clue directed them to go make 120 empanadas. Half of them were meat,and the other half was cheese. After successfully completing this challenge,they had to head to their pit stop. Read more »

True Blood Season 5 Spoiler: New Authority Chancellor Vampire Arriving & More

peter mensah image
New Authority chancellor vampire arriving & more in this new True Blood season 5 spoiler. According to a new report from Deadline,True Blood is bringing on a new vampire,who is the Chancellor for the Authority named Kibwe in season 5,and he’ll be played by Starz Spartacus actor Peter Mensah.

Character Kibwe is originally from Africa ,and will work towards mainstreaming under Roman’s tenure. Along with his role on Spartacus, Peter has also shown up in Zack Snyder’s 300, Antoine Fuqua’s Tears Of The Sun, Touchstone Pictures’ Hidalgo and James Cameron’s Avatar. Read more »

AMC ‘Walking Dead’ Released New Episode 10,Season 2 Spoiler Teasers

AMC ‘Walking Dead’ released new episode 10,season 2 spoiler teasers. Recently,AMC dropped a few,new,small,spoiler teasers for their upcoming “Walking Dead” episode 10,and it sounds like the outsider conflicts will still be going on for the crew,and more. The episode is titled, “18 Miles Out.” I like that name. It’s pretty cool.

In the 10th episode, Rick and Shane are going to continue to argue over the fate of the outsider that Rick brought back to the farm. Andrea is going to help Herschel‘s daughter face a crucial decision. Hmm, that sounds interesting. I wonder what that could be.

Anyways,that’s all we have for you guys right now,but we’ll deliver more after tonight’s episode 9,airs. Read more »

New ‘Prometheus’ International Movie Trailer Released Online

New ‘Prometheus’ International movie trailer released online. A couple of days ago, 20th Century Fox released a new,international movie trailer for their upcoming sci-fi/thriller flick “Prometheus,” and it looks pretty much like the U.S. version with cool,crazy scenes. The crew definitely looks in trouble as one of the scenes shows them on the run from huge creatures and such.

The movie stars: Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, Guy Pearce, Idris Elba, Logan Marshall-Green,and Charlize Theron . In the new film,a group of scientist end up getting into some major predicaments after getting stranded on a strange new world,which tests their physical and mental limits when they try and explore the terrain. Read more »

Batman 3 Christian Bale Talked New Batman Details & Former Costar Heath Ledger

Batman 3 Christian Bale talked new Batman details &former Costar Heath Ledger. Recently,Screenrant and their sources,dropped new interview excerpts from Dark Knight Rises main star Christian Bale. In the excerpts,he talks about who he thinks Batman is and said some very,nice words about his former co-star Heath Ledger.

First, he said,Batman,for him, is “an anarchist and a free spirit. He knows that there are parallels between him and his enemies because life is never stable. You always have to fight for it. Keeping in mind that it may never be boring and that nobody is obliging you to behave like a superhero and to always have your muscles flexed and bulging.” Read more »

New Batman 3 Fanmade Prestige Movie Trailer Released & Looks Amazingly Cool

New Batman 3 fanmade Prestige movie trailer released & looks amazingly cool. Recently, another fan,made a new,cool, movie trailer (below) for the upcoming Dark Knight Rises flick,and it looks pretty damn incredible. The guy mixed in Alfred’s voice into the background ,while rolling scenes from past installments of the Batman series,and eventually throwing in a lot of set footage and actual movie footage from DKR.

Alfred’s background voice, talks about magic tricks and stuff,and sounds pretty interesting as it rolled along with the footage. I especially like when they’re chiseling out the Bat logo.It’s pretty cool. Check it out,below. Read more »

New Hunger Games Movie Poster Shows Cool Katniss Sideview Bow & Arrow Shot

New Hunger Games movie poster shows cool Katniss sideview bow & arrow shot. Recently Lionsgate dropped this new movie poster for their upcoming,highly anticipated “Hunger Games” movie,and it looks very cool as it features main starlet Jennifer Lawrence,wielding a bow and arrow as Katniss in a new,side-angle view. It rocks.

The movie stars: Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Woody Harrelson, Elizabeth Banks, Lenny Kravitz, Wes Bentley, Toby Jones, Alexander Ludwig, Isabelle Fuhrman, Amandla Stenberg, Stanley Tucci,and Donald Sutherland. Read more »