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New Vampire Diaries Ep 14,Season 3 Photo Features Damon & Elena Dancing It Up

    damon and elena dance in vampire diaries ep 14,season 3

New Vampire Diaries ep 14,season 3 photo features Damon & Elena dancing it up. The CW recently dropped this new photo for the upcoming Vampire Diaries episode 14,and it features main characters Damon and Elena dancing up a storm,and they appear to be pretty into it. The episode is titled, “Dangerous Liaisons.”

Tomorrow night, the 12th episode will air,and show Bonnie and Elena tracking down Bonnie’s mother Abby for answers on how to open a stubborn,Klaus,coffin. Damon will also make Elena feel more awkward in front of Bonnie by telling her they kissed. It should be a pretty interesting show. Read more »

New Vampire Diaries Ep 12,Season 3 Photo Shows Damon Intense Elena Flirting

New Vampire Diaries ep 12,season 3 photo shows Damon intense Elena flirting. CW recently released another,new,photo from the upcoming “Vampire Diaries” episode 12,which airs this Thursday night,and features Damon,doing some more,very,intense flirting with the beautiful Elena after he brings back info as to where they can find Bonnie’s mother Abby.

In this particular scene,Elena tells Damon,she doesn’t want him to tag along,because he might screw things up when they meet Abby,and that’s when Damon starts gazing into her eyes,and making her feel awkward,right in front of Bonnie. He also tells Bonnie, they kissed to make things even worse. It’s pretty funny how he did it,though. Read more »

Vampire Diaries Ian Somerhalder Spotted With New Girly Hairdo On Set Today

    ian somerhalder with long hair vampire diaries season 3 set

Vampire Diaries Ian Somerhalder spotted with new girly hairdo on set today. Earlier today, Vampire Diaries,Damon Salvatore star Ian Somerhalder hopped on Twitter to reveal his new,long,girly,rockstar, hairdo, wig he’s sporting for a season 3,episode 16,flashback scene. Or at least, it seems like it’s a flashback scene.

Yesterday,he also tweeted a little info about the 16th episode,claiming we’ll get to find out more info on the Salvatore brothers,which is a definite hint that this is probably a flashback scene he’s shooting.

Today,he tweeted, “Damon and his baby bro, all day long today. Talking about munching on people. Love my job Have a wonder-fully swell day.” Read more »

CW Vampire Diaries Released 2nd,New Episode 12,Season 3 Spoiler Clip

damon with bonnie and elena in vampire diares ep 12,season 3
CW Vampire Diaries released 2nd,new episode 12,season 3 spoiler clip. The CW recently dropped a 2nd,new,sneak peek,clip (below) for the upcoming Vampire Diaries episode 12,and it turns out to be a pretty funny clip as Damon shows up with his crazy,high-strong, personality. The episode is called, “The Ties That Bind.”

In th clip,Bonnie and Elena are seen,researching on where to find Bonnie’s mother Abby,so they can get answers about evil Klaus’s coffin that won’t open up. Bonnie also apologizes to Elena about calling her out on having Damon compel Jeremy to leave town. Read more »

Vampire Diares Ep 12 Spoilers: Bonnie Visits Her Mother For Klaus Answers & More

Bonnie visits her mother for Klaus answers & more in CW’s “Vampire Diaries” episode 12 of season 3. We’ve got spoilers for the show,along with 2,sneak peek, clips after the jump. The episode is entitled, “The Ties That Bind,” and things get quite interesting as Bonnie and Elena take a little road trip to see Bonnie’s mother,and more.

In the new “The Ties That Bind” episode,Bonnie believes her recurring dreams about Klaus’ coffins will tell her how he can be killed. The dreams will also lead Bonnie to a reunite with her long,lost mother, Abby, whom Bonnie hasn’t seen for 15 years.

