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Vampire Diaries Nina Dobrev Spotted TV Guide Playful With Ian Somerhalder & The Gang

Vampire Diaries Nina Dobrev spotted TV Guide playful with Ian Somerhalder & the gang. Recently, this new photo hit the net,and features main Vampire Diaries starlet Nina Dobrev and her co-star gang,including her man Ian Somerhalder having fun on the TV Guide photo set. The gang includes: Ian Somerhalder,Paul Wesley,Steven R.McQueen,Nina Dobrev,Michael Trevino,and Zach Roerig.

Nina appeared to be very playful in this as she’s seen messing around with Zach’s head,while the others struck playful poses. The new image was part of a portrait photo session for the popular magazine. Read more »

Vampire Diaries Nina Dobrev Spotted Cute Dress Sexy At Teen Choice Awards Last Night

Vampire Diaries Nina Dobrev spotted cute dress sexy at Teen Choice Awards last night. This past Sunday night, Vampire Diaries starlet Nina Dobrev was spotted,hitting up the 2012 Teen Choice Awards at the Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City,California,and she looked stunning as hell,sporting a Clad in a J. Mendel dress that was elegant,but showed off her nice figure at the same time. She also sported some Jimmy Choo shoes and Coomi jewelry.

According to sources, Nina also snagged an award for Choice TV Actress: Fantasy/Sci-Fi,and her hit show, “Vampire Diaries,” won the Choice TV Show: Fantasy/Sci-Fi category. The event was hosted by singer/actress Demi Lovato and Kevin McHale with by performances from Justin Bieber, Carly Rae Jepsen, Flo Rida, and No Doubt. Read more »

Vampire Diaries Nina Dobrev Spotted Droppin Low With Ian Somerhalder & Company For EW

Vampire Diaries Nina Dobrev spotted droppin low with Ian Somerhalder & company for EW. Recently, Entertainment Weekly got their new photo shoot with the Vampire Diaries gang. It’s a very fun-looking photo as main starlet Nina Dobrev copped a squat, while the rest of the crew stood behind her striking funny poses. They included Steven R. McQueen,Michael Trevino,Paul Wesley,Ian Somerhalder,and Zach Roerig.

All this press work was shot during their big trip to the west coast about a week and a half ago when they hit up 2012 Comic-Con in San Diego,CA to deliver new spoiler teasers and details for the upcoming season 4. Read more »

Vampire Diaries Nina Dobrev,Ian Somerhalder Spotted Hangin With the Cast For Autographs

Vampire Diaries Nina Dobrev,Ian Somerhalder spotted hangin with the cast for autographs. As previously reported, Vampire Diaries main stars Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder,hit up the big 2012 Comic-Con event in San Diego,California. In this photo (above), they were seen,kicking it with some of the other cast and crew,which included Steven R. McQueen,Paul Wesley,Michael Trevino,producer Julie Plec,and more.

They also dropped a couple new spoiler teasers at the Q&A panel. Ian said that Elena is going to be a badass vampire,and the Stefan,Elena,and Damon love triangle is going to get more complex. Read more »

Vampire Diaries Nina Dobrev Dropped New Elena Vamp Details & More,New Clip

Vampire Diaries Nina Dobrev dropped new Elena vamp details & more,new clip. Recently, TV Fanatic,caught up to Vampire Diaries,Elena,starlet Nina Dobrev at the recent 2012 Comic-Con event out in San Diego,California,and she appeared to have fun as she dished new Elena vampire details,and more (video below).

In the new clip, Nina and the reporter joked around for a bit about her new SPF rap video she released on the “Funny Or Die” website,and she revealed that she wanted to do it,because her co-star Katerina Graham did one last year called “Black and Jewish.” It was very funny. Read more »

Vampire Diaries Nina Dobrev,Ian Somerhalder Spotted Majorly Kissing & More In Cali

Vampire Diaries Nina Dobrev,Ian Somerhalder spotted majorly kissing & more in Cali. According to a new report from Hollywood Life,main Vampire Diaries stars Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder just couldn’t keep their PDA desires to themselves at the Hard Rock Cafe last Friday night,July 13th.

The say, the two love birds were out there,promoting Vampire Diaries season 4 at a WB Comic-Con 2012 party. However,on the side, “Nina and Ian where very much in love, flirting and scurrying away for some kisses by the pool on the roof of the Hard Rock hotel. They briefly chatted with Paul Wesley but were more interested in kissing and being by themselves,” according to their sources. Read more »

Vampire Diaries Nina Dobrev,Ian Somehalder Spotted Chillin At Spoiler Panel Other Day

Vampire Diaries Nina Dobrev,Ian Somehalder spotted chillin at spoiler panel other day. As previously reported, the main Vampire Diaries stars Nina Dobrev,Ian Somerhalder,and Paul Wesley, hit up the big 2012 Comic-Con event in San Diego,California this past Saturday, July 14th to reveal new spoilers and clips to the spoiler panel. They all appeared to be having a great time.

Ian dished that “Elena is a badass vampire girl and she can take care of herself finally. It’s going to add a really interesting dynamic between the three of them. She’s going to need help from these two, and the three of them are going to learn a lot together in a very short amount of time.” Read more »

Vampire Diaries Nina Dobrev,Candice Accola & More Spotted In Cali For Comic Con Spoilers

Vampire Diaries Nina Dobrev,Candice Accola & more spotted in Cali for Comic Con spoilers. Yesterday afternoon, Vampire Diaries hotties Nina Dobrev and Candice Accola were spotted arriving at LAX International airport in Los Angeles,California along with their old,Aunt Jenna, co-star Sara Canning! Could she be back? I don’t know. We’ll see. Nina looked hot as usual in her tight-jeans, ensemble.

We’re guessing their in town to hit up the big,2012 Comic-Con event on July 14th,which will serve up a slew of new Vampire Diaries season 4 spoilers. It’s also reported that the cast has already started filming season 4 in Atlanta,GA,and that Nina,Candice,and Sara had just flown in from the set. Read more »

Vampire Diaries Ian Somerhalder Reportedly Really Wants To Propose To Nina Dobrev

Vampire Diaries Ian Somerhalder reportedly really wants to propose to Nina Dobrev. According to a new report from Hollywood Life and their sources, Vampire Diaries, Damon Salvatore, star Ian Somerhalder is so taken with his hot,co-star,girlfriend Nina Dobrev that he really wants to ask her to marry him,now.

However, Nina Dobrev isn’t really looking to get married at this point in her life as she’s more focused on her career. They say, friends of Ian told them, Ian is “desperate to marry” Nina, but she is more focused on her career than starting a family. Read more »

Vampire Diaries Nina Dobrev Spotted Getting Major Fan Mobbed In Paris Other Day

Vampire Diaries Nina Dobrev spotted getting major fan mobbed in Paris other day. This past Sunday afternoon, Vampire Diaries main starlet Nina Dobrev was spotted back out on the Paris,France streets,and she got a pretty wild reminder of just how famous she is over there as the fans quickly swarmed around her,trying to get photos,autographs,and such.

Nina kept a beautiful smile on her face, despite all the craziness, and she looked hot in her cute, white, dress, ensemble. According to sources, Nina was out on a big shopping spree,and was escorted by her security team through the huge mob of fans. At one point, Nina did take the time to sign a few autographs. Read more »