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Vampire Diaries Season 4 Producer Dropped New Vampire Elena Spoilers With TV Guide

Vampire Diaries season 4 producer dropped new Vampire Elena spoilers with TV Guide. Recently, TV Guide, chatted it up with Vampire Diaries producer Julie Plec,and she revealed a few more, season 4, spoiler teasers we can expect to see from the new “vampire on the block ,” Elena, as well as how it will affect her relationship with Stefan and Damon.

First, she said that the first episode back, will be very emotional and very complicated, but Elena’s future is pretty set. She went on to explain that everything has changed in regards to Stefan and Damon, stating, “not necessarily how she feels about the boys, but who she is.

This may bring her closer than ever to Stefan, or it may give her a deeper bond with Damon. Read more »

New True Blood Season 5 Dead Tara Lives Spoiler Teasers Hit The Net

New True Blood season 5 dead Tara lives spoiler teasers hit the net. According to a new report from Hollywood Life, True Blood producer Alan Ball and Tara Thorton actress Rutina Wesley, hit up the recent season 5 premiere party,and teased us with how Tara may be returning from the dead after getting her brains blown out, if that’s even the case. All we know, is she does return, somehow.

They say, Alan told TV Guide, “I’m sure fans have a lot of different ideas of how that could be possible. One of those ideas is correct.” After that, Rutina, chimed in to say, “Bill and Eric can’t come running to the rescue. Tara’s reaction to Sookie and Sookie’s reaction to Tara. All I can say is it’s charged.” Read more »

MTV Teen Wolf Released New Episode 2,Season 2 Spoiler Teaser

MTV Teen Wolf released new episode 2,season 2 spoiler teaser. As previously reported, the long awaited, season 2 premiere of MTV’s hit show “Teen Wolf” is going to finally air tonight at approximately 10pm central time, following the 2012 MTV Movie Awards. We’ve got a brief spoiler teaser for the synopsis of episode 2, which is titled, “Shape Shifted,” and it sounds pretty intense, even though it’s a pretty short teaser.

In the new 2nd episode, Isaac’s father is going to get murdered. Then Scott, Stiles, and new Alpha Derek are going to plan a a huge break-out. Unfortunately, that’s all they gave us for right now,but stay tuned as we’ll try and scrounge up more info on this episode after episode 1, airs tonight. Read more »

3,New True Blood Season 5 Spoiler Clips Released Online

3,new True Blood season 5 spoiler clips released online. Recently, HBO dropped these three,new,sneak peek, clips (below) for their upcoming “True Blood” season 5,and one of them looks real interesting as Sookie thinks she’s not a good living partner for Alcide,and more.

In the first clip, Bill is talking on the phone, while Eric is doing some very speedy cleaning. It’s pretty funny at the end as Eric says, he needs some help. It looks like their new friendship is budding.

The 2nd clip shows Alcide, telling Sookie that the “Vampire King Of Mississippi” ,Russell Edgington, has risen up from his burial,and is coming after her. Alcide begs her to come with him, but Sookie tells him, she can’t, and that he wouldn’t want her to after she tells him, why. Very interesting. Read more »

New ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 3 Spoilers Hit The Net

New ‘Game Of Thrones’ season 3 spoilers hit the net. According to this new report from Collider, the “Game Of Thrones” producers David Benioff and Dan Weiss, have recently dropped some new character spoilers for the upcoming season 3. Also, they will be spreading out the third novel “A Storm of Swords” over two seasons. So, I think it’s pretty safe to say that GOT has also been renewed for a 4th season as well.

Now for the character spoilers. First, we have Mance Rayder, who’s a former member of the Night’s Watch that became the “King Beyond the Wall,” the leader of the Wildlings. Next, is Daario Naharis, who’s a confident and seductive warrior.

Jojen Reed and Meera Reed are a teenage brother and sister duo with special insights. Edmure Tully is a brash young member of the Tully family. Ser Brynden Tully (The Blackfish) is Catelyn Stark’s uncle. Read more »

Bachelorette 2012 Spoilers: Emily Gets Rid Of Michael,Charlie,& Nate In Episode 4

Emily gets rid of Michael,Charlie,& Nate in episode 4. Recently, Reality Steve has come back hard with brand new Bachelorette 2012 spoilers for the rest of the season,starting with the upcoming episode 4, which is airing this Monday, June 4th. And it looks like we’ll see the demise of Charlie,Michael,and Nate. That’s quite a different outcome than what I had pictured for this episode after watching the promo clip.

First off, they’re going to Bermuda. Doug Clerget is going to get a 1 on 1 date with Emily. It will involve a tour of the town St. George, and a visit to King Square, where a group of Bermuda Gombeys are dancing,and he’ll get an early rose.

Next is the group date, and she takes Arie, Jef, Ryan, Kalon,Sean, Travis, Chris, and Charlie to go participate Read more »

Dexter Season 7 Spoilers: New Gentlemen’s Club Manger Murderer Arriving & More

New gentlemen’s club manger murderer arriving & more in this new Dexter season 7 spoiler. According to TV Line, Dexter season 7 has recently casts actor Jason Gedrick to come on play the manager of a Miami-area gentlemen’s club that becomes linked to a high-profile murder case.

In related news, season 7 will also bring on a high-ranking member of an Eastern European crime ring, who arrives in Miami determined to learn who killed one of his associates. We’ll also see the aftermath of Deb,seeing Dexter kill crazy Travis,so that should be very interesting. Read more »

First Dexter Season 7 Teaser Spoiler Clip Released

First Dexter season 7 teaser spoiler clip released. Recently, Showtime dropped the very first teaser trailer,spoiler clip (below) for their upcoming “Dexter” season 7,but don’t get too excited. It doesn’t show much. It’s very short, like 16 seconds,and is the true definition of a teaser, for sure.

In the new clip,it just shows a line of blood being drawn. Then Dexter’s voice is heard in the background, saying, “maybe everything is exactly as it should be.” After that,they reveal the premiere date is September 30th,2012. Check it out,below.

In related news, season 2 will reveal the aftermath of Deb Read more »

New True Blood Season 5, 2nd Intense Trailer Spoiler Clip Released

New True Blood season 5, 2nd intense trailer spoiler clip released. Recently, HBO dropped this new,intense, 2nd, spoiler trailer (below) for their upcoming “True Blood” season 5,and it’s hot as hell. At one point, Lafayette gives Sookie a piece of his mind after he finds out Tara got shot. He tells Sookie, she survives,but leaves a trail of dead bodies behind. Then calls her the angel of death. So, whoa! Those are some pretty strong words.

Also, the clip shows “Vampire King Of Mississippi” Russell Edgington, returning,and revealing he loves to suck down human blood like the lunatic he is. They show footage of that mean-looking,vampire authority cancel president. Sookie is spotted using her faerie powers to shoot somebody clear across the room. Read more »

Bachelorette 2012 Ep 4 Spoilers: Ryan Picks On Emily, Pisses Off Other Guys & More

Ryan picks on Emily, pisses off other guys & more in ABC’s “Bachelorette 2012” episode 4. We’ve got spoilers for the show, along with a revealing promo clip after the jump, and it looks like tensions will rise when Ryan and Chris start acting up,and more.

In the new episode 10, Emily and the men will head on off to Bermuda. Arie is seen,sinking his tongue down Emily’s throat again. I think it’s taken up residence there,now. It looks like Sean gets a 1 on 1 date with Emily. The group date appears to involve some boat racing contest,and one of the guys hurts his finger really bad. I heard something about it being ripped off. That’s pretty bad, right? Read more »