At Abby’s remote farmhouse, Bonnie and Elena will meet Jamie,who is a young man that Abby took in years earlier. Read more »

Vampire Diaries Ian Somerhalder,Nina Dobrev Spotted Cozy At Airport Last Night

Vampire Diaries Ian Somerhalder,Nina Dobrev spotted cozy at airport last night. Last night, right after their appearance at the 2012 People’s Choice Awards, main Vampire Diaries stars Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder were spotted immediately getting the hell out of dodge at the famous LAX airport. They appeared to be quite giddy and caught up with each other. At one point, Ian was seen,wheeling her bags through the airport terminal like a gentleman.

Nina was spotted holding her award she won for “Favorite TV Drama Actress,” and she accepted it graciously and humbly at the show. She also looked cute as hell in her cute,figure-flattering,green dress ensemble. Read more »

Vampire Diaries Season 3 Spoiler: Klaus To Possibly Hurt Caroline & More In Ep 11

Klaus to possibly hurt Caroline & more in ep 11 in this new Vampire Diaries season 3 spoiler. Hollywood life’s resident Vampire Diaries reporter recently dropped another interesting scoop for tonight’s episode 11 that airs tonight,and it reveals that we could very,possibly see poor Caroline get into quite a bit of trouble with evil Klaus.

Caroline actress Candice Accola revealed to them that, “Caroline and Klaus haven’t really had any interaction up to this point, but their paths will finally cross.” After that she went on to say that Klaus “sired her boyfriend, and she’s pissed. But you can’t really get pissed at Klaus because he’s got the power to kill anyone and everyone.” If I’m reading into that correctly,it could mean that Caroline may try to do something very stupid on Tyler’s behalf,and get into some big,big, trouble. Read more »

Vampire Diaries Nina Dobrev Spotted Mega Cute At 2012 People’s Choice Awards Last Night

    nina dobrev at 2012 people's choice awards

Vampire Diaries Nina Dobrev spotted mega cute at 2012 People’s Choice Awards. Last night,our super cute, Vampire Diaries starlet Nina Dobrev was spotted out at the 2012 People’s Choice Awards in Los Angeles,California at the Nokia Theatre,and she looked smoking hot as she gave a cute smile for the pap cams in her nice,figure flattering,dress ensemble.

According to sources, Nina was photographed,hitting up the prestigious,red carpet before heading inside to enjoy the festivities. However,she wasn’t just a spectator at the event as she won the award for “Favorite TV Drama Actress,” beating out big names like: Eva Longoria, Emily Deschanel, Blake Lively, and Ellen Pompeo. She gave a very gracious speech. You gotta love that. Read more »

Vampire Diaries Season 3 Spoiler: Stefan To Hurt Elena Bigtime In Ep 11 & More

Stefan to hurt Elena bigtime in ep 11 & more in this new Vampire Diaries season 3 spoiler. Recently Hollywood Life chatted with their exclusive VD source and got the 411 on a big Elena betrayal that’s going to go down in tomorrow night’s episode 11. While they wouldn’t go into specifics they did deliver some interesting teaser info to get you guys excited. I also have a little insight into what they’re probably talking about.

They said, Stefan’s ongoing battle with Klaus is going to lead him to betray Elena in a way viewers won’t see coming. Decisions are made, actions are taken, and Elena will end up getting very hurt. Oooh! Now,that sounds pretty wild. Here’s what I think they’re talking about.

CW recently released a clip of Stefan,threatening to turn Elena into a vampire of all things. Read more »

Vampire Diaries Nina Dobrev Spotted Super Sexy,Alluring In New Season 3 Solo Shot

Vampire Diaries Nina Dobrev spotted super sexy,alluring in new season 3 solo shot. CW recently dropped this awesome,new,gorgeous shot of Vampire Diaries starlet Nina Dobrev in her new,season 3 solo pic. They have her face dolled up quite nicely,while she sports a sexy top and dress ensemble,along with a very alluring stare.

As for Nina’s Elena character,it sounds like she’s pissing a lot of people off this season. Obviously, she pissed off Klaus’ dead sister Rebekah,who is slated to make a vengeance return before season 3 closes out. She also is going to have Jeremy really pissed off if he ever finds out she had Damon compel him,again, to leave Mystic Falls,especially at a time like this. Read more »