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Robert Pattinson Thinks He’s Too Old For Possible 6th Twilight Saga Movie

Robert Pattinson thinks he’s too old for possible 6th Twilight Saga movie. According to a new report from Hollywood Life, Twilight mega star Robert Pattinson,chatted it up with the press at his Bel Ami movie premiere yesterday. He commented on the possible 6th Twilight film that’s been talked about in the media,which is pending on author Stephenie Meyer,cranking out a 5th book.

He said,he’s interested in seeing what she’d write,but thinks he’s already to old to return to the Twilight cast. He stated, ” I’d be curious what Stephenie Meyer would write. I would think I’d be too old for a sequel. I’m already too old. It might be kind of interesting.They might recast me.”

In related news, Rob and his Bel Ami co-stars Christina Ricci Read more »

Twilight’s Kristen Stewart Said Snow White Huntsman Is Gut Wrenchingly Violent & More

Twilight’s Kristen Stewart said Snow White Huntsman is gut wrenchingly violent & more. Recently,Popsugar chatted it up with Twilight hottie Kristen Stewart,and she revealed some very interesting things about her new flick “Snow White and The Huntsman.” Apparently,it’s sickeningly violent,and more.

First, Kristen revealed that she could never actually fully embody her,because she couldn’t have Snow White’s effect on people. “I can’t actually be completely selfless because nobody is. You can only really play a character like that in a fairy tale and play it with an awful load of integrity. She’s very fully formed, but very farfetched-from-the-reality-that-we-live-in type of person.” Read more »

New Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 Details Revealed By Author Stephenie Meyer

New Twilight Breaking Dawn part 2 details revealed by author Stephenie Meyer. According to, author of the very popular Twilight Saga series Stephenie Meyer, recently dropped some new,exclusive updates for the highly anticipated Breaking Dawn part 2 flick.

She revealed, part 2 is currently being edited,and having all the special effects added to it. She went on to indicate,there will be some very complicated special effects in the movie too. “We’re doing some things we’ve never done before. I’ve gotten to see a few scenes so far, and everything is so cool. Bill Condon has such a gift. I was there, I saw everything get filmed, yet I’m still always surprised at how he’s able to put it together into something that is more than the sum of its parts.” Read more »

Kristen Stewart Reportedly A Warrior Goddess In Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 & More

Kristen Stewart reportedly a warrior goddess in Twilight Breaking Dawn part 2 & more. According to a new report from, Director Bill Condon dropped some very detailed commentary about Breaking Dawn part 1 and part 2. At one point, he chatted about How K-Stew does in the final installment,and revealed that she is sort of a “Warrior goddess.”

He also confirmed that part 2 is going to start off where part 1 left off. Around the 46:30 mark of part 2,Robert Pattinson will perform Renesmee’s lullaby song. He also said that part 2 will be epic. Many scenes were removed from part 1 to make it more personal in scope. Read more »

New Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 Details Revealed By Nikki Reed In New Clip

New Twilight Breaking Dawn part 2 details revealed by Nikki Reed in new clip. Recently, Movieweb,chatted it up with Twilight Saga,Rosalie Hale,starlet Nikki Reed,and she dropped a few,new, teaser details for the highly,anticipated part 2 flick,including Kristen,looking beautiful as a vampire,and more (video below).

In the clip, Nikki revealed that Breaking Dawn part 2 stayed pretty true to the book,so they’re aren’t many deviations. Then she went on to talk about actress Mackenzie Foy,who plays Renesmee Cullen in the flick,and revealed that she was such a joy to work with,a great little kid. Nikki also still talks with her. Read more »

New Breaking Dawn Part 2 Movie Photo Shows Vampire Bella,Edward Kiss

New Breaking Dawn part 2 movie photo shows vampire Bella,Edward kiss. Yesterday night, Target stores released exclusive footage from the upcoming Breaking Dawn part 2 flick,and now we’ve got this screencap pic of vampire Bella,kissing Edward on the couch after talking about some weird note she was reading.

It’s not the best quality,since it was taken with a camera phone by a fan at Target,but it’s better than nothing,and should tide you guys over until the more high quality stuff comes out. Also,as previously reported, you can officially expect to see the first movie trailer for Breaking Dawn part 2 at the premiere of the big Hunger Games flick on March 23rd. Read more »

First Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 Movie Clip Released Online

First Twilight Breaking Dawn part 2 movie clip released online. As previously reported, Target stores all across the nation,showed exclusive Breaking Dawn part 2 footage,yesterday, for the DVD release of part 1. Now, we’ve got the highly anticipated clip (below),thanks to fans who recorded it on one of the Target big screen TVs,and it gives us our first look at Bella in vampire action,and more

The new clip starts off showing DVD features that shows clips and “behind the scenes” footage from all the Twilight Saga films. After that, the cast comes on to preview Breaking Dawn part 2. Then,finally,they showed the exclusive part clip we’ve all been waiting for. In the part 2 clip, vampire Bella is seen,sitting on the couch,reading a note. Read more »

Twilight Saga Wants To Release A New,6th Movie After Breaking Dawn Part 2

Twilight Saga wants to release a new,6th movie after Breaking Dawn part 2. According to a new report from Hollywood Reporter, Lionsgate and Summit Entertainment definitely do want to do another 6th movie after Breaking Dawn part 2 if they can get author Stephenie Meyer to write another book. So,basically, all that’s standing in the way of,yet another Twilight flick,is Meyer’s desire to write a new,5th, book for the popular series.

Rob Friedman who runs Lionsgate/Summit Entertainment,said,”If she (Meyer) wishes to do it, we’ll be there to support her with a sixth film.” They currently project that the upcoming Breaking Dawn part 2 flick will bring in $700 million-plus dollars in worldwide box office sales, which should invite a follow-up film. Read more »

Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 First Movie Trailer To Officially Release With Hunger Games

Twilight Breaking Dawn part 2 first movie trailer to officially release with Hunger Games. As previously reported,there was a rumor going around that the very first movie trailer for Breaking Dawn part 2 would be released with the upcoming Hunger Games film on March 23rd. Well,now that rumor has been confirmed,thanks to a new report from Hollywood Reporter.

They said that the Breaking Dawn part 2 trailer will definitely debut on every Hunger Games print on its theatrical opening on March 23. The Hunger Games will be Lionsgate’s largest ever theatrical release. Lionsgate recently purchased Summit Entertainment,which is the studio for the Twilight Saga flicks,so it makes perfect sense for them to debut the Bdawn 2 trailer with Hunger Games. Read more »

New,First Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 Logo Photo Revealed

    breaking dawn part 2 logo image

New,first Twilight Breaking Dawn part 2 logo photo revealed. Summit Entertainment recently revealed this new Breaking Dawn part 2 logo pic. It’s the very first one. It turns out that this new pic will be displayed in stores at Target tomorrow when the new Breaking Dawn part 1 DVD goes on sale. They will also show exclusive part 2 footage.

Another huge department store Walmart will also be looking to get in the Bdawn mix by throwing a huge Twilight party tomorrow night,equipped with cupcakes,prizes,and more. It looks like the two stores are going to compete for the Twilight business. However, Target may have them beat out with the exclusive part 2 footage. Read more »