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Vampire Diaries Season 3,Ep 16 Spoilers Revealed By Candice Accola In New Clip

Vampire Diaries season 3,ep 16 spoilers revealed by Candice Accola in new clip. Recently,TV Guide chatted it up with Vampire Diaries,Caroline Forbes,starlet Candice Accola,and she dropped a couple new spoiler teasers we can expect to see in the upcoming episode 16,along with some other VD chatter (video below).

In the clip, Candice talked about Bonnie and Caroline’s history together,and explained how Caroline has proven to still be a good friend even though she is a vamp. Then she talked about how Klaus is currently showing Caroline a new life that is possible beyond Mystic Falls. Read more »

New Hunger Games Action-Filled,Team Movie Clip Released Online

New Hunger Games action-filled,team movie clip released online. Recently,Lionsgate released another TV Spot/movie clip (below) for their upcoming action/drama flick “Hunger Games,” and it looks quite intense as it shows more footage of Katniss shooting her arrows,while Peta shows his strength.

The movie stars: Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Woody Harrelson, Elizabeth Banks, Lenny Kravitz, Wes Bentley, Toby Jones, Alexander Ludwig, Isabelle Fuhrman, Amandla Stenberg, Stanley Tucci,and Donald Sutherland . Read more »

New Batman 3 Fan Art Photo Features Cool Batman,Bane, & Catwoman Situation

New Batman 3 fan art photo features cool Batman,Bane, & Catwoman situation. Recently, found this new fan art for the upcoming “Dark Knight Rises” flick,and features main characters Batman,Bane,and Catwoman.

Batman and Bane appear to be going at it quite intensely,while Catwoman is just chilling out in the middle of it all. The art was created by Artist Emmshin. The movie stars: Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, Tom Hardy, Anne Hathaway, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard, Juno Temple,and Josh Pence. Read more »

Batman 3 Intense Movie Secrecy Explained By Composer Hans Zimmer

Batman 3 intense movie secrecy explained by composer Hans Zimmer. Recently,the LA Times chatted it up with the “Dark Knight Rises” composer Hans Zimmer,and he gave a little insight into why he thinks director Christopher Nolan is so secretive about the highly anticipated,final Batman flick.

He said,director Nolan is probably so secretive because “to be able to do really good work, you have to have the chance to fail in privacy. And if everybody’s watching you on the Internet, I think it stifles creativity. And I think Dark Knight is the perfect example of this idea.”

He went on to explain that “we’re supposed to go and surprise you. And part of the experience has to be a surprise. It feels a little bit like we’re working very hard at protecting part of what is great about movies, the surprise.” Read more »

Robert Pattinson Reportedly Could Get 64 Percent Of Married Women To Run Off With Him

Robert Pattinson reportedly could get 64 percent of married women to Runoff with him. Recently Ivillage ran their annual contest,called “Man You’d Trade Your Husband For,” and Rob took home the crown for the,apparently,the third straight year in a row by getting a whopping 64 percent of the votes!

He was up against some heavy hitters too. They included: Ryan Gosling with 13 percent of the vote,Ryan Reynolds with 11 percent of the vote, Matt Damon with 6 percent of the vote, Jason Momoa with 4 percent of the vote,Jason Segel with 3 percent of the vote.

In related news, Rob just got done,promoting his new drama flick “Bel Ami” at the Germany premiere,and he reportedly gets naked in it,most of the time,according to his co-star Christina Ricci. Read more »

Hunger Games Movie Tickets Officially Went On Sale Today

Hunger Games movie tickets officially went on sale today. Earlier today,movie tickets for the highly,anticipated “Hunger Games” movie,officially went on sale,allowing fans to get in on the advanced sell-off for the flick.

Huge,online,movie ticket,store Fandango is selling the advanced tickets,and we’ve supplied a special link to purchase the tickets at the end of this article. The movie stars: Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Woody Harrelson, Elizabeth Banks, Lenny Kravitz, Wes Bentley, Toby Jones, Alexander Ludwig, Isabelle Fuhrman, Amandla Stenberg, Stanley Tucci,and Donald Sutherland. Read more »

New Vampire Diaries Season 3,Ep 16 Photo Shows Stefan,Damon Getting Violent Again

New Vampire Diaries season 3,ep 16 photo shows Stefan,Damon getting violent again. The CW recently pitched out a couple,new,photos from their upcoming Vampire Diaries episode 16. We thought this particular photo (above) was pretty interesting as it shows Stefan and Damon Salvatore,getting into another violent altercation with one another.

It looks pretty intense as they both grab each other very tightly. It also looks like vampire Rebekah is sitting there,watching them. I think it’ll be interesting to find out what goes down,here. The episode is entitled, “1912,” and will also introduce us to a new,female,vampire named Sage,who has some major history with Damon. Read more »

Vampire Diaries Released New,Official Episode 16,Season 3 Spoilers,Plot

Vampire Diaries released new,official episode 16,season 3 spoilers,plot. CW recently dropped the new,official,spoilers/synopsis for their upcoming Vampire Diaries episode 16,and it sound like some more intense stuff will definitely go down as new female vamp Sage is introduced into the mix,and more. The episode is labeled, “1912.”

In the new “1912″ episode,the present-day murders in Mystic Falls are going to remind Damon of a similar crime spree that took place a century earlier. In flashbacks to 1912, Damon will remember a beautiful vampire named Sage (guest star Cassidy Freeman), who showed him a whole new way to exist.

Sheriff Forbes is going to warn Damon not to get involved in her investigation, but Damon is convinced she’s going after the wrong suspect. Read more »

New Breaking Dawn Part 2 Vampire Bella Details Revealed By Nikki Reed In New Clip

New Breaking Dawn part 2 vampire Bella details revealed by Nikki Reed in new clip. recently dropped this new clip (below) that features Twilight Saga,Rosalie Hale,star Nikki Reed,answering fan questions about the upcoming part 2 flick,and more. She revealed some interesting new details about Kristen Stewart as vampire Bella,and more.

In the new clip, Nikki talks about Bella being a vampire in part 2,and reveals that K-Stew makes for a very beautiful vampire. There’s also 20 or 30 new castmembers added to the mix,so it’ll be very fresh and engaging. After that, Nikki went on to talk about how she loved making the very first Twilight film,because it was very innocent and new. Read more »

American Idol 2012 Top 24 Contestants Revealed

American Idol 2012 top 24 contestants revealed. According to theidolpad,the top 24 contestants for American Idol 2012,were revealed late last month on January 27th even though they’re now just getting revealed on the TV show. Last night,they revealed the top 14 contestants,but we’ve got the full 24 contestants right now. With no further ado, the top 24 contestants are listed,below.

The top 12 females are: Baylie Brown,Brielle Von Hugel,Chelsea Sorrell,Elise Testone,Erika Van Pelt, Haley Johnsen, Hallie Day,Hollie Cavanagh, Jennifer “Jen” Hirsh, Jessica Sanchez,Shannon Magrane,and Skylar Laine. Read more »