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Rupert Boneham Got Voted Off ‘Survivor’ 20 In Episode 13

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Rupert Boneham got voted off “Survivor” 20 in episode 13. The show kicked off with scenes from last week’s episode when both Candice and Danielle got voted off the island. Then they showed more commentary. Even though Russell got rid of Danielle last week, Parvati revealed that she still wants to be nice to Russell until she can get rid of Rupert and the others. Russell felt he made the right decision,getting rid of Danielle because he believed Danielle and Parvati had formed a strong alliance.

After the break, they got to view videos from their family members on a Sprint Palm pilot. Next, they headed over to their rewards challenge. In the rewards challenge, each member got paired with one of their loved ones that arrived on the show. Read more »