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Kate & Pippa Middleton Spotted Kickin It Together At 2012 Wimbledon Yesterday

Kate & Pippa Middleton spotted kickin it together at 2012 Wimbledon yesterday. Yesterday afternoon, the two,lovely,royal sisters Pippa and Kate Middleton were spotted out at the biggest tennis tournament in the world, 2012 Wimbledon,and they really seemed to be enjoying themselves as they hung out together to watch the Roger Federer/Andy Murray championship match.

According to sources, they also landed Royal Box seats since they are royalty after all. Kate sported a white dress and blazer while Pippa rocked a blue patterned dress. Unfortunately, their countryman Andy Murray lost his big chance to win it against a smoking hot Roger Federer,who regained his number 1 world ranking with the big win. Read more »

Pippa & Kate Middleton May Be Doing A New Reality TV Show Together

Pippa & Kate Middleton may be doing a new reality tv show together. Celebrity-gossip.net recently did a little write-up about the very,sexy, Pippa Middleton who is the sister of current Duchess Kate Middleton,and revealed that there are some rumors floating around that her and Kate might be in talks to do a new reality TV show.

I know I would check it out,just to see more of Pippa. I don’t know what it is about her,but she just has a unique hotness about her. I can’t describe it. Anyways, they say the reality show rumors are pretty strong and rampant right now. However,nothing is official. The two famous sisters have gone on record,saying,they would be interested in providing positive role models for young women around the world. Read more »

Pippa Middleton To Move In With Sister Kate Middleton

Pippa Middleton to move in with sister Kate Middleton

According to Hollywood Life, the gorgeous Pippa Middleton is going to move in with her Duchess sister Kate Middleton while the Prince is away on business.

Apparently, Prince William made the push for them to live together when goes off to the base in Angelsey. Their source said, Pippa and Kate can’t wait to move in together. Pippa recently spent time with Kate in Wales, which Kate loved, and William is relieved because Pippa will be able to keep an eye on her sister and make sure she eats and takes care of herself. Read more »

Pippa Middleton Spotted White Dress Sexy In London Today For Her 28th Birthday

     pippa middleton white dress sexy  image

Pippa Middleton spotted white dress sexy in London today for her 28th birthday

Famous sister of Duchess Kate Middleton,Pippa Middleton was spotted out earlier today,roaming the streets on London,England on her 28th Birthday. Pippa looked very focused and sexy as hell as she showed off her very,muscular,toned legs in a nice,white dress,ensemble. I really dig her. She’s totally hot.

According to sources, Pippa was spotted walking out in the rain in London earlier today. Wow, I hope she has some better plans for her 28th birthday later on. She sported a black blazer,white dress,and sexy black boots. Read more »

Pippa Middleton Spotted Cute At 2011 Wimbledon Yesterday

    pippa middleton at 2011 wimbledon semi-finals

Pippa Middleton spotted cute at 2011 Wimbledon yesterday. The very hot sister of new Duchess Kate Middleton,Pippa Middleton was recently spotted out at the 2011 Wimbledon Championships yesterday afternoon. She looked cute in her dark,dress ensemble as she watched a semi-final match.

According to sources, Pippa is an avid tennis fan,and showed up at Wimbledon yesterday to watch the semifinal match between Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray. Rafael ended up winning that match to put him in another Wimbledon final. It’s also reported that Pippa has become an obsession for English tabloids at Wimbledon because she keeps showing up and stealing the show. Read more »

Pippa Middleton Spotted Happy With Boyfriend At 2011 Wimbledon Today

    pippa middleton with alex loudon at 2011 wimbledon image

Pippa Middleton spotted happy with boyfriend at 2011 Wimbledon today. Earlier today, 2011 Wimbledon saw some more royalty related appearances from sister of Duchess Kate Middleton,Pippa Middleton. She appeared to be having a great time with her on again,off again boyfriend Alex Loudon,while watching the match.

According to sources, Pippa hit up the Wimbledon event with her boyfriend Alex Loudon in a nice red dress ensemble at the All England Club. It’s also reported that a friend commented to the press about Pippa and Alex’s relationship,stating, that they are both busy people,and have a big circle of friends. Alex adores Pippa,and she feels the same. They try to be discreet as possible with their relationship,and try not to go to fancy places together. Read more »

Pippa Middleton Reportedly Dating New Guy George Percy

 pippa middleton smiles image

Pippa Middleton reportedly dating new guy George Percy. According to Hollywood Life, the famous sister of Duchess Kate Middleton, Pippa Middleton is now dating a new guy named George Percy after breaking it off with her previous fella Alex Loudon. Their source claims that Pippa didn’t break things off with Alex because of the stress of fame.

Apparently, this new guy George Percy isn’t so new as he is Pippa’s super-rich ex-boyfriend,and they were spotted getting dinner in London a couple of days ago. Then they headed back to his apartment. Pippa ended up spending the night there. Read more »

Kate & Pippa Middleton Spotted Hangin Together At Cohen Wedding

    pippa middleton with kate middleton image

Kate & Pippa Middleton spotted hangin together at Cohen wedding. The beautiful ladies of royalty Duchess Kate Middleton and her sister Pippa Middleton were recently spotted out yesterday,hanging out at the wedding of Sam Waley-Cohen and Bella Ballin in Berkshire,UK. The two lovely sisters appeared to be having a great time together as they made their way around the area.

According to sources, Kate joined Pippa at the St. Michael and All Angels Church to watch their jockey friend Sam Waley-Cohen get married. It’s also reported that Cohen was responsible for getting Kate and Prince William back together after they broke up in 2007. Read more »

Pippa Middleton Spotted Cute At 2011 French Open Tennis Tournament

    pippa middleton at french open image

Pippa Middleton spotted cute at 2011 French Open Tennis Tournament. The cute London starlet and sister of famous Duchess Kate Middleton, Pippa Middleton was recently spotted out at the 2011 French Open tennis tournament yesterday in Paris,France. Pippa seemed to be enjoying herself,and looked quite cute as usual in her black top and white polka-dotted skirt that displayed her gorgeous legs.

According to sources, Pippa attended the tournament yesterday with friends at the Court Philippe Chatrier at Roland Garros. She’s apparently a regular tennis player,and watched Rafael Nadal defeat Croatia’s Ivan Ljubicic in straight sets. Read more »

Pippa Middleton Spotted Sexy Legs Cute In London Today

    pippa middleton in sexy dress

Pippa Middleton spotted sexy legs cute in London today. Sister of high profile Kate Middleton, beautiful Pippa Middleton was spotted out again earlier today in London,England,doing what she does best,looking quite hot. She sported a cute dress that showed off her gorgeous muscular legs. I can see what all the fuss is about over her.

According to sources,she smiled at the paparazzi as they gathered to take snap shots of her over there. It’s also reported that her hotness may become the subject of a Fox “Glee” character. Apparently, it will be a summer project for character Kurt Hummel. Read more »