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Vampire Diaries Producers Revealed New Damon,Elena,Stefan Season 3 Spoilers

Vampire Diaries producers revealed new Damon,Elena,Stefan season 3 spoilers

Vampirediariesonline recently reported that Vampire Diaries producers,along with actors Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev revealed a couple new,season 3 spoiler teasers for Damon,Stefan,and Elena.

To start off with, Ian revealed that Elena doesn’t let Damon buy her anything for her birthday. However, he does get her something that she really, really, really wanted and needed, and he did what he had to do to get it for her. She thinks that he stole it, or that he found it. Whatever it is,creates a beautiful moment between them. “It’s a really sweet, quiet moment.” Read more »

EW Released New Twilight Breaking Dawn Bella,Edward Embrace Photo

    breaking dawn bella,edward ew photo

EW released new Twilight Breaking Dawn Bella,Edward embrace photo

Entertainment Weekly recently released this new Breaking Dawn photo (above) for the cover of their new magazine issue. It features main characters Bella and Edward passionately embracing each other in a honeymoon waterfall scene.

In related news, Summit Entertainment is due to show two,new Breaking Dawn clips next week. One of them will feature a honeymoon scene that has Bella doing a little skinny dipping with Edward. Read more »

Vampire Diaries Season 3 Spoiler: Matt Finds Out Jeremy’s Vicki,Anna Haunting Secret

Matt finds out Jeremy’s Vicki,Anna haunting secret in this new Vampire Diaries season 3 spoiler. Entertainment Weekly recently chatted with Vampire Diaries producer Julie Plec, she and revealed some new season 3 spoiler teasers for Matt and Jeremy,which will have Jeremy communicating with Vicki for him,and more.

Plec revealed that Matt will be one of the first people to learn Jeremy’s secret of seeing Vicki and Anna. Matt never got complete closure with Vicki,who is his sister,so he’s going to use Jeremy to communicate with her. That’s the basic run down of that. Anything in between,we’ll just have to wait for the episodes to air. Read more »

New Batman 3,Dark Knight Rises Photo Shows The Batwing Upclose In High Quality

    batman 3,batwing high quality image

New Batman 3,Dark Knight Rises Photo shows the Batwing upclose in high quality

As previously reported, the cool Batwing was recently spotted being driven through the streets of Pittsburgh,PA the other day,and they even wrecked it at one point,causing damage to one of the wings. However,they were able to fix the damage within one hour,and continue filming.

Now, this new high quality,close-up photo of the Batwing has popped up on the net,and it looks awesome. In related news,the Catwoman stunt double was recently spotted on the streets,filming a winter scene on the Batpod. She looked hot in the leather catsuit,much better than Anne Hathaway I must admit. Anne better hurry up,and get back to the set before her job gets stolen. Read more »

Vampire Diaries Season 3 To Have Stefan Going On Major Killing Spree & More

Vampire Diaries Season 3 to have Stefan going on major killing spree & more

E! Online recently chatted it up with Joseph Morgan who plays Klaus and Paul Wesley who plays Stefan in hit show Vampire Diaries,and they revealed some very interesting season 3 spoiler teasers that will have Stefan going on a major killing spree,and more.

Paul revealed that season 3 will kick off with Stefan in the middle of almost losing it,and we’ll get to see how that develops as the season progresses. He will slowly lose himself. Paul went on to describe him as being a freaking nut-bag. Read more »

New Avengers Movie Photo Shows Chris Evans Fiming New Captain America Scenes Today

    chris evans as captain america on avengers set

New Avengers movie photo shows Chris Evans filming new Captain America scenes today

Chris Evans was spotted out on the set of the new “The Avengers” movie earlier today,filming new Captain America scenes. As you can see, he was fully suited up in his Captain America gear as he rehearsed lines for the flick.

According to sources, the filming kicked off,once again,in Cleveland,Ohio today,and Chris Evans was spotted on the set again. Chris shot new scenes on the mock 42nd Street set. Also, fans and spectators have been flocking to the area to shoot exclusive video footage,and posting it up on Youtube. Read more »

New Avengers Movie Video Shows New Action,Explosion Scenes Being Filmed Yesterday

New Avengers movie video shows new action,explosion scenes being filmed yesterday

The Avengers movie hit the set in downtown Cleveland,Ohio yesterday afternoon,and this new video popped up on the net,which shows how it all went down. According to sources, they’re going to be filming all week long in Cleveland.

In the clip, all the extras were standing around on the street. Then, you hear, “ready,set,action.” After that,the crowd starts running around and screaming. Then big explosions occurred. It looked pretty cool. The people continued to scramble away from the explosion,while fans looked on with their iphones,camera phones,or whatever. Check it out,below. Read more »

Twilight Breaking Dawn Movie To Release 2 New Movie Clips Online Next Week

Twilight Breaking Dawn movie to release 2 new movie clips online next week

According to, Summit Entertainment is set to release two more clips from the upcoming “Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn” flick next week, August 22nd-26th. Apparently,these were clips that were shown at the Empire Presents Big Screen Event at 2011 Comic-Con last month.

One of the clips will reportedly show Edward and Bella in their honeymoon suite with Edward carrying her into the room. Then they eventually meet out on the beach where Bella undresses for a little skinny dipping action with Edward. Read more »

Robert Pattinsn Spotted Clubbing & Flirting In Los Angeles The Other Night

Robert Pattinsn spotted clubbing & flirting in Los Angeles the other night

According to Hollywood Life, Twilight Saga leading dude Robert Pattinson was spotted out three nights ago, August 13th,getting his “party” on at the Los Angeles Soho House. He apparently wowed a couple of women there as well.

They say a model named Brittny Gastineau hopped on Twitter to reveal that she thought Rob was absolutely gorgeous. Then Brittny’s mom got in on the action on her Twitter account. She wrote, “Flirted with the worlds #1 vampire at Soho house tonite!!He is soo cute but soo shy! Love him,Rob Pattinson.” Read more »

Robert Pattinson Casts Infatuation Spell On Another Breaking Dawn Female Co-Star

myanna buring

Robert Pattinson casts infatuation spell on another Breaking Dawn female co-star

According to Hollywood Life,another co-star chick from the Breaking Dawn movies is a bit infatuated with main star Robert Pattinson as his spell has struck again. They say that MyAnna Buring who plays vampire character Tanya from the Denali Coven recently gave an interview,and thinks Rob is just so lovely.

She said, “Rob is just a really lovely, lovely guy. He’s just very sweet and a lot of fun to work with. I understand why he’s so popular!” Whoo! He hit her with a double wammy spell. Robert Pattinson strikes again. Read more »