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Survivor 24,One World Voted Off Monica Culpepper In Episode 5 Tonight

monica culpepper in survivor 24

Survivor 24,One World voted off Monica Culpepper in episode 5 tonight. Tonight’s episode kicked off with the ladies,talking about how dumb the guys were for letting Colton convince them to give up immunity in the last episode. However,they’re glad they did because they have more numbers than the guys,now.

After the break,they showed Rewards Challenge footage. Just before it started, host Jeff Probst revealed that they were switching tribes. He had each contestant crack an egg on their wrist. Whichever color they got,sent them to the tribe it belonged to. At this point,a few of the women and men got switched to different tribes,causing it to be coed again.

In the Rewards Challenge, the tribes had to race to fill up a container with enough water to weigh it down enough to race their flag. The Salani tribe ended up,pulling out the victory,and won peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Also, the losing Manono tribe got sent to a different beach that was separate from the other tribe.

After the break, they showed more commentary footage. Colton was pissed at the new selection Manono tribemembers because he thought they sucked at challenges. Colton revealed his plan was to get everyone to trust him,so they would give him information. Read more »