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New Fast And Furious 6 Set Clip Shows The Cool Cars And Unseen Filming Action

New Fast And Furious 6 set pic shows new cool cars and unseen filming action. Recently, this new video (below) for the upcoming “Fast and Furious 6″ action flick,hit the net and serves up more filming action from when they were shooting in Tenerife,Spain on September 2012 through to October 2012. The action looked pretty wild and intense. Check it out,below.

As for the movie,it stars: Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Dwayne Johnson, Michelle Rodriguez, Luke Evans, Joe Taslim,Jordana Brewster,and Gina Carano. In the new flick, Dom and the crew try to pull off another big heist,but run into trouble when another crew tries to pull off the exact same heist. It hits theaters on May 24th,2013. Stay tuned. Read more »

New Transformers 4 First Movie Teaser Pic Revealed By Director

New Transformers 4 first movie teaser pic revealed by director. Recently, Transformers 4 director Michael Bay,hit up his official Facebook page to reveal this first,official teaser pic for the movie. It looks pretty cool as it features the huge head of Optimus Prime ,facing a crowd of human civilians. All in all,it has an intriguing feel to it.

As previously reported,filming is scheduled to possibly take place in China,and is expected to start in April 2013. Actor Mark Wahlberg landed the leading role,who will have a daughter that has a race car-driving boyfriend.

Michael also revealed that the 4th installment Read more »

New Star Trek 2,Into Darkness Movie Pic Shows Major Glass Breaking Action

New Star Trek 2,Into Darkness movie pic shows major glass breaking action. Recently,,via Empire Magazine ,revealed this new pic from their upcoming “Star Trek 2: Into Darkness” sci-fi/action flick ,and it looks pretty wild as it features more violent action going down as people are literally jumping through glass to get the hell out of dodge when a new powerful force has shown up on the scene.

The movie stars: John Cho, Bruce Greenwood, Simon Pegg, Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, Karl Urban, Anton Yelchin, Benedict Cumberbatch, Alice Eve, and Peter Weller. In the new flick, the Enterprise crew will get called back home,and discover that an unstoppable force of terror from within their own organization, has detonated the fleet and everything it stands for, leaving our world in a state of crisis. Read more »

Hunger Games Jennifer Lawrence Spotted Major Tight Pants Sexy In New Vanity Fair Pics

Hunger Games Jennifer Lawrence spotted major tight pants sexy in new Vanity Fair pics. Recently, Hunger Games/Catching Fire main starlet ,Jennifer Lawrence, posed it up for the Vanity Fair cameras ,and looked absolutely stunning in her photo spread,snap shot. One of them,features her in some very tight pants,showing off her amazing figure,which is so hot. These new photos will appear in their February 2013 issue.

Photographer Ellen Von Unwerth ,took the snap shots. Jen also chatted it up with the magazine,and revealed, “I love filmmaking. I love acting but I don’t feel married to just being in front of the camera.” After that she went Read more »

Kristen Stewart Reportedly Terrified Of Robert Pattinson’s Angry Family Now

Kristen Stewart reportedly terrified of Robert Pattinson’s angry family now. According to this new Splash video report (below) Twilight Saga hottie Kristen Stewart is reportedly terrified of Robert Pattinson’s family at the moment as they can’t seem to get past her mistake of cheating on him. They also claim that Rob had a huge argument with his sister ,Lizzy Pattinson, over the whole issue on Christmas Eve. Lizzy also called Kristen a “cheat,” and is just furious that Rob took her back. She also reportedly has never liked the way Kristen treats him.

They go on to claim that this new terror that Kristen has for Rob’s family,is the reason why they didn’t spend Christmas 2012 together. However,on the other hand, Kristen was seen in London this past weekend,kicking it with Rob,so maybe she got over her fear,or maybe she’s not really that afraid after all. Who knows? Check out the clip,below and stay tuned. Read more »

Robert Pattinson Currently Battling His Sister Again Over Taking Kristen Stewart Back

Robert Pattinson currently battling his sister again over taking Kristen Stewart back. According to this new Splash video report (below), Twilight Saga main man Robert Pattinson ,got into a huge fight with his sister Lizzy Pattinson over the Christmas holiday over taking Kristen Stewart back. She’s apparently furious with Rob for ,quote,taking back a cheat ,and has always reportedly been upset with the way Kristen treats him. So,wow! That sounds pretty serious.

The report goes on to claim that Rob and Kristen actually spent Christmas apart because Kristen is terrified of facing Rob’s family again. So,yeah, it sounds pretty crazy. Check it out,below. In related news, Kristen was spotted back with Rob in England over this past weekend,and it’s reported that they will ring in the New Year 2013 together at the Isle Of Wight. Stay tuned. Read more »

New Iron Man 3 Video Shows Live Up Close Look At The New Iron Man Suit In Action

New Iron Man 3 video shows live up close look at the new Iron Man suit in action. Recently, Wired magazine,hit up the Comic-Con 2012 international event,and got on the Iron Man 3 show floor to deliver a close-up look at the new Iron Man 3 suits in action (video below).

in the new clip, the reporter circled the area to give a close-up “behind the scenes” look at the suits. The set looked like the Iron Man 3 set,which is featured in the movie,containing all the new and past Iron Man suits. It looks pretty neat. Check it out,below.

The movie stars: Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle, Jon Favreau, Ben Kingsley, Guy Pearce, James Badge Dale,and Ashley Hamilton. Read more »

New Iron Man 3 Clip Reveals New Action Scenes,Details From The Director & More

New Iron Man 3 clip reveals new action scenes,details from the director & more. Recently,Wired,chatted it up with Iron Man 3 movie director Shane Black and actor Don Cheadle aka James Rhodes. Together, they dropped new,spoilery details for the upcoming flick,along with new,intense,scenes (video below).

To start off with, the clip features new clips from the movie,which look awfully cool. Then we see Don Cheadle ,chiming in to give more details about the flick. Also, Shane revealed that he started where previous director ,Jon Favreau, left off,and the he’s been getting advice from him.

However, the movie will look a little different in this 3rd installment. Read more »

Once Upon A Time Season 2 Spoiler: Emma Engages In Magical Dream Catcher Action

Emma engages in magical Dream Catcher action in this new “Once Upon A Time” season 2 spoiler tease. As previously reported, ABC dropped this new ,extended,sneak peek/spoiler clip (below) for their upcoming “Once Upon A Time” episode 10 of season 2,and it revealed a ton of amazing spoiler teasers. This one,in particular, has to do with what Emma’s going to be up to. It turns out that she’ll be getting in on the magical action as she’s seen,holding some sort of magical object that looks really cool.

I’ve been told that it’s called a Dream Catcher. I wasn’t able to find many details about what it does. However,judging from the name,it appears that t will mostly-likely have something to do with catching dreams. Whatever the case,it’ll be interesting to see what Emma does with that thing. Read more »

Justin Bieber,Selena Gomez Spotted Romantic Vacationing In Mexico Other Day

Justin Bieber,Selena Gomez spotted romantic vacationing in Mexico other day. According to Hollywood Life and their sources, this past Saturday,December 29th, mega stars/couple Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were spotted warming things up in Sunny Vallarta,Mexico to ditch the cold weather in the U.S. Apparently, a bunch of Twitter fans confirmed the sighting. Also, Justin instagrammed a photo of himself,chilling out down there.

One of the fans,tweeted, “Justin and Selena are both in Mexico. That’s sexual. Let’s all get dramatic about this.” Then another fan wrote,”Im happy Justin is in Mexico. He deserves some relax time & to just have fun. And i know having Selena there makes him happy too.” Read more »