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New CW ‘Vampire Diaries’ Poster Takes It To The Grass

    vampire diaries image

The CW released its latest marketing campaign photo for it’s new vampire show “Vampire Diaries” at Comic-Con in San Diego,and it displays a peaceful looking cast as they restfully lay in the grass.

The photo displays the three main characters Elena (Nina Dobrev),Stefan (Paul Wesley),and Damon (Ian Somerhalder).I also like the little added touch of the bird on top of Elena’s leg. Read more »

Latest ‘New Moon’ Poster Shows a Shirtless Taylor & Wolf Pack

    new moon movie poster image

Here is another fanmade poster of a shirtless Taylor Lautner leading the rest of the shirtless Wolf Pack in pretty convincing style. The poster was created by a reader,and she did a real good job, I think.

Taylor Lautner,of course plays Jacob Black in the “Twilight Saga” franchise, but the rest of this “New Moon” Wolf Pack will consist of Lakota Sioux (Chaske Spencer),Cree-Metis (Bronson Pelletier), Purepecha Tarasco (Alex Meraz), Hualapai (Kiowa Gordon),and Cree (Tyson Houseman). Read more »

The CW Unleashes Provocative New ‘Melrose Place’ Posters

    melrose place poster image melrose place poster image

The CW is going all out with their new marketing campaign for their reboot of the 90’s “Melrose Place” drama tv show. They’ve unleashed some provocative,yet very interesting posters. They read, “Menage A Tues”,”Tuesdays Are A Bitch”,and “The New Humpday”(below). Each of them have the cast members looking very sexy and inviting.

Rick Haskins, the head of marketing for the CW said,“We have an absolute drop-dead gorgeous cast, we have a fun show where everybody is dating everybody else Read more »

Latest ‘New Moon’ Poster Reveals A Hooded Dakota

    dakota fanning new moon poster image

In this latest fan made “New Moon” movie poster, we see Dakota Fanning all hooded up for her character as Jane in the film.This is a pretty convincing and professional looking poster,and could definitely pass for an official one,any day.

Jane is a sadistic guard for the Volturi clan. She’s a bitter character,and likes to inflict pain on anyone, with her power. Jane creates an illusion of pain. Whoever she attacks feels excruciating pain,but the pain does not truly affect their body in any way. Read more »

EW Reveals ‘New Moon’ Movie Tie In Book Cover

    taylor lautner kristen stewart image

Entertainment Weekly has revealed the new cover for the movie tie in edition of “New Moon” by Little,Brown. It features Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner) holding Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) in his arms with a cool background. And I believe,if I’m not wrong, that’s Edward Cullen’s (Robert Pattinson) face in the Moon behind them. The book cover is reported to be released later this year in coordination with the movie. Read more »

New ‘Drag Me To Hell’ Movie Poster & Synopsis

    drag me to hell movie poster image

Here is the new poster for Sam Raimi’s “Drag Me To Hell” (2009) movie starring : Alison Lohman, Justin Long, Lorna Raver, Jessica Lucas, David Paymer, Dileep Rao.

The Plot / Synopsis : From Sam Raimi the director of the “Spider-Man” trilogy comes “Drag Me To Hell”. Christine Brown (Alison Lohman) is a loan officer and is really wanting the open assistant manager position. Her boss tells her that she needs to show more initiative. Read more »