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New Fifty Shades Of Grey Sequel Details Revealed By Castmembers,New Clip

Recently, MTV UK news got to chat with the some of the cast and crew of the hit drama movie “Fifty Shades Of Grey.” And in this video segment (below) they hit them up with questions about the upcoming sequels. We got to hear answers from Christian Grey star, Jamie Dornan, Dakota Johnson aka Anastasia Steele, along with the director, Sam Taylor-Johnson.

In the clip, they all state that the sequels haven’t been officially confirmed despite the recent news that they have been confirmed. However, aside from that, Jamie eluded to the fact that we’ll probably see Christian be susceptible to change, and he thinks it’ll be fun to explore that aspect of Christian’s character.

Dakota said she would love to make the sequels, claiming there’s some really great bits in them and they get pretty tough. Lastly, the director just talked about waiting Read more »

New Shameless Season 5,Episode 7 Official Spoiler Photos Hit The Net

Recently, Showtime delivered these new spoiler pictures for their upcoming “Shameless” episode 7 of season 5, and they offer up new looks at some very interesting and intense stuff as Debbie is seen, roughing up that girl again. Debbie could quite possibly be a bully now. Ian and Mickey look pretty mad at each other. We also get a glimpse at Fiona, Kevin, Carl, Frank, and more doing their thing. The episode is labeled, “Tell Me You F**king Need Me.” Read more »

New Vikings Season 3 Harbard Teaser Spoilers Dished Out

Recently, TV Line delivered their latest spoiler chat session and dished out new spoiler intel for the upcoming “Vikings” season 3, episode 2. It turns out that we’re going to see Kevin Durand’s Harbard character really pique the interests of a couple of characters since he showed up in their dreams.

He’s also going to show up in town with one hand dripped in scalding blood, and more. In their spoiler chat reveal, here’s what they had to say when asked about the Harbard character: ” Before he ever sets foot in Kattegat, the Strain star’s mysterious Wanderer will have piqued the interests of Siggy, Helga and Queen Aslaug, since he appeared to each of them in dreams, Read more »

New Castle Season 7,Episode 15 Second Spoiler Clip Hit The Net

Recently, ABC dropped this new, 2nd sneak peek/spoiler clip (below) for their upcoming “Castle” episode 15 of season 7, and it offers up new looks at a very crazy and intense scene as Rick is seen, looking like he’s absolutely ready to shoot this guy if he doesn’t tell him where Kate is at ,ASAP! The episode is entitled, “Reckoning.”

The official description for episode 15, reads like this: The 12th precinct is going to match wits with 3XK and Kelly Nieman on part 2. Description number 2: In the second installment of the Castle two-parter, stakes will rise as the 12th Precinct matches wits with serial killers ,Jerry Tyson (3XK) and Dr. Kelly Nieman. Read more »

Sleepy Hollow Season 2,Episode 17 Four New Spoiler Clips Hit The Net

Recently, FOX served up these 4,new sneak peek/spoiler clips (below) for their upcoming “Sleepy Hollow” episode 17 of season 2, and they give us new looks at some pretty intense and interesting stuff as Jenny is seen, warning Ichabod and Abbie of some heavy evil that’s on the way. Meanwhile, Abbie and Ichabod suggest a solution that really challenges the boundaries, and more! The episode is titled, “Awakening.”

The official plot summary for episode 17, reads like this: ” A powerful coven of witches are going to threaten the mortals. Plot summary number 2: Ichabod and Abbie are going to fight against Read more »

New Beauty And The Beast Season 3 Debut Date Finally Unveiled By CW

Recently, The CW delivered a press release that finally gave us the long awaited premiere date for their upcoming “Beauty And The Beast” season 3. It turns out that we’re going to have to wait until May 21st,2015 to pick up where season 2 left off as the show has now been converted into a Summer show instead of being the Fall/Spring line up.

However, this may be a good thing as this change in scheduling, allowed CW to actually renew it for a new, 4th season well ahead of the season 3 debut! This is especially surprising as the cast was definitely prepared for season 3 to be the last one when they were talking about it last year. Read more »

New CSI Season 16 Still Up In The Air.CBS Hasn’t Decided Yet

Hey, “CSI” peeps. We regrettably have to tell you that you’re going to have to wait around for a little while to find out if your favorite show will be returning with a new, 16th season as CBS is still contemplating what they’re going to do with it. However, I can tell you that it does seem favorable that the show will get a new season as the CBS president ,Nina Tassler, had nothing but good and positive things to say about it at the recent “Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour” last month.

In fact, it was so positive that I would be very surprised if they didn’t give it a new season. Here’s exactly what she said at the event, according to TV Line: “We haven’t determined yet what’s going to happen with CSI. Read more »

New Bachelor 2015,Episode 8 Revealing Spoilers Hit The Net

Recently, our trusty source, Reality Steve, delivered new, revealing spoilers for the upcoming “The Bachelor 2015,” episode 8, and it turns out that we’re going to see a pretty interesting ending to it as Chris sends home one of the front-runners after the 4 hometown dates, and more!

In the new episode 8, Chris is going to visit each girls’ hometown, and eliminate one of them to get down to his final 3 ladies. Chris is going to visit Becca Tilley in Shreveport, LA. It’s rumored that they went to the Louisiana State Fair. Then had dinner at her sister in law’s house, Katie Hester, who is the wife of former LSU running back, Jacob Hester. Read more »

New Walking Dead Season 5,Episode 11 Short Teaser Spoiler & Title Hit The Net

Recently, AMC delivered a new teaser spoiler for their upcoming “The Walking Dead” episode 11 of season 5. We also got a title for it, which is labeled, “The Distance,” and It turns out that we’re going to see rick and the crew get hit by a wicked storm. Then they will meet a seemingly friendly person, but they will definitely remain non-trusting.

Their official teaser description for episode 11, reads like this: “After withstanding a spectacular storm, Rick and the others meet what appears to be a friendly person, but find themselves mistrustful.” Episode 11 is set to air on Sunday night, February 22nd at 8pm central time on AMC. Read more »

New Shameless Season 5,Episode 7 Official Spoilers,Plotline Revealed By Showtime

Recently, Showtime released the new,official synopsis/spoilers for their upcoming “Shameless” episode 7 of season 5. The episode is entitled, “Tell Me You F**king Need Me,” and it turns out that we’re going to see some very dramatic and interesting stuff go down as Frank refuses to apologize to Sammi. Lip learns he’s in the hole for thousands of dollars in tuition due to a financial aid mistake. Ian is on extreme lockdown, and more!

In the new, 7th episode press release: Ian will get upset when he learns he is under a mandatory 72-hour hold at the psych ward. Frank is going to return home from the hospital and refuse to apologize to Sammi. Read more »