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‘Jersey Shore’ Snooki’s Nude Photo Shows Up Online

    jersey shore snooki nude image

‘Jersey Shore’ Snooki’s nude photo shows up online. Radaronline has just reported earlier today,that they have obtained the first nude photo of Snooki (real name Nicole Polizzi) from MTV’s hit reality, show, “Jersey Shore.” They say she denied any existance of a nude photo,but radaronline says that they have seen several photos and they appear to be genuine. The background of the photos matches the background of photos that Snooki has released on Twitter,and the background is her bedroom. Read more »

Jersey Shore’s Snooki Gets Spotted Smooching Her New Boy Toy

Jersey Shore’s Snooki gets spotted smooching her new boy toy. According to TMZ , Snooki (real name Nicole Polizzi) who is one of the stars of MTV’s new,hit,reality show, “Jersey Shore,” was spotted smoochin it up with her new muscle-bound boy toy last night. They say Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi landed at JFK last night,and then showed some good PDA (public display of affection) to her new man. Read more »

Jersey Shore’s Snooki Flips Philly The Middle Finger After Getting Booed

Jersey Shore’s Snooki flips Philly the middle finger after getting booed. According to TMZ, Snooki (real name Nicole Polizzi) who is one of the stars of MTV’s new,hit, reality show “Jersey Shore” was spotted flipping Philadelphia the middle finger earlier this morning after they apparently unleashed a “boo fest” on her. They say Snooki went to a chicken wing eating contest in Philadelphia this morning,but haters started booing her,and Snooki promptly told the whole city to “F” off by flipping them the bird. The whole incident went down at a place called the Wing Bowl,and was captured on video (below). Read more »

Jersey Shore’s Snooki Seen Kissing A Dude & Showing Her Crotch

Jersey Shore’s Snooki seen kissing a dude & showing her crotch. Snooki (real name Nicole Polizzi) from MTV’s hit reality show, “Jersey Shore” was seen out last night kissing some dude with her short tight skirt hiked up so you could see her private crotch goodies. TMZ says she was partying with the guy at the Greenhouse club in New York City yesterday night. TMZ says that Snooki sent them a message on “Twitter” about what happened,stating, it wasn’t a random dude. She wrote, “it was not a random brajole it was VINNYS COUSIN thanks. i keep it in the jerz shore fam no creepers allowed.” Read more »

Jersey Shore’s Snooki Says She May Get Her Own ‘Love’ Reality Show

 jersey shore snooki image

Jersey Shore’s Snooki says she may get her own ‘Love’ reality show. According to Us Magazine, Snooki (real name Nicole Polizzi) may be getting her own “Shot at Love-like” reality show. They say she addressed the recent rumors that she is possibly getting the reality series at the Golden Globes event this past Friday.

Us Magazine interviewed Snooki at the GBK Gift Lounge in the Mondrian Hotel,and she said, “Definitely there is no set thing, but it has been talked about. I got offers from VH1 and other reality networks.” Snooki also described who her ideal man is. She stated, “A guy I can be real with. I love to be a dork; I love a guy with a sense of humor!” Read more »

Jersey Shore’s Snooki Seen Shaking Her Groove Thang For $10,000

Jersey Shore’s Snooki seen shaking her groove thang for $10,000. According to TMZ, Snooki (real name Nicole Polizzi) was seen out in a club this past weekend,shaking her groove thang,money maker,booty,or whatever you wanna call it on a pole. The club is located in Florida,and apparently she was paid quite nicely to do it too.

They report that she was paid $10,000 dollars to shake her money maker,get crunk,and fist pump at the Seminole Hard Rock Cafe out in Florida,which happens to be the same place where Anna Nicole Smith died. Read more »