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Nikita Ep 2 Spoilers: Alex Looks To Shoot Nikita Again,Owen Returns For Percy & More

 alex looks to shoot nikita ep 2,season 2 image
Alex looks to shoot Nikita again,Owen returns for Percy & more in CW’s “Nikita” episode 2 of season 2. We’ve got spoilers for the show,along with a promo clip after the jump. The episode is titled, “Falling Ash,” and things continue to get intense between Nikita and Alex as Alex is seen pulling out a gun to shoot Nikita again,Owen tells Nikita he wants to finish off Percy,and more.

In “Falling Ash” episode, Nikita and Michael will run into Owen while investigating an old corrupt Division program, P9, that seems to have resurfaced. Owen will tell them he is searching for Dr. Joseph Mars, who is not only the mastermind behind P9, but also invented the Regimen and could help Owen wean himself off the dangerous drug. Read more »

Supernatural Ep 2 Spoilers: Sam Goes Crazy,Points A Gun At Dean & More

 sam points a gun,supernatural ep2,season 7 image
Sam goes crazy,points a gun at Dean & more in CW’s “Supernatural” episode 2 of season 7. We’ve got spoilers for the show,along with a promo clip after the jump. The episode is titled, “Hello Cruel World,” and things totally get out of hand with Sam’s ongoing,crazy hallucinations,and more.

In “Hello Cruel World” episode, Castiel will continue to struggle with the burdens that come with his new-fangled power. The broken wall in Sam’s head will cause him to have more hallucinations, and he will start to have difficulty discerning what’s real and what’s not. Read more »

Jennifer Aniston & Boyfriend Justin Shelled Out $450,000 For A Silly Painting Other Day

Jennifer Aniston & Boyfriend Justin shelled out $450,000 for a silly painting other day

Oh my goodness. I’ve got to get into the painting business,and drop this writing stuff because,according to Hollywood Life, movie starlet Jennifer Aniston and her new boyfriend Justin Theroux dropped down a whopping $450,000 on some silly painting at a charity auction two days ago,September 22nd.

They attended Christie’s “Artists for Haiti” auction in New York City,New York. Justin was the one who actually bid on the painting by artist Glenn Ligon. It was only valued to be worth $150,000 to $200,000. However, Jen and Justin wanted to support the action’s charity,which was co-organized by one of Justin’s actor friends Ben Stiller,so they went ahead and payed more than double its value. Read more »

One Tree Hill Season 9 Bringing Back Nathan’s Mom Deb,Brooke’s Dad Arrives & More

One Tree Hill season 9 bringing back Nathan’s mom Deb,Brooke’s dad arrives & more

According to Hollywood Life, Warner Bros. recently revealed a couple new,interesting spoilers that are in store for the upcoming final season 9 of hit show “One Tree Hill.”

First, Nathan’s cougar,pill-popping mother Deb will be returning. She’s played by the hot Barbara Alyn Woods. Also, were going to see Brooke’s Dad for the very first time. He’ll be played by actor Richard Burgi.

Sophia Bush who plays Brooke, also revealed that we’re going to “meet someone who’s very relevant to Brooke’s life who you’ve wanted to see for eight years.” Read more »

Insider Revealed New, Shocking Twilight Breaking Dawn Wedding Info & More

Insider revealed new, shocking Twilight Breaking Dawn wedding info & more

Recently, a Twilight Saga insider named Jack Morrissey hopped on Twitter to answer some Q&A questions about the new Breaking Dawn flick,and revealed some shocking news that the rain actually helped the outdoor wedding scene.

He said, the wedding scene was the very last scene that was filmed by the main cast,and there where a lot of weather concerns. They couldn’t shoot it in the rain. However,they couldn’t shoot it with any real direct sunlight since there were vampires there. Read more »

Insider Revealed What The Most Intense Twilight Breaking Dawn Scene Will Be & More

Insider revealed what the most intense Twilight Breaking Dawn scene will be & more

According to Hollywood Life,a Twilight Saga insider named Jack Morrissey recently hopped on Twitter to reveal what he thinks is the most intense scene of the Breaking Dawn flick. He’s apparently a partner of director Bill Condon.

He said, the scene where Bella and Edward see their baby Renesmee for the first time,will be the most intense of the whole series. He also wrote that Robert and Kristen rocked it. In related news, Breaking Dawn was finally able to secure a PG-13 rating the other day. Read more »

New Twilight Breaking Dawn Trailer Being Shown At Taylor Lautner’s Abduction In Theaters

New Twilight Breaking Dawn trailer being shown at Taylor Lautner’s Abduction in theaters

According to Hollywood Life, Twi-Hard fans have been reporting that the new Breaking Dawn part 1 movie trailer is being shown just before Taylor Lautner’s “Abduction” action flick,which released into movie theaters in the United States yesterday.

Then AMC Entertainment confirmed the news,saying, that the new trailer was shown during the midnight screenings of Abduction. So it looks like Taylor is pushing the Breaking Dawn flick at his own movie,which he should be because the Twilight Saga flicks made him a star. He’s gone on record,saying that. Read more »

New Batman 3 Set Video Features More Exclusive LA Batwing Footage & More

New Batman 3 set video features more exclusive LA Batwing footage & more

We recently got a hold of some new Batwing footage (below) ,via Youtube, that’s being filmed on the “Batman 3:The Dark Knight Rises” movie set in Los Angeles,California. The guy who was filming this is pretty nuts because he was just laughing it up as he saw the security running to get him off the set.

In the clip, he showed more exclusive Batwing footage. The big piece of machinery was just sitting in an alley. Towards the end of the clip, the guy started screaming ad laughing, oh no here comes the security! Read more »

Video: Big Brother 13 Evel Dick Talked Game With Jordan On His Funny Show

 evel dick with jordan,big brother 13

Big Brother 13 Evel Dick talked game with Jordan on his funny show in this new video (below). Past Big Brother champ Evel Dick Donato recently chatted with other former champ Jordan Lloyd at the Big Brother 13 afterparty last week,and went over the season. They immediately talked about how things would’ve gone completely different with Daniele if Dick had stayed in the game.

They talked about Jordan and Rachel’s unlikely pairing and how they really did balance each other out. And it wouldn’t have been a typical Evel Dick interview without him bashing Kalia and Adam’s awful game play again. Read more »

MTV Teen Wolf Season 2 Gets A Whopping 24 Episodes Instead Of Just 12

MTV Teen Wolf season 2 gets a whopping 24 episodes instead of just 12

According to, MTV Teen Wolf creator Jeff Davis recently hopped on his Twitter account to reveal his awesome show just got a 24 episode order for the upcoming season 2 from MTV. Thank God!

It’s good to a deserving show get additional episodes. They haven’t done it with True Blood yet. If HBO could just do it with that one,everything would be so great. Anyways, no additional details about Teen Wolf season 2 were given,but I Imagine that with the additional episodes,there will be an earlier start date. Read more »