“Wanted” Movie Sequel in the Works

“Wanted” Movie Sequel in the Works

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It’s Official. There is going to be a sequel to the summer 2008 blockbuster “Wanted”. The awsome assasin movie that starred: Angelina Jolie,Morgan Freeman,and James McAvoy.Chris Morgan one of the screen writers for the film told Mtv that he is currently writing the screenplay for “Wanted 2”. While Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman’s characters did get killed off they will be back. They will be involved in flashback scenes which will explore Angelina Jolie’s character in the past,and show the man who trained and recruited her. This man might also become a major villan in the sequels. Also the “Wanted” sequels will become international and have McAvoy’s character, Wesley fighting Fraternity cells all over the world.

It appears as though Sloane(Freeman) wasn’t the only Fraternity leader ignoring instructions of fate. It’s something that’s been happpening for ages,and alot of Sloane’s peers are very pissed off at Wesley.It looks like this “Wanted” franchise might turn out to become quite an intense action series as there are talks of a third installment as well according to Cinemablend.com and their sources.

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  1. Ed Avery says:

    This is going to be sick man. I can’t wait to see this one!

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