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Matt Giraud Gets The 9th ‘American Idol’ Drop Kick

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Tonight (4-29-09) on American Idol elimination night, they kicked off the show by getting right down to see who would be in the bottom three. It ended up surprisingly that Adam Lambert ended up there with Matt Giraud,and Kris Allen while Danny Gokey and Allison Iraheta remained safe as the top two vote getters this week. Then we saw performances from Natalie Cole, Taylor Hicks, and last but definitely not least, Jamie Foxx performed his # 1 hit song, and my personal favorite at the moment, “Blame It”(On The Alcohol).

He brought the house down with that jam. I loved it. Ryan also revealed in the middle there somewhere that Kris Allen was safe which added more to the surprise outcome of Adam Lambert being in the bottom two. Read more »

‘American Idol’ 9th Elimination Could Be Close

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Tonight (4-28-09) on American Idol we saw the final five perform for the coveted final four positions, and I gotta tell you it looks pretty close. I mean for the first time in about six or seven years, I wasn’t completely and utterly disgusted with the American Idol final five. They brought on a good guest in Jamie Fox to help coach them through this round,and I learned that his hit song, “Blame It” hit the # 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 charts.I knew it had gotten to # 5 at one point so bravo for him. That’s his first # 1 hit single. Sorry I digressed.

Now, I do know that hands down, Adam Lambert will be safe. Read more »