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Walking Dead Producer Dropped New,Exciting Season 2,Second Half Spoilers With FN

Walking Dead producer dropped new,exciting season 2,second half spoilers with FN. Robert Kirkman who is one of the producers for AMC’s hit show “The Walking Dead,” recently chatted with Fearnet,and revealed some cool,exciting spoiler teasers we can expect to pop up in the upcoming, 2nd half of the season.

First, he revealed that the 2nd half will be kind of fun. The first half of the season will kind of fit as an arc. There will be a lot of stuff going on in the 2nd half with non-stop, cool stuff. He couldn’t be real specific,but he went on to say, “the first episode back has the best ending that I’ve thus seen.

I was just super-thrilled when I got to that. It’s just gonna be really cool stuff. We’re gonna be introducing some new elements and some new characters, and some big things that you may not be expecting. Read more »