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MTV ‘Jersey Shore’ Ronnie Fist Fought Mike The Situation In Italy

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MTV ‘Jersey Shore’ Ronnie fist fought Mike The Situation in Italy. According to TMZ, MTV Jersey Shore stars Ronnie and Mike the Situation finally got into a punching brawl while filming the 4th season over in Italy,and it looks like Mike probably got his ass kicked.

They say that the two stars got into a major fist fight with each other two nights ago,and that their pictures indicate Ronnie may have been the winner as Mike had red marks covering his face around his left eye. Ronnie’s knuckles were torn up and bleeding. Read more »

Jersey Shore’s Ronnie Got Arrested Over Parking Tickets Yesterday

Jersey Shore’s Ronnie got arrested over parking tickets yesterday. According to TMZ, Ronnie Ortiz Magro who is one of the stars of MTV’s hit show “Jersey Shore” got arrested yesterday morning over some apparent unpaid parking tickets. They say that Ronnie was taken into custody by the Seaside Heights PD yesterday morning for not paying his parking tickets.

Ronnie went to the police station yesterday morning and finally paid the tickets,so he could go home. This was a pretty minor arrest compared to the previous “Jersey Shore” arrest that have taken place in the past. The Seaside Height PD did release a press released that revealed Ronnie was placed under arrest for outstanding warrants from two separate jurisdictions. Read more »

Jersey Shore’s Sammi Starts Big Fight With Ronnie In Season 2 Filming

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Jersey Shore’s Sammi starts big fight with Ronnie in season 2 filming. According to radaronline, Ronnie Magro and Sammi Giancola have already started fighting again,while filming the 2nd season of MTV’s new, hit reality show “Jersey Shore” in Miami, Florida. They say that the two got back together as soon as season 2 began filming,but quickly started fighting again. They had a blowout fight at a club down there,and it ended with Sammi storming out in anger.

Their source said, “Sammi got into a fight with Ronnie and she left the club early and he was later seen dancing with a blond girl who was a waitress there.” Ronnie had originally planned to hang with the other guys,and mack on all the chicks down there. Read more »

Jersey Shore’s Ronnie Tweets Apology For Saying Gay Slurs On The Show

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Jersey Shore’s Ronnie tweets apology for saying gay slurs on the show. According to TMZ, Ronnie Magro who is one of the stars of MTV’s new,hit reality show, “Jersey Shore,” recently took to “Twitter” to issue an apology for spitting out gay slurs on the show. The unseen video footage of him doing it,was recently released and leaked onto the internet. It was Ronnie’s first fight on the show. He called they guy a, “f**king f**got” and a “f**king queer,” and then started fighting him.

Ronnie blames the incident on it being in the heat of the moment. His apology on “Twitter” reads like this, “I apologize to my fans, In the heat of the moment i said a lot of things i didnt mean and im very sorry.” Read more »