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Big Brother 13 Brendon & Rachel Spotted Partying It Up At The Wrap Party Other Night

    brendon with rachel at big brother 13 wrap party image

Big Brother 13 Brendon & Rachel spotted partying it up at the wrap party other night. Big Brother 13 winner Rachel Reilly was recently spotted out,partying with “her man” Brendon Villegas at the fun wrap party two nights ago with Big Brother 6,All-Stars James Rhine. James was a correspondent at the event,and interviewed all the stars from this season.

As you would guess,Rachel was happier than ever at the party,drinking it up and having a blast. The whole cast showed up to celebrate another successful season with the exception Evel Dick. He elected to party somewhere else. Read more »

Big Brother 13 Jordan & Rachel Spotted Partying Together At The Wrap Party Last Night

    rachel and jordan at big brother 13 wrap party image

Big Brother 13 Jordan & Rachel spotted partying together at the Wrap Party last night. Last night, the Big Brother 13 wrap party took place at the TRU Hollywood in Hollywood,California,and all your favorite stars attended. In this photo, the Big Brother 13 winner Rachel Reilly and Jordan Lloyd were seen hanging out together since they’re new buddies now.

Jordan looked smoking hot,and they both appeared to be having a great time. They talked about the game with Kevin from Big Brother 11,and revealed that they helped each other out. Rachel was good at the comps,and Jordan helped her get more social. Read more »

Video: Big Brother 13 Rachel Talked Changing Game Strategy & More To Win Last Night

big brother 13,rachel at afterparty

Big Brother 13 Rachel talked changing game strategy & more to win last night in this new video (below). CBS caught up to the winner of Big Brother 13 Rachel Reilly last night at the backyard afterparty,and she revealed what she did to change her strategy up ,so she could win Big Brother,and more with her man Brendon.

In the clip, Rachel expressed her excitement of winning Big Brother 13,and she couldn’t believe it’s finally over. Brendon explained how he felt everytime Rachel never came through the door in the jury house. Rachel went on to say,it’s a dream come true for her. Read more »

Rachel Reilly Won Big Brother 13 Tonight Over Porsche 4-3

Rachel Reilly won Big Brother 13 tonight over Porsche 4-3. In tonight’s huge finale show,they showed past footage from the entire season. Then hostess Julie Chen came on to explain what’s up next. After that,she showed footage of the final Hoh round 1 and 2 competitions. Rachel pulled out the first round endurance competition. Adam sucked,and dropped first,claiming he wanted to save himself for round 2.

After the break, they showed footage of the final Hoh competition round 2 between Porsche and Adam. It was a physical,maze,puzzle type competition,held underwater,and Porsche completed it faster than Adam,giving her the round 2 victory to face Rachel in the final round 3 competition. Adam,apparently,couldn’t see very well in the water competition,causing him to get a very slow time. Read more »

Big Brother 13 Rachel Spotted Having A Major Breakdown Before Eviction Tonight

    rachel breaks down on big brother 13 image

Big Brother 13 Rachel spotted having a major breakdown before eviction tonight.

Earlier today on the Big Brother 13 live feeds,while Brendon and Rachel were talking to Shelly about how disappointing this week was for them,Rachel,all of a sudden, started having another emotional breakdown. She went on a rant,claiming,that everyone hates her,including Shelly. Shelly told her that is not true,and that she’s putting these negative thoughts in her own mind.

After that,Rachel replied with, ” I hate myself.” Now,I’m the first one to admit that I love seeing Rachel breakdown,but when she starts saying she hates herself,I think it’s getting too serious. I really think she needs some professional help dealing with her emotions. She’s got some real problems. Read more »

Rachel Returned & Won 1st Big Brother 13 HOH In Premiere Episode Tonight

Rachel returned & won 1st Big Brother 13 HOH in premiere episode tonight. Tonight’s premiere Big Brother 13 episode kicked off with the legendary host Julie Chen explaining the Big Brother game.

Then we eventually met all the 8 new houseguests Keith,Cassi,Shelly,Dominic,Kalia,Lawon,Porsche,and Adam. Keith immediately started flirting with all the women in the house. Most of the group lied about what they do for a living. Then Julie Chen shocked them by revealing that they had to partner with one of the other players as part of a duos twist. Read more »

CBS Big Brother 12’s Brendon & Rachel Got Engaged After Penis Incident

big brother 12,brendon and rachel
CBS Big Brother 12’s Brendon & Rachel got engaged after penis incident. According to TMZ, Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly from CBS’ Big Brother 12 reality show,have apparently decided to get engaged after that incident went down with Brendon confessing to trading nude photos with some strange girl on the internet a few months back.

This engagement news is actually a bit of old news,but I’m reporting it anyways because I totally missed this. Anyways, as you’ll recall, Brendon did a long video apology online,which showed him balling and crying his ass off,begging for Rachel to come back to him,and it looks like it worked because now they’re engaged and happy as ever, it appears. Read more »

Big Brother 12 Brendon Made Crying Apology Clip To Rachel For Cybersex

big brother 12,brendon villegas image
Big Brother 12 Brendon made crying apology clip to Rachel for cybersex. As previously reported, Brendon Villegas who was a contestant on CBS’ hit reality show “Big Brother” this past summer recently got dumped by Rachel Reilly who is a girl he met on the show.

She apparently broke up with him for sending out naked penis photos to a girl who he had just met online,according to TMZ. Then to top it all off, he made this video (below),apologizing to Rachel,while crying his eyes out,and released it online for everyone in the entire world to see. Read more »

Big Brother 12 Rachel Broke Up With Brendon Over Penis Photos

rachel reilly,brendon villegas image
Big Brother 12 Rachel broke up with Brendon over penis photos. Ok, so according to TMZ, Rachel Reilly from the recent CBS Big Brother 12 reality show has broken things off with her boyfriend Brendon Villegas who she met on the show,apparently,because he sent out some dirty penis photos to another woman.

Also, to boot, he just recorded an apology video (below) of himself apologizing to Rachel,and balling like a baby. Then he put it out on the internet for the whole world to see,lol!!! They say he recorded the video to apologize for sending photos of his penis to a girl he had just met online. She then plastered them all over the internet. Weird. Read more »

Rachel Talks Big Brother 12 Ragan Fight & More In New Interview Clip

rachel,big brother 12 image
Rachel talks Big Brother 12 Ragan fight & more in new interview clip. CBS caught up to crazy and emotional Rachel Reilly last night at the Big Brother 12 backyard interviews. She said, “It was way different than I expected it to be. I had no idea that I would fall in love,and I had no idea that everyone in the house would dislike this much,but you know what? I think I played a really good game.

I fought really hard every week that I was there. I killed it in the competitions that I played in. I’m proud of my game. I’m proud of my game play and everything that I did. I don’t think I could’ve played a much better game.” Lol! I think she’s totally delusional. Read more »