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New True Blood Season 5 Intense,Faerie Spoilers Revealed By New,Hot Actress

New True Blood season 5 intense,Faerie spoilers revealed by new,hot actress. Recently Hollywood life caught up to the very beautiful Camilla Luddington,who was recently cast to play new Faerie Claudette in the upcoming True Blood season 5.

Claudette is the sister of Faerie Claudine,who was completely drained by amnesic Eric in season 4. She will help guide Sookie along her Faerie path this year,and Camilla revealed a few spoiler teasers we can expect to see from her character. She first revealed that she’s very excited about some new things they have in store for Faeries this season. There’s going to be some changes to Faeries.

Claudette is going to work closely with Sookie and Jason,and hinted that Jason may get in touch with his Faerie side as well. Read more »

True Blood Season 5 Released First,Wild Teaser Spoiler Trailer Clip Today

True Blood season 5 released first,wild teaser spoiler trailer clip today. Earlier today,HBO dropped the very first,teaser/spoiler trailer clip (below) for their upcoming True Blood season 5,which is scheduled to debut this June,,and it looks pretty damn intense.

In the clip, Sookie is spotted,shoveling dirt,with a background voice,saying “we were created in God’s image,not humans.” Terry is seen standing over Arlene’s bed,and looks crazy as hell. Jessica is spotted,looking quite sexy and kissing a bunch of dudes. The Reverend Steve Newlin appears,at one point,too mess with Jason Stackhouse some more.

Bodies are spotted being dragged,and Steve Newlin is seen,showing his fangs. Read more »

New True Blood Season 5 Vampire Authority Council Spoilers Revealed By New Actress

New True Blood season 5 vampire authority council spoilers revealed by new actress. Recently, Fearnet sat down with Carolyn Hennesy who will be playing Vampire Authority member Rosalyn Harris in the upcoming 5th season of True Blood,and she dished out some pretty good spoiler teasers we can expect to see from the Authority,and more..

First,she revealed that there is a battle brewing between vampires that are for mainstreaming and those that are not. The council is all for mainstreaming to ensure the survival of the vamps. “There are two differing factions. Are we going to be able to coexist? That is really what this is all about.”

Next,she revealed that her Rosalyn character hasn’t been involved in any romantic scenes yet. Read more »

True Blood Season 5 Spoiler: New Sexy,Female Faerie Arriving To Help Sookie & More

camilla luddington image

New sexy,female Faerie arriving to help Sookie & more in this new True Blood,season 5,spoiler. Recently,Deadline dropped a new,interesting bit of news for the upcoming 5th season of True Blood. We’re getting a new,hot,Faerie on the scene,named Claudette,and she’ll be played by sexy,cute actress Camilla Luddington.

Claudette is one of Sookie’s cousin Claude’s many sisters,and she’s going to give Sookie insight into what it means to be a faerie. It’s also reported that the new 5th season is going to have a special focus on Faeries. Claudette will be a recurring character.

Camilla Luddington’s acting resume includes,playing character Kate Middleton in the Lifetime movie William and Kate,so that’s pretty interesting. Read more »

True Blood New Season 5,Episode 8 Spoilers Revealed

True Blood new season 5,episode 8 spoilers revealed. Trueblood-news recently got a hold of some new spoilers for the upcoming HBO, “True Blood” season 5,episode 8,via casting calls. The episode is titled, “Somebody That I Used to Know,” it was apparently directed by Bill Compton actor Stephen Moyer.

First,we’ve got character REGGIE,who’s a white male in his mid 20s to early 30s. He is described as being a good-looking redneck,and a member of a trashy, low-rent anti-vampire hate group.

SARAH COMPTON-HARRIS is a white female in her 70s to 80s. She is seen in a flashback scene to 1931,where she is very frail,and has been ravaged by cancer and is close to death. Read more »

True Blood Season 5 Revealed New Authority Vampire Chick That’s Arriving & More

True Blood season 5 revealed new Authority vampire chick that’s arriving & more. According to TrueBlood-news, a new,authority vampire chick named Rosalyn Harris is coming to Bon Temps this summer,and it was recently revealed that actress Carolyn Hennesy will be the actress playing her.

Rosalyn is described as being a Texas vampire with hair high enough to interfere with air traffic. She is also an Authority council member with a homespun,wisdom-spouting, mouth and a firm hand. Rosayln is scheduled to show up in the 2nd episode of the upcoming fifth season. The episode is titled, “Authority Always Wins,” and Rosalyn will be a recurring character. Read more »

New True Blood Season 5,Episode 7 Spoilers Revealed

New True Blood season 5,episode 7 spoilers revealed. Trueblood-news recently dropped a couple,new,spoilers for some things that are going to go down in the 7th episode of the upcoming True Blood season 5. The spoilers come in the form of casting calls. Currently,there is no title for the episode.

First up,we’ve got character BLACK OPS VAMP,who’s 20 to early 30 yrs old. The Black Ops Vampire is involved in a mission to capture a prisoner. TYRESE is a beer-drinking, pizza-loving African-American man in his late 20s,and is another member of the trashy, low-rent anti-vampire hate group. Could possibly be recurring.

REVEREND SKINNER is a Male,who’s 40 to 50 yrs old . He’s a minister that is seen on video, performing a marriage ceremony. Read more »

True Blood Alexander Skarsgard Spotted Dark Suit Sharp At 2012 Spirit Awards Last Night

    alexander skarsgard at 2012 spirit awards

True Blood Alexander Skarsgard spotted dark suit sharp at 2012 Spirit Awards last night. True Blood,Eric Northman star Alexander Skarsgard was recently spotted,looking quite sharp,hitting up the 2012 Film Independent Spirit Awards last night,February 25th in Santa Monica,California. He appeared to have a good time as he smiled and posed in a sharp,dark suit,ensemble. He opted to leave the tie at home,though.

According to sources, Alexander showed up to the awards show in style,and his recent,very weird-looking,film “Melancholia” was nominated for Best International Film. Apparently, this awards show was a pretty big event,but I can guarantee it won’t be as big as the Oscars,tonight. Read more »

True Blood Season 5 Spoiler: New Vampire Hunter Arriving To Raise Hell & More

New vampire hunter arriving to raise hell & more in this new True Blood season 5 spoiler. Recently,Kristin over at E! Online revealed a new,little,spoiler teaser that packs quite the punch as it reveals we’ve got a vicious vampire Hunter coming to town,and it sounds like he could wreak quite a bit of havoc,and more.

Kristin said, the new vampire hunter’s name is Joe Bob. He’s a redneck that’s a vampire hunter. “He will be a recurring character in the new season, so he’ll likely be raising all kinds of hell, like killing vamps and taking others prisoner.”

A casting call we reported on,earlier,describes Joe Bob as being a white dude in his early 30s Read more »

True Blood Season 5 Spoiler: New Authority Chancellor Vampire Arriving & More

peter mensah image
New Authority chancellor vampire arriving & more in this new True Blood season 5 spoiler. According to a new report from Deadline,True Blood is bringing on a new vampire,who is the Chancellor for the Authority named Kibwe in season 5,and he’ll be played by Starz Spartacus actor Peter Mensah.

Character Kibwe is originally from Africa ,and will work towards mainstreaming under Roman’s tenure. Along with his role on Spartacus, Peter has also shown up in Zack Snyder’s 300, Antoine Fuqua’s Tears Of The Sun, Touchstone Pictures’ Hidalgo and James Cameron’s Avatar. Read more »