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New ‘Prometheus’ Movie Photo Features Intense Cave,Red Lights Action

New ‘Prometheus’ movie photo features intense cave,red lights action. Recently,20th Century Fox released a new photo from their upcoming sci-fi/thriller flick “Prometheus,”and it looks pretty interesting as the scientists are seen down in a cave with red sensor lights all over the place,while they search for answers and clues,or at least that’s what they appear to be doing.

The movie stars: Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, Guy Pearce, Idris Elba, Logan Marshall-Green,and Charlize Theron. In the film, a group of scientists get stranded on a new,distant,planet that eventually tests their physical and mental limits after trying to explore it. Read more »

New Hunger Games,Catching Fire Fanmade Poster Shows Cool Flames With Jennifer Lawrence

New Hunger Games,Catching Fire fanmade poster shows cool flames with Jennifer Lawrence. The fans are already very excited for the new Hunger Games sequel,Catching Fire. So much,in fact,that they’ve already gotten started,creating new,fanmade,movie posters,and this one looks pretty cool as it shows Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss,surrounded by intense flames.

They also included the Hunger Games,Catching Fire title below,along with the Lionsgate logo and website for Hunger Games. It looks pretty professional indeed. Right now, we do know that main stars Jennifer Lawrence,Josh Hutcherson,and Liam Hemsworth will be returning for Catching Fire,and it will start filming in the Fall of 2012. Read more »

Harry Potter’s Emma Watson Spotted Daisy Duke Shorts Cute For Cali Shopping Yesterday

Harry Potter’s Emma Watson spotted Daisy Duke shorts cute for Cali shopping yesterday. This past Saturday afternoon,former Harry Potter starlet Emma Watson was looking as good as she wanted to be in a pair of very short,shorts,along with another hot friend for a shopping outing. She looked pretty chill as paparazzi snapped her photos.

According to sources, Emma was photographed,trying to catch a cab after doing a little retail shopping. They were on Robertson Blvd in Los Angeles,California yesterday,April 7th. Emma sported a sequin blazer, cut off denim shorts,and tie up boots.

She’s currently in town,filming her new robbery flick “The Bling Ring,” which also stars Kirsten Dunst and Gavin Rossdale. Read more »

Miley Cyrus Spotted With No Underwear In Tight Sexy Dress Other Day In Cali

Miley Cyrus spotted with no underwear in tight sexy dress other day in Cali. According to a new report from Egotastic,mega popstar/actress Miley Cyrus decided she just wouldn’t wear any panties after her Pilates workout this past Friday,April 6th in Los Angeles,California.

The problem is,everyone else found out about it when some very good paparazzi peeps snapped photos of her getting into car with her leg up and privates showing. According to sources, Miley did a pilates workout at the Windsor Pilates just before she showed off her goods. Read more »

MTV Teen Mom 2 Leah Messer Got Married Again To Jeremy Calvert Other Day

MTV Teen Mom 2 Leah Messer got married again to Jeremy Calvert other day. According to Hollywood Life, this crazy chick Leah Messer from MTV’s hit reality show Teen Mom 2,got married again to her new man Jeremy Calvert this past Wednesday,April 4th in Catlettsburg, KY at the Catlettsburg Wedding Chapel. The ceremony was held in front of their close friends and family.

Leah’s two twin girls,Aliannah and Aleeah,were in the crowd to see their mother walk down the aisle, along with a group of 15-20 other well-wishers. Marty Gute,who was the Reverend at the ceremony,said, “everybody was happy and joyful and took a ton of pictures. I think they wanted to keep it out of the news, but the producer said he knew it would hit Facebook soon. He asked my daughter not to tweet about it, though.” Read more »

Batman 3 Anne Hathaway Spotted With All Her Hair Chopped Off For New Movie,WTF

New Batman 3 Anne Hathaway spotted with all her hair chopped off for new movie,WTF. The gorgeous “Dark Knight Rises”,Catwoman,star Anne Hathaway,now, looks like a boy after chopping all her hair off to participate in a new musical movie. She was spotted,showing off the new hairdo over in London last night,April 7th,and looked pretty relaxed in the streets.

According to sources, Anne was photographed trying to make a quick exit out of The Box Nightclub in London, England last night. She was with her new fiance Adam Shulman and another friend,and sported a long jacket with a popped up collar,while trying to hide her new,boyish,hairdo. Read more »

New ‘Batman 3′ Super Slow Movie Trailer Released Online Along With Japanese Bus Art

New ‘Batman 3′ super slow movie trailer released online along with Japanese bus art. Recently,this new “Dark Knight Rises,” super slow,movie trailer (below) hit the net,along with a photo of a Japanese bus (below) that’s heavily wrapped with Batman 3 art material.

Now,that’s how you promote a freaking flick. And when we say this trailer is slow,dammit we mean slow as it takes a normal 2 and a half minute trailer,and extends it out to 13 minutes! If you guys think you missed anything in the regular trailer,you’ll definitely see it in this one,for sure. Read more »

Robert Pattinson Spotted Leading His Hot Chicks On New ‘Bel Ami’ International Poster

Robert Pattinson spotted leading his hot chicks on new ‘Bel Ami’ International poster. Recently,the studio dropped a new international movie poster for their mega drama flick “Bel Ami,” and if features Twilight Saga mega star Robert ,front and center,and his hot women he seduces in the flick,standing behind him.

From left to right,we have Uma Thurman,Kristin Scott Thomas,and Christina Ricci. In the film,things get pretty passionate as Rob’s character Georges Deroy gets right down to business,,seducing the ladies,and rising to power in Paris. He also marries Uma’s character Madeleine Forestier. Read more »

New Robert Pattinson Bel Ami Steamy Sex Scenes Revealed Via New DVD Menu Clip

New Robert Pattinson Bel Ami steamy sex scenes revealed via new DVD menu clip. Recently,this new,Russian DVD menu clip (below) for the new “Bel Ami” drama flick,hit the net,and it features Twilight mega star Robert Pattinson in some more very steamy,hot scenes with the many women he screws over in the flick as character Georges Deroy.

Apparently,Russia has already gotten this flick out on DVD,while we’re still waiting for the theatrical release in America. Oh,well. It’s about time they got ahead of us on something in the entertainment biz. The movie stars: Robert Pattinson, Uma Thurman, Kristin Scott Thomas,and Christina Ricci. Read more »

New ‘American Reunion’ Movie Delivered Hysterical Laughs,Drama & More

New ‘American Reunion’ movie delivered hysterical laughs,drama & more. Universal Pictures released the 4th American Pie movie,titled “American Reunion” into theaters this weekend. I just checked it out,and I thought it was super hilarious,delivering laugh,after laugh,after laugh with crazy Stifler and the other guys.

The movie stars: Jason Biggs, Alyson Hannigan, Chris Klein, Thomas Ian Nicholas, Tara Reid, Seann William Scott, Mena Suvari, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Jennifer Coolidge, Eugene Levy, Natasha Lyonne,and Shannon Elizabeth.

The new flick kicked off by showing what kind of life the guys had created for themselves. Jim and Michelle seemed happily married with children,but hadn’t had sex in ages. Finch made up a story about traveling to other countries and a bunch of other BS,but really he just worked at Staples. Oz was a sports celebrity of some sort,and had a super hot chick for a girlfriend.

Stifler was working as a screw up,office temp that sexually harassed women Read more »